Bullet rips through Reese Street home

SANDUSKY Shots rang out, once again, in the streets of Sandusky. A bullet came within inches of hitting 29-year-old Javan Jordan on Tuesday morning, piercing a Reese Street home and smashing into the living room wall behind him.
Melissa Topey
Jul 7, 2010



Shots rang out, once again, in the streets of Sandusky.

A bullet came within inches of hitting 29-year-old Javan Jordan on Tuesday morning, piercing a Reese Street home and smashing into the living room wall behind him. 

Jordan was sitting on the couch inside 404 Reese St. at 2:32 a.m., watching Avatar, when the bullet ripped through the home. 

“I was about half asleep,” Jordan said. “Somebody was out there arguing. I couldn’t hear what they were saying.”

Then he heard five gunshots. 

“I just ducked. I ran into the hallway,” he said.

When police arrived, Jordan still had fragments of drywall on him. 

Jordan is staying at the home with his two brothers, Marco and Michael Roane.

A 17-year-old teenager who has often been seen in the Reese Street area was outside the home just before the shooting, arguing with another group in a vehicle.

The teenager may have been the intended target of the shooting, police said.

“He knows who shot,” Marco Roane said.

No one was reported injured in the shooting. Police are still trying to track down the shooters, as well as the teenager, Sandusky police Det. John Orzech said.

“There are some leads we are working on,” Orzech said.

The gunshots shattered the window of Michael Roane’s 1994 Grand Marquis. He said he’d been sitting inside the car just a few hours before the shooting, listening to music.

Police retrieved a bullet from a panel in the back seat of the car.

This is the sixth shooting in the past month in Sandusky — or seven, if including the Sandusky ambulance whose windshield was shattered by an unknown projectile last week.  

Police have stepped up patrols in targeted areas, while city commissioners took to the street last Friday in an effort to understand the recent outbreak of violence.

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Julie R.

Never a dull moment in the one-horse city of Sandusky.......

North Bass Tard

I will donate more bullets if they leave a safe place to drop them off. We need a shooting instructor to work on accuracy as well. Eventually this problem will take care of itself. Just remember junior thugs... You aren't the only ones who carry, and I rarely miss. Neither do most of the others that carry for protection. Grow up, learn to respect firearms, and quit giving guns a bad name. I am sure that this is a registered firearm that was bought by an upstanding hard working american that passed the background check. This is why we used to hang horse thieves.


You could get all the guns off the street if you would offer a case of Colt 45 and a pack of Kools for every gun turned in.


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the unsilent majority's picture
the unsilent ma...

i think we should lock all the thugs in a gymnasium and let them battle it out untill there is only one left standing. we will give him a blue ribbon and congratulate him on being the king of the savages. then hang him and consider the problem solved.


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Pssst: TP. You forgot to add "HAHA" in your post. You feeling ok?


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This is why I will never again live in Sandusky. I lived there for a year and that was a year too long. If they really don't put more effort into cleaning this city up, who knows what's going to happen!


Oh come on. TP's and Cracker's comments weren't that bad! Nor were they personal attacks!

This comment to be Goderated in 5, 4, 3, 2, ...........


Anyone ever seen the movie Backdraft?? Just wondering...something to think about!




The most logical thing to stop this cycle is pretty simple:

1. Punish the parents when they don't PARENT their kids

2. Take away the food stamps, metro, welfare, etc.  (the gov't should require proof of job searchs or community service) - you are required by worker's comp/unemployment to get benefits !

3. City-wide cameras placed in strategic locations. If they vandalize the cameras, make it a federal offense so there isn't any slap on the wrist.

***The cycle of generations needs to change. NO MORE FREEBIES FROM THE WORKING TAXPAYERS!!!!!!!!******


Ima wanna know one thing, and no one has ever given me a good reason why we don't: If I have to take a drug test regularly to keep my job so I can pay taxes, then why are we not drug testing the recipients of those tax dollars?

Someone please give me a logical answer



** Get free stuff....no drug test     ***get a job..DRUG TEST      There seems to be the huge problem. Why work when you can get free stuff AND take drugs???????



