Perkins Schools to try for levy third time this year

Board members place identical levy on November ballot, appoint Chris Gasteier as Meadowlawn Intermediate School principal
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 7, 2013

Perkins Schools is going back on the ballot.

At a meeting this morning, school board members approved placing a 10-year, 6.73-mill emergency operating levy on the November ballot. The deadline to place the issue on the ballot is this afternoon.

The proposed levy is identical to the levy that failed Tuesday, with 54 percent voting against it.

Also at the meeting, board members agreed to appoint Perkins Schools communications director Chris Gasteier as principal of Meadowlawn Intermediate School for the upcoming school year.

Dean Stanfield, the school's former principal, was appointed Perkins High School assistant principal to fill a vacancy after Nick Neiderhouse, former Perkins High School assistant principal, resigned this summer for a job at Maumee Schools.

Pick up a copy of tomorrow's Register to hear reactions about the levy's failure from community members who attended Wednesday's meeting.

Note: This post has been modified to reflect it will be an emergency levy. 



Here is a brief explanation of the Value-Added Measure.


District OH Rank Rating 11-12 10-11 Per.Ind Value Low Inc.

Edison Local Erie 247 A A 100.8 Met 33%
Huron City Erie 124 A A 103.7 Met 30%
Margaretta Erie 412 B A 97.6 Met 37%
Perkins Local Erie 391 B B 98 Below 33%
Vermilion Local Erie 371 A B 98.4 Met 41%
Port Clinton Ottawa 430 B B 97.2 Met 47%
Put-In-Bay Ottawa 21 A A 108.7 Met n/a
Danbury Local Ottawa 241 A A 101 Met 45%
Oak Harbor Ottawa 240 A+ A 101 Above 34%
Norwalk City Huron 332 B A 99.3 Met 49%
Sandusky City Erie 585 C C 86.5 Met 78%

Perkins Local
State rank: 391
2010 - 2011: State rating B
2011 - 2012: State rating B
Value Added: Below
Lower Income: 33%

Perkins Resident

I voted yes yesterday. I will be voting no in November. The voters have spoken. More than once. I am embarrassed by our leaders. I will be pulling my kids out of Perkins and will open enroll them in another District. Can someone please tell me if I missed the deadline? If I did, my kids will be at St. Mary's this year. I am done with this school system. I will never vote yes as long as the current leadership is in place. Thank you in advance for any information on open enrollment.


Margaretta Schools may accept your open enrollment applications. No pay to play fees, smaller class sizes and better report card ratings.


except they have to sit a year.....anyone who transfers from their home district is ineligible for one academic year


I don't think that's true.

God Of Thunder

Yes....I'm pretty sure it is.. Kids will be ineligible to play sports for a year if they transfer... I think it's a stupid OHSAA rule..


From what I understand, the rules have changed this year. Students only have to sit out for half a season now.


I looked that are correct. 50% of the the sport season. 10 football games, the kid would sit the first 5.


yes this is correct the state changed it to half the season this year!


Margaretta has Ed Kurt which can be just as bad as Gunner!

Tsu Dho Nimh

Huron will take open enrollment through the first day of school if they have the room. They still have room right now.


Going from Perkins to a system run by the three stooges of the coach is not exactly what I would consider an upgrade, although you did just get an excellent superintendent. However, Huron is about to face its own levy issue.

Tsu Dho Nimh

The levy this year is a renewal. Historically, renewals are usually passed in districts. They will not need to ask for new money for at least one year, maybe two. Now that Huron has an excellent superintendent, the three stooges won't have to address bad (and sometimes illegal) behavior. Maybe the previous boards should have been more aware of what was going on earlier and his behavior would not have escalated.


Huron's renewal will pass. There are enough people in Huron that agree with the three board members that Fox needed to go because of his actions to pass it. While we might not agree with how it has all played out, most people are more disgusted by Fox's behavior and that of his two disciples on the board than by the other three.


You may be right BUT the bottom line in the eyes of the law Fox did nothing to have been fired. No I would not be crazy from his lifestyle to have as superintendent BUT again in the eyes of the law there were not grounds to fire him.

Now given the above folks may well say lets get rid of him anyway then we ALSO must be prepared to pay Fox the full amount of his contract and also his mental anguish, his legal costs, etc for getting rid of him. Make no mistake about it all that WILL NOT be paid for by the insurance company. The district will have a large amount to pay and that is our tax dollars.

