Fire Chief Meinzer wants out

SANDUSKY It's official: Mike Meinzer will not return to the Sandusky Fire Department.
Jason Singer
Jun 25, 2010



It’s official: Mike Meinzer will not return to the Sandusky Fire Department.

After spending quite some time on leave through the Family Medical Leave Act, he’s seeking a separation agreement from the city.

Read more in Saturday's Register.



Sounds to me like someone abused the system and wasted taxpayers money.


It does appear his main objective was to get what he could, but for some reason he is doing the "honorable" thing and getting out.  Something happened for him to decide to leave.  What ever it is, good for SFD.  I have known Mike a long time.  He needs to go and allow others to try and improve things at the department.


Or maybe he's leaving because he's tired of fighting the "powers-that-be" while trying to run the department.



Afscme local 1519 voted No to a contract proposal

offered by the city of Sandusky !! and Do you know why!!!

Maybe the register should ask!!!



I have known Mike for years also...Seems to me....TAXPAYER and PERKINS206....don't know what they are talking about....buuuut...that's typical here in these blogs.


This news is not a surprise.  Is there more to this?  Lots of changes being made at the city, plus, the city was trying to turn the Chief into a working Chief.  The budget is so tight that it is no longer easy to work for the city coupled with dealing with a lot of stress.  If you can retire, retire and don't look back especially if you have health problems. 

Yellow Snow

You're a good man, Mike, job well done.  But I guess being a public servant will eventually take even the best out of service.  Wishing you health and happiness.



And another one jumps the ship. Why not just retire or does a separation agreement provide more taxpayer money?