Unofficial results: Perkins levy fails

About 54 percent of township voters opposed tax levy
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 6, 2013

Unofficial results from the Erie County Board of Elections shows the Perkins School District levy lost by about 340 votes. 

The final tally of the 4,624 votes cast, according to the elections office:

• Against the levy: 2,482, or about 54 percent of the total.  

• For the levy: 2,142, or about 46 percent of the total.  

Be sure to pick up Wednesday's Register for reactions and comments from voters and school officials. 




Education doesn't mean squat when a community doesn't have the long-term good paying jobs.

It's a tourist destination, isn't it?


You really do believe that you have the God given right to tell people how to live their lives. It's little wonder that people get elected who refuse to listen to us.
I have some advice: Chris Redfern was just elected back into office by most of (YOU YES) voters. He always speaks about supporting education. Murray just got out and maybe he can be an "Ear" to Redfern. Get a Bill in the House and Channel your efforts to get the "Change" you want. This is where Gunner's efforts should be at this time.


I'm so proud of the people who had the courage to see through the misinformation and threats to vote NO! Enough is enough!






and here come the insults to all the no voters. seriously, how many times will it take to listen to the will of the people? forget about the new buildings and focus on educating the kids. period. the boe knows what needs to be done.


We might be less educated but we have FAR,FAR, more common sense when it comes to spending and handling money. This school can't be trusted to handle more money and our return onour investments have been very poor, to say the least. I still have a decent memory and to question my judgment only makes me more determined to vote NO in November.

Truth or Fiction

To all those who voted NO. Yes, the school doors will be open this fall but not without consequence. The BOE now has the responsibility to balance the budget. Without additional revenue, the only option is cost reduction. That means cuts. Cuts in support services, cuts in educational offering, cuts in extracurricular activities.

The voters have spoken and I respect those with opposing views. I hope I am wrong and the school we have come to know and cherish continues to thrive.


Shouldn't it be their job to balance a budget in the first place?? If done correctly, we wouldn't be in the druthers they are in today. We have to balance ours and spend correctly at home, and cut where needs cut. Hence, we have decided to cut via the levy a bit, no new spending. the extras will be fine, yes play to participate, but parents who choose to will do so. I for one would choose pay to play/participate instead of voting yes....


Should have thought of that before misappropriating funds. You have to look ahead, plan accordingly and prepare for a crisis like this. It certainly hasn't been a secret what the state is doing. Instead....they spend!


It is a lie to say they misappropriated funds.


mis•ap•pro•pri•ate (ˌmɪs əˈproʊ priˌeɪt)

v.t. -at•ed, -at•ing.
1. to put to a wrong use.

Good 2 B Me

HA!! Nice one 15!


I understand the words meaning 15th.

Edwin Ison

I just don't think you understand the context in which he used the word.


How about administrative/Super salary cuts? They can cut students' programs, what they're supposedly trying to save, but yet the same people who are desperately trying to save the district can't take a paycut, for the sake of the kids?


Where's Centauri and citizen?


Get the trust back from the voters, Replace Gunner, come up with a new plan on how to move ahead with the help of the community, not the idea of one man who will never pay the tax he wants.


It started with the $100 million dollar "Folly with the Fountain". The public voted "NO".

Then the school board thought they could side step the voting public with a millage switch. The public voted "NO" again.

Now the superintendent and school board threatened to "dismantle the school" and charge students $730 dollars for activities. For the third time the taxpaying public voted "NO" and called their bluff.

Isn't this getting a little silly. The taxpaying public does not trust the school board and the superintendent.

Do we need to tell you again?


For one time I totally agree with you!! Only this one time




Plus, the next one is going to cost 12.5% more without the states cut to the taxpayers. Difficult passing that one without a clear cut plan and respected leadership!


Well said !!

Good 2 B Me

Well said DSG and the others! No is the answer. Time to listen to the voters and make the correct changes at the BOE and Gunner.

We will continue to make our stand!


They aren't threats. They are happening.


They are happening? So the the district really is going to be dismantled? Gunner's comment of why should he move here if the levy fails is true then?


I don't see any relevance to students losing teachers with a person living in a different town. Something tells me you are giddy about the demise of a school district.......I hope I am wrong.


You are very wrong, Wes. Gunner made the comment that the district will be dismantled if this levy fails and stated he wouldn't want to live here if it does. Seriously? I see your point but in order for this district to come together, changes need to be made and it starts with the top.


Ok. I understand his comment then. He is not a very good communicator. I am sure he meant that if he were to choose a district around here to move to, he would not live in Perkins....based on the recent education issues.

Good 2 B Me

Do not assume what Gunner meant. You are not him.

He will not live in Perkins because he chose not to.

The BOE allowed it and we suffer for it. If you do not live here, it is not as personal.