Perkins Schools to try for levy third time this year

Board members place identical levy on November ballot, appoint Chris Gasteier as Meadowlawn Intermediate School principal
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 7, 2013

Perkins Schools is going back on the ballot.

At a meeting this morning, school board members approved placing a 10-year, 6.73-mill emergency operating levy on the November ballot. The deadline to place the issue on the ballot is this afternoon.

The proposed levy is identical to the levy that failed Tuesday, with 54 percent voting against it.

Also at the meeting, board members agreed to appoint Perkins Schools communications director Chris Gasteier as principal of Meadowlawn Intermediate School for the upcoming school year.

Dean Stanfield, the school's former principal, was appointed Perkins High School assistant principal to fill a vacancy after Nick Neiderhouse, former Perkins High School assistant principal, resigned this summer for a job at Maumee Schools.

Pick up a copy of tomorrow's Register to hear reactions about the levy's failure from community members who attended Wednesday's meeting.

Note: This post has been modified to reflect it will be an emergency levy. 



beesknees, clever :)



The correct answer is:

"Are very unfairly maligned and judged, for virtually donating their time to help run the school district, with nothing personal to gain in it for them expect that most of them have children in the district. They were also willing to impose higher taxes on themselves than that of the average home owner."

29% of registered voters is hardly a mandate, in my opinion. The board is perfectly within it's right to continue to put the issue back on the ballot. The funding issues are not going away, and neither are the facility issues. All in my opinion.


Vote, thats the way the system is set up. This is directed to those registered voters in Perkins who "chose" NOT to vote yesterday. Only a 45.8% turn out at the polls, in this day and age with absentee, early voting, less than 50% of the registered voters, voted? Those against accounted for 24.58% of the entire registered voters in the Township, those for, 21.4%. Certainly not a mandate either way. This election only had an additional 675 voters vote over the May election. So remove the recent HS seniors, the college students and the OVH veterans (5 voted in May, 30 voted on Tuesday, 10.26% of those registered in PER#5) means that less than 400 addition registers voted in this important election. The apathy that exists in the voting process in the country make no sense. While others in the world are fighting for the right to vote, here the masses do not take it serious, keep it up people. The challenge to ALL on BOTH sides would be to get people to the polls in November.

Stop It

Put your hand on the very orange glowing thing on the top of the electric stove for the third time. Maybe this time you will be able to erase your fingerprints forever?


I agree. But, remember the old saying; You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.



That's an opinion, and the same thing could be said from the other side of the coin. Time will tell.


I agree Pecwilliamsen.


Well put.


This has to be an ethics violation submitting the same failed levy over and over. I'll be searching the legal code and also writing a letter of complaint to The Ohio Ethics Committee for elections.

My thoughts

What did you find out legal eagle? They can put a levy on the ballot every single time--and they will.


It is not an ethics violation.


To the 2,142 pro-levy voters:

You may want to think about some things. Think about how you are perceived by undecided and the "no" voters. You all appear to lack empathy. Do you know what that word means? It means having the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person or persons.

Try this for a better explanation:
"The term “empathy” is used to describe a wide range of experiences. Emotion researchers generally define empathy as the ability to sense other people’s emotions, coupled with the ability to imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling."

For the past few days prior to the election, I and others were posting comments and asking a lot of questions. Without naming anybody, I will try to explain my own feelings while I commented and asked questions here on this newspaper comment section.

Here is a question to all of you. How do you perceive somebody who refuses to answer questions related to the schools and the tax levies?
How do you perceive somebody who tells you to look up the answers yourself? How do you perceive somebody who tells you how you should vote and how you should spend your money?

I asked somebody about the name of the Ohio county where their friend worked. I received no answer. I wasn't asking any personal information, I only wanted to research the other Ohio county auditor's online site and maybe even email or call that county auditor to see if what the SR commenter said had any truth to it. Another SR commenter stated that I should not have that information.

If you want to pass a levy, you have to be very open and honest with the voters. You don't tell them that the questions asked "were already answered" or to look up the answers on the schools internet sites. What would be so hard to post a link or to copy and paste the answer to the questions? The Perkins Levy online sites was taken down.

QUESTION: Why was the information deleted from that site? Misleading information perhaps? If you put all that work into it, then why delete it? It could have come in useful for the next levy election.

QUESTION: Why didn't the pro-levy voters participate and answer the questions that I and others asked?

Empathy is a good word to know the meaning of.

My perception of somebody who refuses to answer questions, side steps or tap dances around the question is lacking in empathy, honesty and integrity.

Somebody mentioned being "furious" with the "no" voters. That person should look in the mirror. He will see the person who was responsible for many of the undecided voters decide to cast a no vote.

All of you pro-levy voters need to look in the mirror and ask yourself if your lack of participation, rude comments or not entirely true comments caused many of the undecided voters to cast a no vote.

