Register analysis: Diversity lacking in Sandusky's police, fire departments

Few blacks, women, Hispanics and other races employed as public servants
Andy Ouriel
Aug 10, 2013

Sandusky is a pretty diverse city, with about one-third of the population comprised of non-whites. Plus women make up more than 50 percent of Sandusky's population.

Despite diversity throughout Sandusky, the city's police and fire departments are white-dominated organizations, according to a Register analysis of local and federal data.

Pick up Sunday's Register to read and view:

• An infographic depicting how many minorities and women work for both departments in the 1990s, 2000s and today.

• How the departments two leaders, both white men, feel about the trend of less diversity in their organizations.

• What the two chiefs believe the reason is for the departments becoming less diverse.

• How a local civil rights activist views the trend, and what he urges black firefighters and police officers to do in hopes of making each department more diverse.

• Interviews with white, black, Hispanic and women police officers and firefighters, gauging how they feel about diversity in these departments.



O boy here comes the racist material. The register is pushing racism . where is the usual idiots who always have anything concerning black people


Yep~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Here we go. Tired of all of the crying of racism


Shouldn't qualification come before anything else? I don't want preferential treatment because I am a girl! I'd rather see qualified people in positions rather than an equal mix of colors and gender!

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The Hero Zone

Correct. Gender, ethnicity, etc. != qualified. There is also the fact that you can yearn for diversity yet all reasonable candidates are of the same variable and you can't help that. So, unless there is a direct and proven practice of favoritism toward some variable having women, whites, or Hassidic Jews as window dressing is dangerous for the employer and extremely demeaning to the employee (that last point is a presumption but I know I would take offense if I was hired for some external quality only).

This was one of Milton Freeman's best points to illustrate why free markets are more than any other the most humane and diverse. Do you care about the race of the person who attached the door of your car? Do you care about the religion of the third-shift stockist at the grocery who put out the product you purchased? Do you stay awake at night fretting about the sexual orientation about the partner of your water meter reader?

When my break-in alarm goes off I don't request white officers, male officers, or Christian officers. I operate on the presumption they all meet their universal requirements and want the nearest one to help me. I think it is also a reasonable presumption that a male firefighter has no better aim with the fire hose because of his gender than a female.

Of course the qualifying tests must be reasonable, too, and based on objective needs that should be met in the course of duty whether in public or private service.


I know for a fact that I have been turned down for jobs I was highly qualified for because I am not young, skinny and pretty. It is very hard for a 50 something, overweight, homely person to find work if they have to interact with the public. Companies want beautiful people greeting their customers. I know how to dress appropriately. And yes, I have been offended because of that. So it isn't always true that employers are equal opportunity.

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The Hero Zone

Have you taken your grievance to a lawyer? If it is that severe you may be able to find someone to represent you and push on your behalf. Aside from that, "equal opportunity" isn't equal and never can be because it only focuses on results despite its name. Results can never be equal here. Ever. Equality of outcome when promised by law (and clearly failing) is cruel and deceptive no matter how well-inteded it was supposed to be.

Because of the infinite combinations of circumstances to a human beings where are the lines of protection drawn? I say this as a fellow big guy and someone who is not insensitive to your job searching!


Thank you sir. I cannot take this to a lawyer for two reasons. First, I can't afford it and second, the two people who were nice enough to tell me why I was passed up for the jobs could get fired. It is a big deal but not at the expense of these people. I will keep trying. Maybe not in Sandusky but there is bound to be someone somewhere who would hire me. I am qualified for several occupations.


same here

dorothy gale

Discrimination based on age and/or physical appearance DOES exist but is hard to prove. It is just as wrong and hurtful as any other form of discrimination. I am also a 50-something whose thin and cute days are long behind her.

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the unsilent ma...

When my break in alarm goes off I summon smith and wesson and mosberg. Totally off point I know but just thought id throw it out there


That's what I was thinking, hire the most qualified person for the job. Who cares what race they are?

Carlos Danger

Just out of curiosity, what are the racial demographics of the employees of the Sandusky Register, specifically within the ranks of management/editors? Do they mirror the City of Sandusky's demographics?


I love it Carlos!


Great question. The "watchdog" needs a watchdog!


Great question...

Erie Countian

That is one FANTASTIC question, Carlos! Love it! Let's see if you get a reply from anyone down there at the Sandusky "Instigator".


Matt, we are still waiting for your answer.

Carlos Danger

Could he be pleading the 5th Amendment, because the answer may be incriminating?


I imagin Matt is at the sandbar today. Maybe he will respond Monday.


When I worked for the Register (most of the 2000's) there were 3 African American Employees in the building. I believe we had a total of 86 employees at the time (not including van drivers). One of them even joked that he was there as a "token".


I too think the most qualified should get the job as long as everyone has a fair shot!


We agree. EQUAL opertunity!

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The Hero Zone

100% with you, deer!


This is an alert? Really? Now that the Perkins levy is over, it seems the Register is really struggling to find newsworthy stories for its reporters.


got to go with you WALD. on this, shaking up drama ware there is none.


What is being said is that if a white man and a black man of equal qualifications is applying for the same job, the black man isn't getting hired... or man, and women, ext.............I don't care what any of you say the proof is in the pudding. Look at any position of power in the area...90% white white and white.

Bottom Line

Nice general statement and random statistic you throw out there with NO facts to back that up. I can do that too.

If you're black you're 75% more likely to have an extensive criminal record than a non-black. That sounds good to me, therefore those are "the facts."


I know people in the hiring business, and it is exactly the opposite. They prefer to hire persons of color and consider it a plus. But the applications are not there - just like in the police and fire department.

Yellow Snow

"Who said it's got to be fair?" Life isn't fair. I don't like the word diversity, l don't like filling a government quota for the sake of pacifying groups. It's not just about skin, personal preferences and male/female. They look at how you dress, your age, your credit rating, your background check. I should be able to apply as a unique number, do a phone interview where voice is scrambled so you don't know my personal specifics. If you're interested, test me with an independent company, where my personal identity information is still unknown. Still like me? I owe you proof as to education and experience. Sill like me? Hire me and you'll meet me Monday morning,


Does that mean that no minorities that were qualified didn't apply, I don't think so......this country is built on racism and discrimination. We stole the land from the natives, on murder and lies. Then we make the blacks and Chinese slaves, where minorities were discriminated severely untill fifty years ago when it all went away.. yeahh right.. 1960's no blacks., back of the bus please. This is one racist hateful country that is founded on murder, lies, and cover up 's.