Fox stands to collect a huge sum and I am sure it will be into several hundred thousand dollars. That is where the voters will actually decide the fate of the three in the majority on the Board. Bottom line : Did they do it the right way or could they have done it another way and saved the district a lot of money and trouble. Lets face it other than building principals the school district had next to nothing in leadership. The guy they got was nothing more than a care taker. And why not he was not going to get wrapped up in their mess. So they have already paid a huge price in just that fact. That is where I have problems with the three in majority on the Board and I will show that dissatifaciton at the polls be it levy or school board elections.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Remember, the report that cleared him did not come from a state agency. The referee is not an arbitrator and is not employed by ODE. Personally, I find it quite odd that either side would win ALL 23 points. The OEC has lead its own investigation and should release its findings soon. If this AGENCY finds the super guilty of wrong doing will you change your mind and support the Huron district?


There has been no legal ruling in the Fox case, so to say that is incorrect. Who says in the eyes of the law Fox did nothing wrong? Fox and his supporters? The law hasn't been involved, Fox would not go to arbitration, and the OEC hasn't ruled yet.

Tsu Dho Nimh



I can see your thoughts but state law is very clear on what constitutes termination of a contract for a school employee. It is very difficult to fire a achool teacher and in this case a superintendent for something they have not been convicted of in a court of law. Board can remove them from the job for sure and in this case a superintendent but you must pay them all salary and benefits due them if you wish to fire them. What Fox did was not in the eyes of state law a valid reason for termination anymore than it was a crime in the court eyes. Bottom line you can not deny paying out the full money agreed upon in the contract and all other benefits that are due the employee. If they were to resign then you can deny all those things but not if you just say bye that is it. I have not seen Fox resign and I highly doubt he has any intention too. He has the Board and the insurer against the wall and a very good reason why the former insurer pulled out. Alas, they can plainly see the handwriting on the wall and it's not going to be cheap.

You may have forgotten but several years ago the superintendent of Lorain City Schools was dismissed much in the same way as Fox was done. It seems that several Board members were upset for he was on the golf course during the school day. Yea, bad but again the Board had not set the hours of work day for the superintendent. There were other things too the Board was upset but lack of being on the job many times was the main reason. Bottom line none of then were convictable crimes in a court law. They had to pay the superintendent all his pay along with benefits etc. Actually, what happen the Board transferred the superintendent to the high school as a teacher and he completed his contract as the highest paid school teacher in the entire State of Ohio. That did not fair well with the voters either. The Board did not want him as superintendent and they moved him to a teaching position but that did not mean they did not have to pay his full contracted pay amount. The Board never went to court for the Baord attorneys said we have not a leg to stand.

Think back to the contract just written by the Huron BOE with the new superintendent. That has lots of morals statements in it. Fox contract did not. Alas, there is the fly in the ointment.....another indication of the no leg to stand on by the Board with Fox. Fox and his attorneys will do well in the settlement with Huron BOE compliments of the tax payers.

Look at it this way you got rid of him BUT you will pay dearly for it. So for both sides maybe that is a good trade off...on the one had you got rid of person you did not want and that person gets all the dollars had they still been in the job till the end of the contract. You made quite a few attorneys a good chunk of change. Look at the law firm who gave 25 hours of FREE legal service and got paid over $90,000 in legal fees from the Huron BOE. They have to be happy campers !!!


The OEC will make its rulings (yes, I said rulingS). The truth will come out about one of your board members and when it does, the other three board members will look pretty good to the community.


You could also open enroll in Sandusky if they are still taking students. It's closer for transporting and they do have some very good teachers and programs.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sandusky offers more than any other district in the area.

Brick Hamland

In Sandusky, you also can get punched in the face by a mother of another student while sitting in class. I believe that just happened last year... no thanks.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Maybe the mother can open enroll her child in your district. What does a bad parent have to do with the teachers and curriculum?


You believe?


curious....what do they offer?

Tsu Dho Nimh

They offer a better music program with more options, the high school has its own career tech programs which allows students to participate in both career tech and college credit classes under one roof, AP courses at the high school, the best student services department just to name a few. Sandusky has managed to keep programs that other districts have cut over the years.


I think you are confused with what SHS USED to be like. They have a poor music program, they have a small handful of career tech classes left, and the offer the same AP courses as any other school. The best student services department? How would you know that?


Sandusky schools as a whole have more to offer than any school around. I would like to know where you are getting your info from. The music program is outstanding! It had a little hiccup but is back on the upswing with fresh directors! Umm... What schools around offer an orchestra? No one that is near here. And our orchestra is AWESOME! The career tech classes are strong too! I know many students that have had many of opportunities that would beg to disagree with you. Oh but wait.... You must be using the small minority that doesn't take advantage of what is in front of them. Maybe you should stop the hating and give us our due!