Unofficial results: Perkins levy fails

About 54 percent of township voters opposed tax levy
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 6, 2013

Unofficial results from the Erie County Board of Elections shows the Perkins School District levy lost by about 340 votes. 

The final tally of the 4,624 votes cast, according to the elections office:

• Against the levy: 2,482, or about 54 percent of the total.  

• For the levy: 2,142, or about 46 percent of the total.  

Be sure to pick up Wednesday's Register for reactions and comments from voters and school officials. 




Gunner must go.

Erie Countian

I agree! I don't think a levy will pass until he is gone. Now I'm hearing that Gunner is going to retire at the end of the upcoming school year. Does anyone know if this is true?


Looks like the chap in the white shirt is already drinking the Kool-aid for the next election! They are starting earlier and earlier! FIRE GUNNER and PUT THE MILLAGE BACK WHERE IT SHOULD BE!!!!

Hoss McGee

Looks like Strohl will be cleaning out his desk and office this week. Oh my bad that was just a scare tactic. Or did you find some extra money laying around? Stick to your word Gunner!!!


Yeah, it will be interesting to see how much money is all of a sudden found to keep things running. FIRE GUNNER, don't give him the satisfaction of retiring and collecting a pension! A levy will NOT pass as long as he is connected to the Perkins BOE!


Oh wait... let me go get my popcorn for this...






let the punishment begin


Get Gunner on the record SR.


might as well start now. VOTE NO IN NOVEMBER!


I am hoping the Board members listen and fire Gunner tomorrow. It's time to move on and bring the District back together.


Fire Dr. Gunner. Without any legal cause. And pay out the rest of his contract (over a year), while we also pay another Superintendent.

That makes a lot of sense Bob. And you have the gall to criticize what is being spent.

As Forrest Gump was told in boot camp - "Bob, you must be a God D*** genius!


@ bherrle sour grapes! The people have voted, respect them.


He's showing his true colors, queenjhb. Please let him rant!


Please explain to me how BOb's plan of paying two Super's for over a years makes sense?

Not ranting. Just calling BS when I see it.


Can someone explain to me why Super's have anything more than I one year contract? Do the job well and you get extended, perform poorly and you are out. Only in the public sector can you get job security while performing badly.


That's a great way to make sure you get 0 quality applicants. Great idea!

Edwin Ison

There is plenty of just cause.

Look at his job performance...and take off your rose colored glasses first.


Bherrle....looks like you have plenty of reason to get rid of Gunner here if he's not performing! He can't pass a levy and he does NOT care about the voters! We will back you up on that! Fire Gunner NOW!


I have no interest in firing Dr. Gunner.


Where's bherrle and Rmeyer?


Gunner needs to go. He has been trying to pad his resume for this State superintendent job and foot us with the bill for years.






What is Bob talking about?


beborcott: I totally agree with you.I still do not understand why Gunner who was the Superintendent of his hometown would want to leave that position for one that includes a very long daily drive. I have talked to a few people at CP that are aware of Gunner's history. They said that there is a lot of disdain for him in Bryan and are glad we are now "stuck" with him.
May 24, 2010 in SR: Gunner said he had been searching for a perfect “fit” for his family, and he is eager to relocate and jump into his duties.

“It has been a long process in terms of my searching for new opportunities for myself and my family,” he said.
Hmmm, to my knowledge he is still living in Bryan, Ohio. If there was truly a family health issue that detoured him from relocating he most assuredly should have resolved that issue by now. He is just a person that cannot be trusted. He has his own agenda at Perkins taxpayer expense.It has no effect on him.
Gunner and the BOE need to listen to the voter's.The citizens have spoken.


Although, he is probably too busy doing the King Kong Challenge (alone, I mean look at the guy) at Chet and Matt's with his levy supporters.


He wasn't there. Some of the best teachers in the area were, however. It's a shame some of them will be taking their talents elsewhere.....


Anyone know ware he was??? This is his baby, he should at least be in the Township for it. If he wasn't I don't understand how anyone can stand up and support him.