Unofficial results: Perkins levy fails

About 54 percent of township voters opposed tax levy
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 6, 2013

Unofficial results from the Erie County Board of Elections shows the Perkins School District levy lost by about 340 votes. 

The final tally of the 4,624 votes cast, according to the elections office:

• Against the levy: 2,482, or about 54 percent of the total.  

• For the levy: 2,142, or about 46 percent of the total.  

Be sure to pick up Wednesday's Register for reactions and comments from voters and school officials. 




So it's ok for you to speak for him? I have a great respect for Dr. Gunner! I find it interesting that all of the "no" voters are fine bashing this man when it was not him who voted on these decisions but the board. Please correct me if wrong (as I know you will) but the points most complained about where approved by unanimous decisions by the board.


The SR filmed it and posted it on here. Why would a leader make that comment? Using the word "dismantle". Stating he would not move here should the levy fail. Stand tall, man. Fight. Speak up as the leader of this district. Make the voters believe and buy into your message. What is the message? What is the direction? Who's running the show here? Make yourself be heard and believable! To everyone, not just those that will agree with you. You...not anyone else. You, Mr. Leader!


Not bringing in the "Folly" is where this community missed its chance and will forever regret. For less money than this failed levy, there would have been an efficient, consolidated campus, property to sell for more funds, lower construction costs, construction jobs when people were looking for them - all part of that forward thinking plan. Now it will be an uphill battle to repair (band-aid) / replace facilities at a much higher cost, as well as cover other operating expenses. But unfortunately that is water under the bridge. I only hope people actually do want to move forward, although it sounds like there will be some other excuse down the road.


looks as though people in your area are finally opening their eyes a bit.

So much for the old "but it's for the children" BS card,

This happens in every district.


How much have all these special election votes cost us?


Not much more than Gunner's food budget I'm sure.


They pay him that much in fuel just to drive to work and back to Oregon.


I think he stores it all in that triple chin of his to burn off. Pressing the gas pedal burns a lot of calories I hear.


No they do not Goodtime!!! You are either outright lying, or you are just totally uninformed on that subject.

Prove your statement, show me the public document that proves this. Nothing short of a public document will be accepted.

Did I get that right Centauri?


No, but the voters did!



It cost us the taxpayers about $13,000 dollars to again say "NO".


Add them all up and they would only be cutting 13 teachers!


I just informed My wife that the Levy failed. I posted earlier that She was amazed that all the kids were at the Polls. She told me that if it wasn't for me she would have voted YES. Now that She witnessed the action at the Poll She is Voting NO in November. You supporters are harming the children by giving poor guidance. Although they support the schools openly, many know where their "Bread and Butter" comes from.


I voted no early before work, are you saying they had the school kids out at the polls?


What in God's name are you talking about? Parents aren't allowed to take their kids to the polls when they vote? That influences a vote?


Absolutely untrue.


Let me re-phrase. I know that parents are allowed to take their kids to the polls. What I am questioning is, someone is voting no because parents take their kids to the polls with them? That is the basis for a No Vote?

Not the facts, not the issues. Children at the polls is why someone will Vote NO??

I don't get it.


Save jobs!


I am one of those pesky college kids "recruited" by former teachers (some of who have had the biggest of impacts on my life) to vote for a school district that really holds a strong place in my heart. I'm saddened tonight, not only by the vote on the levy, but also thinking about this community's future. It's crazy to think some citizens actually believe that Gunner or any member of the school district has malicious intent against tax payers. Using this as a stance is just a crutch for the real reason of not supporting our schools. I see a small community worried about from where paychecks will be coming, but I also see a full parking lot most evenings at restaurants and bars (not to mention new restaurants coming in). I see the newest iPhone in hand and the best Nike shoes Kobe bryant can put his name on. And, as a whole, I see a community that says all of these things are more important than the education of our students. This is disheartening!
So in ten years, after the school has been taken over, teachers have left or retired, BOEs re elected or changed, and only more levies still on the ballot, what's left of the district? At this point in life, most of my classmates and I will be searching for places to settle down, raise a family, and join a community. Which do you think we'll select? I know I won't be part of one that won't support a school system for my children.
I ask that this is given thought before the next vote is decided.

Good 2 B Me

Kind of like a MacPro Book and a Football stadium? We see where the School's interests are.


Yeah, I see your point. The school is interested in providing a quality 21st century education. And it was interested in repairing a poorly run down stadium and track, to allow our track team to run at home again, and to eliminate safety issues.

Their priorities are so messed up.

Did you catch the sarcasm in my above statement?


The athletic boosters, band boosters and community could have raised the entire amount in time. Other neighboring stadiums were options, as well. How about a loan until the whole amount was raised? We took one out for a building design before the project was approved and funded. The boosters did a fantastic job raising the 1.7 million. Unfortunately, they didn't pay for the whole project knowing the districts dire situation.


It wasn't interested in "repairing" anything. It was interested in a multi-million dollar palace that it couldn't afford.

That was a great idea for a district on the verge of being "dismantled".

Did you catch the sarcasm in my above statement?


^^^^^I'm saddened that one of Perkins graduates turned out to be so gullible.




You continue to take things out context 15th, and go over the top. The statement about "dismantling" was not a literal statement. it meant that the districts programs would become a shell of their former selves.


Maybe, just maybe going back to being a shell of our former selves is a good thing! Currently though, it is a necessity until this is all worked out!

Edwin Ison

Mind reader? Bherlle^


No - I get my information right from the source. I've met with Dr. Gunner numerous times. Have you?

Edwin Ison

Bureaucrats love to spout off then say they didn't mean it that way.

He made the comparison to the Perkins police levy... are you saying that they too were exaggerating the demise of the police force?

Lots of half truths and exaggerations going on.