Arms race in Ohio

New concealed weapons licenses on the rise
Associated Press
Aug 9, 2013


Ohio is on track this year to see a record-breaking number of newly issued concealed-weapons licenses.

County sheriffs issued 63,481 new permits in the first half of 2013, according to figures released Thursday by the state attorney general's office. The six-month figure tops almost every yearly total for new licenses issued in Ohio since the program began in 2004.

The highest yearly total of licenses issued in Ohio, including new and renewed licenses, was 76,000 in 2012. More than 64,600 of those were new licenses.

Attorney General Mike DeWine said he could only speculate as to the reasons for the jump. But he noted that more people are becoming familiar with the law, which could have provided a small boost. DeWine said he believed the spike in numbers was driven by demand.

"It is not a question of the sheriffs being more efficient or anything else," he said in an interview with The Associated Press. "It is more people want to get their concealed carry permit and more people are getting their concealed carry permit."

Gun control became a nationwide issue this year and Congress unsuccessfully made moves to tighten weapons restrictions, particularly after the Dec. 14 slaying of 20 school children and six educators at a Connecticut elementary school. Ohio's laws are considered less restrictive than others in other states.

It doesn't require background checks for all gun sales, and the state doesn't keep track of who buys them. Violent misdemeanors, such as domestic violence, also don't disqualify someone from making a firearm purchase.

Ohio's licensing statistics for the second quarter of this year — April through June — show that more than 48,000 new and renewed permits were issued.

Montgomery County, home to Dayton, was among the counties with the most new permits. The sheriff there reported issuing 1,750 licenses. Franklin County, which encompasses Columbus, saw 1,362 new licenses. More than 1,600 new permits were issued in Lake County, a mix of Cleveland suburbs and truck farms along the Lake Erie shore.




Okay first of all all firearms sales from dealers require background checks in every state and secondly a domestic violence conviction is an automatic disqualified for purchasing,owning and possessing any firearm and ammunition. It is a felony in Ohio because domestic violence condition puts the convict under disability! Do your homework AP &SR!


The article says Ohio "doesn't require background check for all gun sales." I'm not totally up on this subject, but that means they require it for some sales but not all sales. So is it required by dealers but not gun shows? That doesn't seem untrue or misleading to me. As for second party - domestic violene conviction...perhaps you are correct.


FEDERAL law requires background checks for sales by federally licensed dealers, who are the only ones permitted to engage in interstate sales.
This law does not apply to casual sales between two residents of the same state, neither of which holds a federal firearms dealer license, because the Constitution limits the federal government's regulatory powers to interstate commerce.


Agree zach. So many think anyone can just walk into a gun shop and buy a gun in 10 minutes without a background check. It seems as though this copy and paste article is full of irregularities.

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the unsilent ma...

Sloppy reporting like this feeds the stigma against legal and responsible gun owners.


I agree the stigma is being fed, but I DON'T believe this was sloppy reporting. I think that, at usual, it was deliberate. "Guns are bad, and I'm gonna make sure everybody else is as scared as I am!" Gosh, I can't IMAGINE why people don't trust the media anymore, can you?

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The anti gun reporters took a big hit this week with big numbers of them being LET GO.

Here is a nice read on the subject.

FAQ; One takes particular delight in the dismissal of McBride. She is the airhead who was so alarmed that some New York citizens were actually getting permits under New York’s rights-denying laws that she actually reacted by making herself and her employees “feel” safe with armed guards from a bozo security firm that gives its guards eight hours training. Total. Because they were ”professionals.

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The Plane dealer is feeling the heat too for unbalanced reporting!

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Any firearm bought from a FFL dealer has a background check. Sales by individuals, both living in Ohio (face to face sales) does not require background checks. Face to face sales between individuals in different states requires a background check by someone with a FFL. Shipping a firearm requires it to be sent (received) to a FFL holder. Lying to do any of these things is illegal.

As far as a misinformed main stream media, on the issue of guns and/or gun laws that is pretty much a given. I am assuming that most reporters from MSM are not progun, as such how much time and effort do you expect them to take on a subject they are against? They take the strerotypes do a surface search and run with the story. Tis why they call a 15 round magazine for a pistol and a 30 round magazine for an AR type rifle high capacity, instead of what it is, standard size. They change the meaning of the terms to fit their agenda.

There are pro gun factions, anti gun factions, and most people don't know enough to form a coherent and informed opinion. Most aren't interested enough to get the information needed to do so.

More people are starting to get informed, maybe that is why CCW and firearm sales are going up.