Perkins Schools to try for levy third time this year

Board members place identical levy on November ballot, appoint Chris Gasteier as Meadowlawn Intermediate School principal
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 7, 2013

Perkins Schools is going back on the ballot.

At a meeting this morning, school board members approved placing a 10-year, 6.73-mill emergency operating levy on the November ballot. The deadline to place the issue on the ballot is this afternoon.

The proposed levy is identical to the levy that failed Tuesday, with 54 percent voting against it.

Also at the meeting, board members agreed to appoint Perkins Schools communications director Chris Gasteier as principal of Meadowlawn Intermediate School for the upcoming school year.

Dean Stanfield, the school's former principal, was appointed Perkins High School assistant principal to fill a vacancy after Nick Neiderhouse, former Perkins High School assistant principal, resigned this summer for a job at Maumee Schools.

Pick up a copy of tomorrow's Register to hear reactions about the levy's failure from community members who attended Wednesday's meeting.

Note: This post has been modified to reflect it will be an emergency levy. 



I wonder what will be handed out [free] in November, not ice cream , too cold , maybe just maybe, frozen turkeys, as this turkey is cooked, please vote no in November.


How many ways can the people in Perkins say NO before the board "gets it"?


Clyde-Green Springs voters overwhelmingly defeated an emergency operating levy for the FIFTH straight time Tuesday, with more than 60 percent voting no on the ballot measure...May 7th, 2013
It was such an 'emergency' they have created a new administrative position, Dean of Students, for the middles school! To help out the newly hired principal.


Attention SR: see my above post.


Perkins sucks! They are selfish citizens that don't even care about their youth. I could NEVER live there.

Tool Box

You have no idea what our issues are so shut the fffuk up Mr. OH-IO


I'm very versed on your foolishness Mr. Tool Box so you shut the fffuk up!!!!


Furthermore Mr. Tool Box stop dating your sister.


He finally kicked your mom out?


At least my mom came from a community that supported their children. Your mom didn't support you and now your legal name is VOTENO. LOL


Was that supposed to be funny?


Actually I think he's doing your wife and daughter OHIO!


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Special elections like yesterday's do cost the organization, approx $13k. The voting during General Elections like this November have no oat to the issue or candidate as we all pay for this General Election.
More important is that today is the deadline to file petitions to be on the Nov ballot. Who's submitting a petition for the School Board, you Perkins2060? you donutshopguy? You BobShumway? You PerkinsResident? Lets be part of the solution, would enjoy your involvement in the district beyond this platform.


You Pecwilliamsen?

I'm ready to start with my involvement. The superintendent and school board haven't listened but you are going to save the day?


Listened to you from a blog? No, get to decision-making, not just say no. I would love to listen to your ideas when decisions actually have to be made.


Gunner needs to STOP. Simple as that. Pull this levy for a bit and rethink how to handle this. Come back with ideas that aren't pathetic and doesn't Perkins look whiny and spoiled, even though we are. We're losing students, teachers, and funds because Gunner can't get his stuff together! I'm disappointed, not in the voters, in the leaders.


Your first 2 words were correct. Spending money on your child doesn't guarantee you will raise a superior child. In fact, most times it turns out the complete opposite. Everyone in Perkins was use to luxury and times have changed. O'Bama told everyone that "Change" was coming, well it's here.
Remember when Gunner called their bluff and said hire me now or I'm taking another position. I said to call His bluff and let him go. He sure out-smarted the Board but a lot of us could see right through it.


Seems he was playing games from the beginning!



Brother, you hit the nail directly on the head.

I was absolutely enflamed two days after he shook my hand and told me how much he was looking forward to moving here and being part of our community while still in the running for his dream job with Oregon.

I would have sent him packing.


Gunner is a bully ,and the BOE do his bidding , time to change , surely not all board members follow him, I hope we see someone on the board take a stand , after all they need to respect the voters decision. Don't dismiss us.


I'd like to see some proof of the scenario you describe above. If you are going to make a statement like that, back it up with fact.


Pecwilliamsen is absolutly correct. As i have said in these forums before, when are people going to stop pointing fingers and do something.....Gunner this, BOE that, YES voters this NO voters that. SHUT UP AND DO SOMETHING. If you are a land owner and have not gone to the State of Ohio then you are in the wrong. FAIL FOR THE LANDOWNERS especially the ones complaining about the other side Yes vs No and all of your false hopes and promises to win the next time.


We have done something..WE VOTED! Isn't that good enough anymore?


I guess the American way isn't good enough for Gunner!



Can we clean up our act locally before we take on the state?


I wonder what the early morning post election day board meeting would have been about had the levy passed. Also curious how the supporters of the levy plan to change people's minds in November by calling them names and using their children as pawns of manipulation tactics. Not even sure why it's fair that non-homeowners can vote on property taxes at all; didn't someone already say that was unconstitutional?


Its not good enough to properly pay for schools. As of now the land owners pay for schools. It has been ruled unconstitutional the way the state of ohio funds schools. It does not matter what any school board does, run properly or not, the money ultimately comes from land owners and their property taxes.


The members of the Perkins School Board _________.
a) do not have ears
b) have group think
c) do not respect the majority vote
d) should relieve Gunner of his position immediately and then resign
e) all of the above correctly complete the sentence.

Answer: e


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