ECSO's Deputy dog

Butch, a 2-year-old German shepherd, joins Erie County Sheriff's Office
Andy Ouriel
Aug 12, 2013


Butch, a 2-year-old German shepherd, is the newest member of the Erie County Sheriff's Office. The slender, pitch-black pooch arrived on American soil about two weeks ago and immediately began familiarizing himself with Deputy Dan Orzech, his new handler.

Butch will be able to fully perform his duties in mid-September. Until then, he and Orzech continue to perfect their skills and commands, which Orzech delivers mostly in German.

Ventra Sandusky, in Margaretta Township, gave the sheriff's office about $11,000 to purchase a new police dog. The donation — primarily from Chris Evangelisti, the plant's corporate security director — covered the costs to buy and train Butch, as well as transporting him by plane from Germany.

CritterCroft Pet Clinic in Milan and Pet Supplies Plus also contributed funds. In the end, taxpayers didn't have to contribute a single penny for Butch's arrival, training, food or future services.

Read more about the four-legged deputy in today's Register or e-paper.



Hey Andy! Is this deputy like some kind of wrestler too? Just one name: ORZECH, THE HANDLER ?


Trust me, you don't wanna find out lol


What a beautiful boy!!! Welcome to the force Butch. I love GSD's and have one myself. They are very loyal dogs.

Peninsula Pundit

I hope they keep him out of abandoned buildings.
BTW, whatever conclusions did the investigation into the incident where the last dog died in that abandoned building turn up?


Awesome! Beautiful boy (Butch, not Danny), he looks just like my black GSD. Danny is an awesome person with a great love for animals. I can't think of a better handler. Best of luck to Danny Orzech and Butch!


Well this should be a dog that even the Republicans can adore.

Look at the advantages........its not being paid tax money that's going into those state retirement accounts, its not joining one of those nasty police unions that work to defeat bad Republicans, it does not negotiate it's pay, food or treats so it sorta works for whatever Republicans want to pay them.

YEP thats the kid of employee at the Sheriff's office every Republican can attach too. If only,,,just only they could find a way to replace all those high priced sheriff's deputies who work at the Sheriff's office. Ahhhh, never fear the Erie County Tea Party is working on that and before year end you may well see one of the Sheriff's Crown Vic's go by with a dog at the wheel out on patrol. You may call it Deputy Dog but Republicans call it saving tax dollars so they can give even more tax breaks to the rich and famous !!!


Andy, thanks for the correction. I just knew the deputy had a full name.