The scum drugs and gangs need to be place on a island all to themselves and left there to rot

Mother of two ,I have to say to you that is nice to see someone that isnt on drugs , cause there isnt enough of us left in sandusky

If you want to stop the drug trade in , not only sandusky , then you need to take a good hard look at how some countries stop it , and if it means , the loss of life then so be it

The law needs to stop taken a back seat to these bums , and if it were up to me , I would give them a lethel injection , and not think twice or lose a minutes sleep over it . I mean right is right and wrong is wrong People when are you all going to wake up and see that the gangs and the drugs have gotten way out of controll and its time to take this country that our people have fought for in as many wars to protect

Its time to see that the drugs are the enemy here , not the other countries , stop taken  and cleaning up other countries when your own needs to be cleaned up first .Invest all the war dollars to clean up and make this country what it used to be , proud .safe and respected


I didn't think I attacked someone personally, but what do I know? I was trying to save a life by pointing out that chewing on windowsills with lead paint on them can be dangerous. LOL

Love your snapshot BigMama! Although it may be a little too revealing for the blog police.


And I completely agree with the drug tests to receive a check of any kind that is taxpayer funded.

columbus avenue

Darn man, the jigs up!


Cracker..I hope my big booty didn't offend ya...LOL


darkness falls....


To BigMama: Not offended here baby, I luvs em all!


I guess the city commissions walk down Hancock Street on Friday during the day did a lot!!!! HAHAHAHAH

They should walk in the area at 2 A.M.

Norma J-C

Personally, I think Big mama is a guy posing.

Drugs will not go away as long as there is a demand, so legalize them and get it over with. The taxes generated from their sales would mean that the rest of us wouldn't have to pay taxes and everybody's happy. It happened with alcohol and the point is to control the situation. They lost the war on drugs a long time ago. Give them what they want until they choke on the stuff, then we won't have to care for them in rehab.

As for the shootings that go on, STOP GIVING THEM THE FRONT PAGE OF THE REGISTER! They're sick and get off on reading about their crimes. Today's front page had one positive story.

The reason that job seekers have to be drug tested is about dollars. The company doesn't want to hire substance abusers and pay their medical premiums or be robbed blind. It's their right to require it as part of the job requirements. On the other hand, the Constitution gives us the right to not be unreasonably searched in our private lives.

We can't legislate morality and change only comes from one's desire to change and being willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal.

Thugs and druggies are continually pushing the boundries and as long as society just shrugs their collective shoulders, nothing gets changed. The attitude of  'who cares as long as it isn't me,'  costs all of us in the long run and here we are complaining. Stop excusing bad behavior!

hancrack me up

 "Never let me slip 'cause if I slip then I'm slippin...and if I got my Nina then you know I'm straight trippin'.

SR is on a post removing kick with me. There are some below just as honest & to the point as mine, yet mine get deleted.

What was so bad about my idea of the NAACP opening up a Hancrack St. location & using fund money to have an "Erie County Gun Bounty" where if they turn in their guns they'll get any number of free "goodies", like:

*reduced sentences

*bling tacked onto their food stamp cards

*a couple months child support credit

or many other exciting rewards! 


Norma J-C

hancrack, perhaps you get deleted because some readers don't like what you say and flags it as offensive. Then again, it could be your incessant use of the negative description for the town's name. I've been reading what appears to be intelligent comments on your posts and then, for me anyway, you ruin it when you do that so I dismiss your writings for what they are, an excuse to use your hateful name for Sandusky.

Your suggestions deserve to be considered as a possible solution. Good job on that.


TO GEMINI: AMEN to your thoughts...........


Hancrack me up...LOL   It's TRUE!!!


Hancrack gets his posts deleted because  he tells  the truth,  and people don't like the truth anymore.

Big Momma is funny.



Man of the Republic

Here is a thought, how about actually punishing this type of psuedo-thug crimes. Anyone accused of gang related crimes get maximum sentence no questions asked. no plea bargains, no probation, no parole. If minors are involved in this stuff, and take a pretty active role, then start trying them as adults, with the exact same punishment. Jail time doesn't look so cool when you start talking about 10 years at a time.


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I think the regular Goderator is on vaca this week cause some of the comments that were deleted were really not that bad at all. Is a lot easier to wipe a comment out when the Report button is hit than to spend time actually reading it.

This comment to be Goderated in 5, 4, 3, 2.....

hancrack me up

 Hey Gemini: When something is positive & non-corrupt about an area I mention them when need be. Here's a list of positive things about SinDOUCHEski: