Perkins Schools to try for levy third time this year

Board members place identical levy on November ballot, appoint Chris Gasteier as Meadowlawn Intermediate School principal
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 7, 2013

Perkins Schools is going back on the ballot.

At a meeting this morning, school board members approved placing a 10-year, 6.73-mill emergency operating levy on the November ballot. The deadline to place the issue on the ballot is this afternoon.

The proposed levy is identical to the levy that failed Tuesday, with 54 percent voting against it.

Also at the meeting, board members agreed to appoint Perkins Schools communications director Chris Gasteier as principal of Meadowlawn Intermediate School for the upcoming school year.

Dean Stanfield, the school's former principal, was appointed Perkins High School assistant principal to fill a vacancy after Nick Neiderhouse, former Perkins High School assistant principal, resigned this summer for a job at Maumee Schools.

Pick up a copy of tomorrow's Register to hear reactions about the levy's failure from community members who attended Wednesday's meeting.

Note: This post has been modified to reflect it will be an emergency levy. 



I hope they'll bring some back.


I think they have TO many levies PERIOD, they should allow only 2 times to vote, and everything should be done on them TWO days, when we vote for President, and the mid term vote. VOTING for a school levy 4 times a year is a little TO much. Isn't there ANY attornys that CARE? to change this!


I went to their website just now to make a copy of the cuts (dismantling of the district) Gunner will be forced to do if the levy failed.

They have already taken it off their website.

Does anyone have a copy of this? We need to monitor exactly what Gunner's threats were and see how many he does not fulfill so we can call his unfounded threats this November exactly what they are... unfounded threats.


I was just on Perkins Schools website. I went to the Athletics site and Strohl is still the AD. I tried to find info on the pay to play fees like when it is due and how much exactly. I can't find it anywhere. Anyone have this info?

My thoughts

Why do you care about the pay to play fees? You moved your kids out of the District-correct? Also, Strohl's job was moved from the list of cuts at the Board meeting where the cuts were announced.


Here is how Perkins can eliminate all the pay to play fees. I call on all of the Perkins Athletic head and assistant coaches to volunteer their time for their love of their sport, their love and passion for their school, and of course, FOR THE KIDS! It'd only be what... one night out per month, a 6 pack of beer, and a couple cups of Starbucks? Come on Perkins coaches- put your money where your mouth is. It's time to step up- FOR THE KIDS and PERKINS PRIDE!


Why don't the supporters all donate? Where are the donations of StrongSchools, RMyer and Bherrle? Why don't you pony up? Times are tough, but, you know, it's for the kids! Skip a Starbucks or a pizza from Chet and Matt's!


I am ponying up Wald.


To the School District I hope, and not the next tax increase committee. And to the School District operations fund, not in the form of Pay to Play.


I am contributing to the School District Citizen. Pay to play fees go into the operating fund Citizen, to offset the schools costs. If that doesn't fit your definition of contributing to the school, then so be it, we disagree.


Hopefully other supporters follow your generous example of giving above and beyond what is required. After's for the kids.


It's stunning. It is as if the levy never happened. There is NOTHING on their website about this.

In fact, their newsletter reverted back to the one from Fall 2011! And all pay to play fees have reverted back to last year's levels ($35 per student!). Was Gunner lying about all of the cuts that will be coming down. Remember, he said he will have to dismantle the district...

My thoughts

and you seem happy about that.


Why are you acting like a website is the Bible? Have some common sense! I have a son in football at Perkins, and he was told that the money is due, and that it had to be paid before he tries out for any other sport.


humpty dumpty sat on a wall....

Free Man

please we must educate the children or they will be doomed to work at nasa plumbrook.


A Sandusky student who is open enrolled should be able to participate in extra curricular activities without having to pay the "pay to play" fees. A Sandusky student brings $5,700 to the district. If you subtract the $730 fee, the district still receives more than twice the $2100 that follows a Perkins student who open enrolls in another district. My numbers may not be exact, but they are close.


By your logic Perkins students should not have to pay the fees either. They bring over $9,000 to the district. All of these activities (and more) are not state minimum. None of them need to be financed by the district.


Sitting out a year is not about money it came to be because schools would recruit kids from other schools to play on their sports teams and create a super team. There was one private school that did it frequently, offered a no tuition bribe to get the kids to play for them.


That is a list of the cuts that will become permanent with failure to pass the May and August levies.

So, if the Board did not lie to the taxpayers, these cuts are now permanent.


A second special Board meeting was established for Wednesday, May 29, 2013 at 6:00 pm in high school room 805. During this meeting the Board intends on sharing the results of their discussion held on Thursday, May 16th. The Board will also adopt an updated 5-year forecast, announce a proposed Phase III list of reductions, listen to community feedback, and potentially take action on further reductions that evening. This meeting will be an open public meeting where community members are invited and encouraged to attend.


Citizen - Look at the item list provided on the first phase of cuts. The items in red were added after the May failed levy.


Is there any updated information after today's meeting? When are the pay to play fees due? Which classes will my kids not have this year?

My thoughts

Again--I thought you moved your kids to another District?


I may be wrong, but here's my guess...
Fury and Meadowlawn will not have art, music, band, pe, chinese, computer. The school day may be shortened by at least an hour.

Briar and PHS look to have larger classes, fewer councilors. Maybe no Chinese,Spanish, health, computer and less music/band,(art?) at Briar?


If a student who lives in and attends Perkins enrolls at another school, they are only required to sit out half a season in the sport in which they participate, not a full season as Perkins coaches have been telling their athletes today. This was put in place by the OHSAA. This may help some families make an "informed" decision about where to attend.


An "informed" and "educated" decision. Sound familiar?