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Aug 5, 2013


The Sandusky Register traces its roots to the "The Clarion," a newspaper first published in Sandusky in 1822. The newspaper was founded and grounded in American newspaper traditions started by Benjamin Franklin and others in the 1730s. It also was part of the penny press movement spurred by Horace Greeley and others beginning in the 1830s, as publishing technologies advanced and newspapers began to flourish across the country. 

Purchased in 1869 by Isaac Foster Mack, a union soldier and Civil War veteran, the Register remains under the ownership of his descendants to this day, and remains committed to gathering and delivering news to your doorstep every single day. The Register purchased the Sandusky Star-Journal newspaper and its building at Jackson and Market streets in 1929, which has been headquarters to our growing newspaper company ever since. 

The owners, executives, managers and employees of the Register believe it's our responsibility to serve our readers, customers, advertisers, businesses and industry by informing, questioning and praising what affects us all, every day. It is an important element to the vitality and progress of our greater community in the five counties we serve. Our commitment will not waiver and we remain devoted to that honorable task, daily, today and into the future. 

The Register will continue to deliver your printed newspaper to your doorstep every single day. 

Advancing technologies today allow us to deliver the news the way you want it delivered from your "inbox" in a daily email, with our e-edition replica of our daily newspaper on your home computer, cell phone or iPad, and text news alerts to your phone. We also continue to provide our free news service at sanduskyregister.com

We're excited by these new opportunities and appreciate our readers who are committed to staying informed and contributing to that important job. Be assured, our commitment to deliver the news remains our No. 1 objective, as it has been for nearly 200 years. That won't  change.

Thank you.


Timothy A. Parkison
Publisher / Sandusky Register



Mr. Parkinson.....I hope your committment to the public includes that the SR will maintain an UNBIASED reporting style unslanted by anything including the comments of its reporters. That is the "foundation" in which the SR has held in decades gone by. Journalism at its finest is based on reporting news as it happens, unbridled by reports which may include opinions made by reporters who wish to include THEIR slants or comments which does not make a report more clever or clear. All reporters will do well to remember that their jobs are to REPORT the news not comment on it. I hope that all the people at the SR remember that and in the future do just that. Including those in all walks of life at the Sandusky Register: Editors, Reporters and Columnists included. There is no room for yellow journalism anywhere in a town where there is only one newpaper in a city.


I have been reading the Register for about 90 years, believe it or not. In spite of what you just said, I get a feeling of a certain amount of bias these days. I also read the paper of a considerably larger city, and the Register is clearly the better paper.


Journalism = The facts, without extraneous adjectives or asides to slant an article.

Editorial = The opinion of an editor/reporter (or group of them), clearly labeled as "editorial," "opinion," or "commentary.

The Register, like most news outlets, is guilty of mixing the two on a regular basis. In fairness (if the word can even be used), I have serious doubts that schools teach REAL journalism any more. But that doesn't mean reporters and editors can't get a clue once they're out in the real world!

News is news. Keep it that way, or everything you print, however UNbiased, becomes suspect. If you can do that, you'll have both respect and a readership. If not, you'll limit yourselves to those who agree with your opinions, and even they'll likely have the sense to take every story with a grain of salt!

Up to you, publishers: Which do you want to be? A tabloid? Or a NEWSpaper?


Good to hear the SR will continue to be a daily. It's a pretty good paper as small-town birdcage liners go, even if it does have the occasional amber tinge.



Good luck SR.

You're apparently holding on while other dailies around you are dropping like flys in the age of the Internet.