Motorcycle crash slows morning drive to Cedar Point

Minor injuries in crash on Cleveland Road in front of Griffing Airport
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 11, 2013


Several law enforcement and emergency agencies responded to a crash this morning on Cleveland Road.

Look for more information in Monday's Sandusky Register



A motorcycle on the side of the road. Emergency vehicles from all over and hell arrived bringing traffic to a standstill for at least 45 minutes. One ambulance and two cruisers would have done just fine!


How many were hurt RESTLESS1 ?


I know they don't give any details either. What good are they. Worthleass


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Just another person acting a fool on a cycle..they don't watch for us any pull right in front of us and peel off trying to rev there "loud pipes" both ways..we watch for you..but you watch for us also.!!!


Ride bad on a motorcycle and you are liable to suffer the consequences. Drive bad and you usually take someone else with you. I ride respectful and drive the same way. The life I save could be yours. No rolling through a stop sign or changing lanes abruptly. Sunday morning Cedar Point Crazies.


the bike rear ended a car that slowed to traffic, it was the bikers fault