Web update: New Cedar Point thrill ride

SANDUSKY Cedar Point's new thrill ride for 2011 will be announced in mid-August -- a relatively early announcement compared to previous ride announcements.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 6, 2010



Cedar Point's new thrill ride for 2011 will be announced in mid-August -- a relatively early announcement compared to previous ride announcements.

Cedar Fair's chairman and CEO, Dick Kinzel, dropped a hint about what's coming. "It's going to bring back a lot of memories for people that follow Cedar Point," he said.




Looking forward to finding out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lower Food Prices, Better Food Quality..    Under $4 20oz bottles of soda??  No more over seas employees?...  Better deals for locals??....  More themeing??...   Just a few directions that may be cheaper..


wow you should just get in free all the time and never have to pay for anything....would that make you happy?


oh yea, ...   Free Parking?!?!


Bring back memories? Hmmmmm...... How about the plastic fruit drinks? If any of you can recall those, they were plastic fruits like grapes (grape drink), an orange (for an orange drink), and a lemon (I think that was one?) They came with crazy straws as well. It was a souvenir and drink all in one! Ahh, the good old days. Anyone recall the skyride back in frontier land?


I'm very excited to find out what it is!!! to the comment about over seas workers.... if you have a better idea on how to staff cedar point I'm sure they would love to hear it... keep in mind its a seasonal job and not many people are looking for seasonal employmrnt...not to mention alot of americans go over seas to further education in foreign language as well. I think its great that cedar point hires employees from other countries to visit america! these are kids we are talking about here, be nice and respectfull.


How about the thousands of people that would take "any" job at the moment now that a lot of their unemployment benefits have run out??   How about paying a bit more to attract the kids to work there over the summers while going to school??  It seemed to work out just fine years ago, why not now?  am I missing something?!...    or at least make sure these kids speak fluent english..  not broken english, that's just horrible.


in order for them to come to our country they have to pass an english exam that i promiss half of our country couldnt pass.....


The idea of free parking is the best idea.  tack on a 2-3 bucks to every ticket.  if you have a van load of people, say 8 people...  now do the math at an extra 3 bucks..  24 dollars for parking instead of the 11 you would get today, or 12, or whatever it is at the moment..   makes sence to me.

Tweety Sees Eve...

I rmember the old fruit drinks...served from a cart filled with ice!  You could go up and pick your own!  I also remember riding the skt ride to frontier land.  Can't remember the name, but it was like a rocket(The Rockets?) ride...black...back by the Blue Streak. 

The rotor...fun house...Avalanche run...before it became disaster transport.

Used to love the old Radio Controlled monster trucks and boats back in the 80's.

The old magic shows before the imax shows. 

The Mill Race. 

Earthquake and Pirate Ride.  Gotta love the dark rides with Black lights.

The sky slide.

The Jumbo Jet.

Of course, Jungle Larry.

Wow...times have changed at Cedar Point.  Some for the good, some for the bad...most of all, they are still an amazing place to go and take the kids / grandkids to. 


 They are calling it  "new thrill ride for 2011" so I would imagine maybe an old coaster from the past?? Will be fun to see what it is!!

Tweety Sees Eve...

Yeah.  You have to wonder.  Bring back memories for those who follow CP.  Might be an old school roller coaster.  Somekind of throwback idea, kinda like the mine ride, only good.

Woody Hayes

Bring back the " Wild Mouse ".


Maybe a new ride like the old corkscrew?

Cedar Point Regular

Expecting a new wooden coaster!! They said thrill ride, they want to stay ahead of Six Flags Magic Mountain in terms of coasters, they are currently tied. The most recent comment is a giant clue, if you look back at Cedar Point history, in 1929 they had a wooden coaster called the "Cyclone" on the beach, not to mention they haven't built a wooden coaster since 1991 :)

If this is correct, which I'm hoping it is, we will be THRILLED! Not expecting record-breaking heights and speed this time, but sometimes a quality coaster doesn't need all that.

Edit: By the way save your English speaking political views for political forums, this is about the new ride, not your personal grievences.

Tweety Sees Eve...

You might be onto something.  i thought about that too.  A wooden coaster would be great.  Maybe something not quite so rough like the mean streak.  It beats you up bad.  New wood coaster would rock! 

Cedar Point Regular

Mean Streak has changed a lot over the years, it's really rough compared to how it used to be. Been hoping for a re-track for awhile now. By the way there's also some new-ish markers in the area close to the beach that were not there before :)


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