If you are going to act arrogant and be rude to people, they will think of you in a very negative way.



You make some very good points. However, with all due respect, don't those points apply to both sides of the issue?

If just because someone Voted Yes, they lack empathy, then why doesn't that apply to those who Voted No? I understand what the word empathy means, and while I won't deny the debate was heated on both sides at times, including from me, I would argue that the Vote No side made the debate much more personally attacking than the Yes side did. That is not to say that we, or I, was perfect.

Why is it Ok for the same questions to be asked over and over again, the same baseless accusations made over and over again, with no proof? The burden of proof in this country lies with the accuser, not the accused. I understand that this is the "Court of Public Opinion", not a "Court of Law", but wouldn't the community as a whole be better served to follow the Rules of Law in any debate, rather than making accusations and creating the impression of impropriety simply by making a comment or asking a question?

It was I who made the comment about being furious. And earlier today I corrected it. I am furious with myself. I'm still asking myself, what else should I have done, could I have done, could we have done. But again, looking in the mirror goes both ways. This was a 340 vote defeat. Rude comments from the Vote No's mobilized the supporters. I would argue that there was arrogance on both sides.

You seem to be a fair individual, and I'll be interested in your comments.


School board taking lessons from the GOP with their votes on Obamacare!


I wonder if the parents of kids in sports will still support Chett & Matt's and Ghostly Manner as much as they have in the past. Those fees Gunner and the Board imposed might have a negative impact on those pro levy businesses.


I will support them more, at the expense of supporting those who didn't pick a side less.


That's just dumb, VOTENO. Having an opinion is fine. I respect people who want this levy to pass and I have kids in Perkins. On the other hand, I dislike the shady manner of shifting millage around, and I especially dislike the brute force levy approach the board has taken. It may be legal, but it's pretty rude to just submit the same failed levy over and over.


I disagree. The yes voters used this analogy against the no voters. They told us we should cut back on the pizzas and one less night out a month. They also said we should smoke less, buy one less six pack and stop drinking Starbucks so we can afford the higher taxes. I am wondering if a failed levy will have a negative impact on those businesses. It's a fair question.


I will support them more, at the expense of supporting those who didn't pick a side less.


I got a good idea,let's make the kids suffer because we don't like someone !Grow up for God's sake ,you put up with that Bozo Pres.and he is costing you your freedom.Now he is reading a book written by one of his Muslim Brothers,Post America !Now that should scare you more than a lousy couple bucks a year !


Get over the presidential election, this has nothing to do with this ridiculous levy. Focus on here and now...


Why not ask employees of the board of elections about the veterans in the Alzheimer unit at OVH, who were taken to the polls, most were not able to vote when asked their name they could not respond, officials from the board of elections were called to stop this, how can anyone treat veterans in this disrespectful manner and what was their agenda?


Is this true?

Sandusky Register, can you confirm this, and if so, please run a story on this?

I find it hard to believe they would stoop this low. Please let this be untrue.


I do know that residents were offered assistance to get to the polls if they wanted it but I highly doubt the Alzheimer units were included. Even family members can't get in there without being buzzed in and no one leaves those units without being signed out and it is way too much of a liability to let that happen for voting. OVH does have rules for the benefit of the Veterans!


I've seen a number of comments regarding OVH Voting. I've seen no one offer proof that anything wrong was done. A statement from a Board of Elections official is not proof. The Board of Elections was obviously not impartial from start to finish regarding this election, which I will get into in another post.

Below are the instructions that the Levy Campaign received from OVH, and that there sent out and shared with all volunteers. They are very straight forward and explicit.

"OVH will have its own polling place open from 7A to 7P. Being that as it is, no volunteers can wear anything (clothing, pins, badges) or have any materials (signs, brochures, etc.) supporting any party or position (I.E. Vote Yes Perkins Levy).

No volunteer can discuss anything regarding the election or demonstrate any preference for any particular candidate or position.

There are 13 units in OVH. Volunteers will travel to each of the units and ask the nurses as to which residents have chosen to vote and only assist those residents the nurse indicates.

To do anything more or less could be considered violation of the voting laws in Ohio and punishable as a crime (they are serious about this).


Wow, if that is true, that is unbelievable.

Alissa- can you get on this? That would be a much more relevant and breaking story than individuals being told they couldn't wear Perkins logo gear to vote.


I truly hope this is not true.


Alissa, can you get a statement from Gunner or the Board?

Yellow Snow

All schools do this, not just this time. If you were in a nursing home would you enjoy an opportunity for a bit of time out and a ride? They'll be registering non-tax-paying kids who will be 18 by November elections. Schools are very organized in getting new voters. Vanilla or chocolate?


I wouldnt be celebrating just yet all of the No voters. Whats going on with a re count at one of the districts.