Soup kitchen overrun with hungry unemployed

SANDUSKY As unemployment benefits run out and folks get hungry, Victory Kitchen is running critically low on supplies.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 6, 2010



As unemployment benefits run out and folks get hungry, Victory Kitchen is running critically low on supplies.

In one week in late June, the kitchen exhausted a month's worth of supplies.

Read more in Wednesday's Register about the growing hunger in our community.




I had three big boxes of food to donate and I was told when I called that they only accept donations from 9 am - 4 pm during the week days.  I work 8-6 so I asked if there was any way I could drop off before or after work and was told no.  I said well, I don't know how I can get it there and the guy on the phone said "Well, don't know what to tell you.  Those are our hours."   I will admit I was slightly offended and felt like they did not want my donation - certainly not enough to make arrangements for it around my work schedule.


Re: Bratti...apparently they don't need it that bad.


I have made donations to Victory Kitchen and they were not delivered/taken during those hours.  One of their workers was more than willing to meet me on a Sunday afternoon to pick up what I had to donate.  My best to Victory Kitchen and the work that you do!  Without judgement or question, you offer a selfless hand when others don't.  Keep up the great work ~ I will continue to donate as I can.


 One of the accompaning photos shows shelves filled with food. Might be a smart idea to show empty shelves. Not sure who are the idiots, Victory Kitchen, Sandusky Register or the general public who is taken in by the sham.


How many of these "overrun" eaters at the Victory kitchen bother to volunteer at times? Are they all takers but refuse to give their time to the soup kitchen? By the looks of the food trays, it looks like a Thanksgiving meal. I wish I had a meal like that. These "takers" need to give back to the Victory kitchen by volunteering their time if even once a week. The Victory kitchen should keep tabs on who comes in to eat. Those that come in for every meal but don't give back should be given Gaines Burgers to eat. Most people are "takers" and refuse to give back. Let these "takers" collect aluminum cans that can be turned into cash to give to the Victory kitchen.

dorothy gale

A little over a year ago I went to Victory Kitchen to volunteer my time, serving, cooking, washing dishes, whatever they needed, and the people to whom I talked were completely dumbfounded.  They were also not very pleasant.  Finally, someone told me that the pastor in charge was "in a meeting" and if I left my name and number, he'd call me.  He never did.  No hint of appreciation for my offer, not even "thanks but we don't need help at the moment," nothing.  I have worked for non-profit organizations and ANY offer of help, goods OR services, was appreciated and/or accepted, so I was kind of blown away by the attitude I got from the Victory Kitchen "staff."  Oh well.  Re Bratti, my mom always used to say "beggars can't be choosers" and while the Kitchen isn't begging, one would think that if there was really that great a need for food donations, they'd happily take whatever they could get, WHENEVER they could get it.