Did you hear the tornado sirens?

SANDUSKY As tornados ripped through Toledo and western Ottawa County on June 5, the sirens sounded in Erie County. Some residents heard the wailing sirens, some didn't.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 25, 2010



As tornados ripped through Toledo and western Ottawa County on June 5, the sirens sounded in Erie County.

Some residents heard the wailing sirens, some didn't.

Some scrambled to their basements, while other slumbered away, clueless of the tornado warning.

In Saturday's Register, we look at where the county's 43 sirens are located, which neighborhoods can and can't hear them and what the county's doing about it.

Did you hear them that night? Are you concerned?




We live near Perkins High School & can barely hear the sirens. If the tv or the fan is on you can't hear them at all.


Tornado sirens are an OUTDOOR warning system and are not meant to alert persons inside of structures. If they do, that is only a bonus. There is no replacement for a weather radio in your home.


 We live on Schiller Ave, near Perkins High, and we also cannot hear the sirens if the windows are closed. We had the a/c on that night and the windows were closed and nope, we didn't hear them.


 I live near Lions Park, and I can barely hear them with the windows open. It makes me somewhat uneasy that my family may not hear the sirens if the go off in the middle of the night. Here is a food for thought, why can't Erie county have a next message alert system that people can sign up to be notified that the sirens are going off? I bet it would be a safe bet to state that most people in Erie county have a cell phone. If they offered the service, using the "Danger Zone" ring tone is going to wake me up much quicker than sirens I can barely here!


To Buster

You are exactly right about the sirens being set up for the pupose of alerting just the people outside, which is stupid.  The sirens went off at 3:30 a.m. in June.  We should be able to hear these sirens both indoor and outdoor.   What good are the sirens to only hear them when outside?  I can hear the fire trucks clear across town when I am indoors so why are the sirens only good for people outside?  When sirens go off at 3:30 in the morning, just how many people are outside?  Why bother to sound the sirens when everyone is in bed and can't hear them?  I would like to know what the criteria is for sounding these alarms.  When I heard the sirens go off at 3:30 a.m., I thought someone hit the button by mistake again.  There was no warning over TV by the Erie County Sheriff's office.  People are getting too complacent when the sirens go off and after a while, they will not take the sirens seriously when we really need to take them seriously.  Please Erie County,  turn up the pitch of the sirens, lives may depend upon it.  I would also ask that the sirens have an intermittent sound to them for the real thing so we can tell the difference of what is real and what isn't or if it is just a test.  These sirens are a waste of money as far as I am concerned if you can't hear them from indoors.


No problem! You want to be able to hear the sirens indoors? It can be done!

The manufacturer specs recommend, on average, a minimum of 2 sirens per square mile, less in open farmland areas, more in urban areas. Since Erie county is 255 square miles, we can even that off at 500 sirens. Erie already has 43 sirens, so we can make that 457 needed. We will use average cost of $15,000 per siren (cost includes the siren, the pole, the power and electrical equipment, the two way radio to control it and the installation) which is cheaper than what is quoted by EMA, the investment to get the indoor warning capability from sirens the Register seems to be clammering for would cost only $6,855,000.00. That doesn't even include the ongoing maintenance costs, the "not in my back yard" arguments from residents, easement issues and access to the sites to maintain them. Even if you drop the spec to 1 siren per square mile, the cost becomes a bargain at only $3,180,000.00, but will that do the job to "wake everyone up"? 

Residents could purchase weather radios for approximately $50 to keep in their home to be alerted indoors and while they are sleeping. With approximately 33,000 housing units in Erie County, it would cost the taxpayers $1,650,000.00 to purchase a weather radio for each home. Heck, at approximately 77,500 population, that would still only cost tax payers $3,875,000.00 to purchase one for every resident!

Sirens are part of an overall warning plan that includes media, weather radios and more modern additions like internet and wireless phone notifications. They are not intended to be the sole notifocation method. But, if the residents want this to be the solution, they only need to come up with a few million to make it happen.

Could the county add more sites to "fill in the gaps" on the existing system, absolutely! But to have the ability to "wake people in their beds", there would be a cost.


 i live off of cleveland road i can here them but on the night of question I did'nt hear them nor did I get a text message alert from Channel 19 saying there was a tornado warning....

Captain Gutz

I'd like to know who installed the large bird house on the pole that has the siren on SR 13 near Huron.


 I live near a siren--about a quarter mile away. Believe me when I tell you that turning up the volume or pitch should not be done. We are talking about ear drum bursting loud already.


So the liberal premise is because YOU can NOT or BARELY hear the sirens, it is the BLAME of county government there are tornadoes?  It is the BLAME of the county because tornadoes cause so much horrific damage?  Here is a tip.  Tornadoes are a reality around here and there is NOTHING you can do to stop them.  The SR is more liberal than I ever imagined, but it does not surprise me.  After all, WHO else will knock on doors of neighbors to find out the "scoop" of an individual?  WHO else will look in the phonebook and CALL ALL numbers with close varients to a name to find out the "scoop" to sell papers?  Ha! Ha!  Here we go again.  You liberals can NOT wait.  WHO can we BLAME.  So, it is up to the county to PAY UP for more sirens or PAY UP for weather radioes just for YOU??  Once again, LET'S FORCE everyone to PAY for YOU.  How about a little personal responsibility?  "Duh, weez never be tauts dat."  No?  A few of you crybabies expect the government to wipe your imbecile derrieres.  But, what do you expect from liberal, crybaby, entitled and special people?  If YOU are so worried about tornadoes, how about YOU go out and BUY a cheap weather radio?  Or, are YOU standing in line with your hands out once AGAIN for your cut?  It is exactly like smoke detectors.  Even when the fire department GIVES them away, crybaby and worthless individuals REFUSE to change the batteries.  So when a section 8 apartment or a home burns up with a FREE smoke detector what do liberals do?  "Oh, how terrible, the fire department is to BLAME and should have checked up on these THOUSANDS of detectors and changed the batteries for them."  You liberal freaks need to EARN a life, NOT get a FREE one!    

Truth or Dare

The one at Mills Golf Course can be heard just fine, on clear, beautiful days when yer testing!

Woody Hayes

Let's put Taxpayer on top of a water tower for a weather siren. Maybe after 15 min of his crying ,whining, complaining and just out of sight dribbling about liberals and why his rightwingnut party is the best thing next to sliced bread, he will get around telling you a tornado is comming. What a worthless piece of dog manuer.