Unofficial results: Perkins levy fails

About 54 percent of township voters opposed tax levy
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 6, 2013

Unofficial results from the Erie County Board of Elections shows the Perkins School District levy lost by about 340 votes. 

The final tally of the 4,624 votes cast, according to the elections office:

• Against the levy: 2,482, or about 54 percent of the total.  

• For the levy: 2,142, or about 46 percent of the total.  

Be sure to pick up Wednesday's Register for reactions and comments from voters and school officials. 




What a troll!


Dude, go take your meds.


Well no, i didn't want to pay an extra 200 a year. I'm sorry, maybe you would like to, but I for one don't. Sorry, but honesty isn't something that everyone wants to hear all the time. I'll vote yes when our state government does what they were supposed to do a long while back, reform how we fund our school systems..


I agree chongo....our federal government held up on a 1.8 billion dollar aid pack for egypt because of the civil unrest there.....r u kidding me 1.8 billion for them and they turn there back on our educational system...someones priorities r screwed up




Yeah, the federal government is messed up. I agree.

So to teach them a lesson, let's vote no on this school levy. That's sound logic.

I'm going to go kick my dog right now, because my cat keeps shitting in the corner of the living room rather than it's litter box.


temper, temper



Nice analogy, so fitting.

It would be a beautiful day if all these citizens who voted no on supporting the education of our children took to the streets with the same enthusiasm and told our federal government no to spending BILLIONS on the War Department.

Just imagine if the War Department had to reduce it's budget by just 25% and that money was shifted to local schools?

Who in their rational right mind trusts our federal government and all the bureaucrats the spend these billions? So if you don't trust the local school district administration you vote no, with a great deal of is your right. Do you do the same with the feds who waste BILLIONS AND BILLIONS?


You must be the art teacher that lost her job.

Common Sense

Have either of you responded with letters to your state representatives? Have you asked your community to sponsor a letter writing campaign? When was the last time education placed enough pressure on our state representatives that they responded favorably? Tough questions for all of us to answer.


This situation, of course, is a direct result of Kasich's policies: less state funds for education forces local districts to somehow find additional funds.


You mean a bad situation, like an $8 billion dollar shortfall left by Gov Strickland? Nice how you conveniently left that out. I think you will soon find out that the levy went down to defeat due to senior citizens. The fact is that most of these people on a fixed income cannot afford another levy. Why should they be taxed out of their homes so that Perkins can build the Taj Mahal? If they were serious about raising money for the schools, they would do what many districts are doing, that is put a school income tax on the ballot. Doing this would generate the needed revenue and the seniors would not be on the hook since it only taxes earned income. It would also hit the apartment dwellers who have earned income but escape the levy taxes because they are not property owners. This is the only fair way to do it. As a matter of principle I will never vote for another levy. The Ohio Supreme Court ruled these levy's unconstitutional, and the only way to force the legislature to change how education is funded is to put the heat on by not passing a levy. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions to force change. You really should try it sometime.


So judgmental! You seem to forget that we live in a society where one can choose to have a beer, smoke a cigarette, and vote. I graduated from Perkins relatively recently and currently hold a Master's degree. I credit one teacher I had at Perkins for supporting me. The rest couldn't care less. Vote no.

Common Sense

The fact that you earned a master's degree states that, somewhere along the way, something they all did stuck and helped to make you the person you are today. After all, if you were a failure, it would be the school's fault, yes?


You are such a is all about trusting the administration...they are very shady and the community spoke. It is a sad day for Perkins. Time to get someone that has interest in the community and roots..Gastier!!!


I don't smoke, drink alcohol , or coffee, and still cannot afford an increase in my taxes.


Lady: I understand and appreciate your situation. The obvious solution is to elect a new governor, one who will not continue to cut state funding for education, since this puts the onus on local municipalities to provide increased funding for schools. Kasich took a bad situation and made it worse.

God Of Thunder

Thank you for the congrats... And it's none of your business what we spend on those things because, guess what...We bust our a** to make the extra to spend on ourselves, not a pathetically ran school system to fund their mistakes. You might be appalled at what I spend... And yes, I feel good about it..

Until the district gets their priorities in order, and we get a super we can trust, as I've said before, I will not volunteer another penny of my hard earned money.


God Thunder: Spoken like a true Republican: in it for yourself, with no sense of responsibility to do anything for the common good. Of course, when the snow piles up on your street, when a tornado hits your house, or when your garage catches fire, THEN you'll expect all of the benefits of things that are funded with your/our taxes.

My district has had despicable people running the show, too, and I work every bit as hard for my salary as you do for yours, but I've always done the right thing for the kids, because any problems with the school administration aren't their fault, and because today's retired folks paid for MY education when I was a kid.


@ coasterfan,You can still donate money to the school, heck ,your so dedicated you can get a second and third job and donate it all to the school. So, your saying that my needing the money to pay bills and for medicine[ my hard earned money] should be given to the schools? Your a bit selfish. Have a beer and some free ice cream.

God Of Thunder

Funny.... I voted for the democrat side... I'm independent.. I vote for who I think is best. Eat crow..

When the snow hits, the plows push it into my driveway, so I snow blow my driveway clear... If a tornado hits or my garage catches fire, I have insurance, so I will need nothing from our taxes... Again...Eat crow


Being Republican has nothing to do with it. I'm a Republican and I donate more money and time to the school than this levy would have made me pay in addition. Political stance has nothing to do with this Levy. Though you as a Dem believe that doing something for the common good involves other people paying for it.

I support the schools because of what the school does for my children. Political stance has no bearing on this issue. What some don't realize that is this school system does care about the children. All the way down to the preschool age. Programs that help not only the kids but helps the parents help the kids. They deal with autistic children and they change lives for the better with what they do. My children have benefited from these programs, programs that you don't see because they aren't out front displayed on the football field. Programs that don't win championships and because of this they aren't seen. But it is these programs that do so much that will suffer.

What do you think the State is going to do when more and more school districts can't afford to run the education system on their own? The State is just going to raise taxes in order to generate more funds for the education system. Now that tax hike will be a lot more than what this Levy would have done.

dire wolf

i don't smoke or drink, and i make my coffee at home every morning, but i still can't afford the extra tax, even after our school spending account was transferred to give us the third best football field in the county. However, if you would be so kind as to send me a check every year for my portion of the $200+ dollars i would have to pay, i would love to give you my yes vote. The KIDS and I sure would appreciate it. Thanks, obx160!


No, I don't want to pay $200 a year. I can't afford it. I don't smoke or drink or drink coffee. I dont have health insurance. i dont drive a fancy car. I cant afford to move. I dont have anyone in the school system so I shouldnt have to pay for other peoples kids to do extracurricular activities. I just can't afford it. Sorry.


No, YOU tell ME: Why can't there be a pay cut for the Super and the administration and the principals who make about $100G? Why can't the school system at least instill a fee schedule for students' needs based on classes/services, paid by parents? Sorry, but my money that I earn by working long hours with sick patients is not worth paying to people who sit on their hind ends all day signing papers. Pretty physically and mentally taxing, huh?

Oh, and the only way students can get a benefit from education- public or not- is by being taught the material and reading the material, not by every taxpayer in Perkins Twp paying the school district. There is NO PARALLEL around here between money and learning. It's what the students put into their education.


take a look at the underlying issue... they had people and kids going door to door, and only managed 4,624 total votes... What's the estimated population of Perkins?


There are a little over 10,000 registered voters. Turn out was less than 50%.


Now will the teachers union attack the BOE and Gunner in negotiations or has it already been settled?




Negotiations are over.......the two sides calmly accepted a contract last week.