Perkins Schools to try for levy third time this year

Board members place identical levy on November ballot, appoint Chris Gasteier as Meadowlawn Intermediate School principal
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 7, 2013

Perkins Schools is going back on the ballot.

At a meeting this morning, school board members approved placing a 10-year, 6.73-mill emergency operating levy on the November ballot. The deadline to place the issue on the ballot is this afternoon.

The proposed levy is identical to the levy that failed Tuesday, with 54 percent voting against it.

Also at the meeting, board members agreed to appoint Perkins Schools communications director Chris Gasteier as principal of Meadowlawn Intermediate School for the upcoming school year.

Dean Stanfield, the school's former principal, was appointed Perkins High School assistant principal to fill a vacancy after Nick Neiderhouse, former Perkins High School assistant principal, resigned this summer for a job at Maumee Schools.

Pick up a copy of tomorrow's Register to hear reactions about the levy's failure from community members who attended Wednesday's meeting.

Note: This post has been modified to reflect it will be an emergency levy. 


Perkins Resident

Which just turned my families yes votes into no votes.


Someone bring the Starbucks, someone bring the cigarettes, and someone bring the lottery ticket. I'll bring the 6 pack. We can sit back and enjoy this show!



Does anyone know what the school pays to have these levies put on the ballot is?


I heard about $15k per election.


Could've saved a teachers job with all the election fees we voted no on.


It all depends on how many issues are on the ballot, from which entities. Different entities with issues on the ballot share the cost of the elect. It is not always the amount.


Is there a way we can sue the school board for these shenanigans?


No, but we can keep voting NO!

Tsu Dho Nimh

How many board members' seats are up this fall? That is where you want to start.


2.....5 are running, and only Chapman is re-running


How soon can we get our absentee ballots so we can VOTE NO? AGAIN?


Gunner set up meeting with State Representatives
Gunner move inside millage back
Gunner cancel MS laptop program this year
Gunner cancel laptops for HS at conclusion of school year
Gunner resign by 8/15/13
Gasteire hire as interim Super for 1 year
Meadowlawn either shift Finn over or hire a young gun outside of system
Agree to no less than 18 month study on buildings using community volunteer group
Voters voice to be heard in November
Engage the public
Open schools to public use such as Southern US schools (parks and rec)

Would a levy pass under these circumstances?


Wait, I thought the operating expenses were covered now. The pay to play covers the extra expenses, they laid off teachers and cut expenses now the budget is balanced...right? Then why do they need to put the levy on the ballot in November? Oh, because it is a need building levy, I got it now (sarcasm)


It failed with Matt Westerhold's endorsement, so much for the power of the press.

Good 2 B Me

Didn't Gunner BLAME the Register last time for the Levy Failing. Hmmm...odd.

fanatic's picture

The SR states in this article that this LEVY will be on the ballot again in November as a Renewal. How can it be a Renewal when it has yet to be passed by election? I WILL CONTINUE TO VOTE NO UNTIL THIS AREA HAS SHOWN AN INCREASE IN THE ECONOMY AND JOBS. There are far too many home owners that are struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table. Even those that aren't struggling should not be asked to give up more of the money to tax increases when they worked hard for 30 or 40 years preparing for a comfortable retirement. They worked hard when there were jobs here! They deserve a BREAK from the rising cost of living! The school systems (all of them) should have managed their money better over the years so that there would NOT be an emergency. Sorry, but if the community has to tighten their belts, so does the school system. AND, if you have children in any school system that want to play sports, the fundraising groups that support those sports should make greater efforts to raise funds to provide for uniforms, travel, and practice equipment. Ask the community to donate rather than forcing them to pay more when so many are retired, on fixed incomes or living with very little income. Most people that are working have not seen raises in their earned income and paying more in taxes will only make it more difficult for our community to live here. Why would anyone want to add higher taxes that would result in having to tighten your budget even more? Remember that we are all going to have to pay the high cost of health insurance come January, or go on welfare. Which do you prefer?

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

I've corrected the statement about the levy being a renewal.


Alissa, you should call Margaretta and Huron to see if anyone called today to inquire about open enrollment. Try Sandusky and St. Mary also. Would be interesting to see how many kids are jumping ship. Might want to check with Perkins to see if any open enrollment kids are backing out also. Check with Perkins to see when the pay to play fees are due. That would make a great article.

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

District enrollment numbers should be available closer to the start of school. Pay-to-participate fee payment methods are still being worked out, board members said today, but all $730 for a sport will not have to be paid on the first day of school. It could be a gradual payment system throughout the year.


Thank you for the information Alissa. It will be interesting to see how many kids leave the Perkins District due to the fees Gunner and the Board approved. Please keep up on this. The BOE's of the other Districts should be able to tell you if they have received applications or phone calls from parents inquiring about their Districts. Thanks again.

Edwin Ison

If Gunner or the board had any decency about them they would suspend the fees for fall sports.

Tsu Dho Nimh

I agree it would make a good article. Wonder how many Sandusky parents will move their kids "home"?


I've heard other districts in the area have had quite a few phone calls inquiring about open enrollment. That's why I brought this up to Alissa.


Wow. You must know alot of people! To be blogging all day, and still have the time to answer phone calls informing you of other districts open enrollment.

My thoughts

Who did you hear this from? Just curious.

Edwin Ison

Allisa Widman.

Please correct the article. The levy is NOT a renewal.


Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

I've corrected the story.

Edwin Ison



I believe it was about $13K for the August election. I don't believe that the November and May elections are the same cost. Most likely less or nothing. If I'm wrong please feel free to pass out the correct information.

dire wolf

More importantly to the school board, it's football season!!