Unofficial results: Perkins levy fails

About 54 percent of township voters opposed tax levy
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 6, 2013

Unofficial results from the Erie County Board of Elections shows the Perkins School District levy lost by about 340 votes. 

The final tally of the 4,624 votes cast, according to the elections office:

• Against the levy: 2,482, or about 54 percent of the total.  

• For the levy: 2,142, or about 46 percent of the total.  

Be sure to pick up Wednesday's Register for reactions and comments from voters and school officials. 



Edwin Ison

No, I meant the kids who quit sports on voting day.
Gotta love this reply format.


They told their coaches that they couldn't play if the levy failed. Most of them are multi-sport players, so they had to pick and choose.


Hopefully they will transfer to another district without Gunners fees.

Common Sense

They were anticipating the worst and the no voters delivered.


Or maybe they were anticipating that there were people with "common sense" in the district that wouldn't keep feeding money to a fiscally irresponsible BOE.


You don't need a new school for a quality education. How about the Ivy League Schools or a Rhodes Scholar-Cambridge in England. Some of the oldest schools are most noted for an excellent Education. On the local level, how about St.Marys. They constantly graduate the smartest kids in the area all of whom can actually read, write, and do arithmetic.


Meh... Parochial schools don't have to teach the general population. The one in my town would punt kids with repeated discipline problems; the public schools, of course, would have to take them in. Let me teach kids who are from a higher economic strata, stable home environments where parents value education, and I'll succeed, too.


I for one voted for the levy. But the people have spoken. Parents, why are we letting one man destroy our District. Any suggestions on how to move foward in November.


Removing Gunner would be a good start.


Gastier and Janitski know how to serve the entire community.


Stop with the smoke screens would be another way!


One man cannot destroy a district. 2,482 people, however, have a much better chance.


His words, not mine, bherrle and 2,482 people that you are going to need to convince differently in November.


No, but raising taxes for a fiscally irresponsible super and BOE could destroy a district.

Edwin Ison

Maybe one man cannot, but six are giving it a hell of a go.


The people of this community have spoken again. Why is no one listening?


this is the 3rd time, they only need to be lucky one time. If they play the game long enough,sooner or later they think they will get there way.


I hear them Donut. They are saying, we have our principles, and we are willing to risk doing serious damage to this district and community to stick to them, right or wrong.

They are saying, wait until after the November BOE election to decide on buildings, and define for us financial stability, that would tell me that you are not just going to do what you want to do. That would give me reason to vote yes. And then they say, nah, we didn't really mean that, we are voting no anyway.

Sorry, but I have a real problem with people who don't stand behind what they say, who ask for something and then ignore it. Whose really running the smokescreen here, as someone stated earlier?

Good 2 B Me

Are you drunk?


Bherrle, wow, you really don't respect that the voters have spoken. A democracy is at work here, you aren't our dictator. Try being humble, we all can't afford this increase. Since you can ,please donate your money used on bills, food and medicine, then I'll listen to your selfish rants.


If someone Voted No simply because they can't afford it, I respect that. But I saw a lot of people using this vote as a vote on the board, Super, or buildings. Sending a message. Using a vote on an issue to further another agenda is not democracy.

Edwin Ison

Brad... any vote for any reason is democracy.

The voters have power of the purse, at times this is the only control available and the only true way to affect change.

I cannot believe you have such disrespect for the democratic process.


The poorly educated voters strike again ! Education is the key to a successful community. period. Holding the children's education hostage to prove a point about Gunner is absolutely ridiculous.


I urge the yes voters to continue with comments like the one above. That will secure another NO vote in November! Vote NO in November!

God Of Thunder

Sorry Bob...I fell asleep halfway thru reading beestees comment...YAWN...What did it say????


Check out those state scores on the ODE website and then we'll talk about a successful education! Much work to do. There is hope people but you need to direct your attention to that of new leadership.


There lies the problem..insults on well educated community This was meant foe Beestee


Well said Partyboy. I wonder what the education of Beestee is. GED, HS Diploma, Associates Degree?! Lol.

Good 2 B Me

Poorly educated you say? That is exactly the kind of thinking that someone that wants us to sign a blank check to the BOE and Gunner uses.


So it takes taxpayer $$$ to give an education?