New jobs disproportionately low-pay or part-time

The 162,000 jobs the economy added in July were a disappointment. The quality of the jobs was even worse.
Associated Press
Aug 5, 2013


A disproportionate number of the added jobs were part-time or low-paying — or both.

Part-time work accounted for more than 65 percent of the positions employers added in July. Low-paying retailers, restaurants and bars supplied more than half July's job gain.

"You're getting jobs added, but they might not be the best-quality job," says John Canally, an economist with LPL Financial in Boston.

So far this year, low-paying industries have provided 61 percent of the nation's job growth, even though these industries represent just 39 percent of overall U.S. jobs, according to Labor Department numbers analyzed by Moody's Analytics. Mid-paying industries have contributed just 22 percent of this year's job gain.

"The jobs that are being created are not generating much income," Steven Ricchiuto, chief economist at Mizuho Securities USA, wrote in a note to clients.

That's one reason Americans' pay hasn't kept up with even historically low inflation since the Great Recession ended in June 2009. Average hourly pay fell 2 cents in July to $23.98 an hour.

Among those feeling the squeeze is Elizabeth Wilkinson, 28, of Houston. After losing a $39,000-a-year administrative job at Rice University in January, Wilkinson found work at an employment agency for $15 an hour. Yet she's had to supplement that job with part-time work as a waitress.

"This morning I put $1.35 worth of gas in my car because that is all the money that I had," Wilkinson said via email. "It's very difficult to survive on $30,000 (a year), and I am living paycheck to paycheck."

Part-time work has made up 77 percent of the job growth so far this year. The government defines part-time work as being less than 35 hours a week.

Weak economies overseas have reduced demand for U.S. goods and, as a result, for better-paying U.S. jobs in manufacturing. Government spending cuts have taken a toll on some middle-class jobs, too.

Many employers have also discovered that they can use technology to do tasks more cheaply and efficiently than office workers used to do. And some have found that they can shift middle-class jobs to low-wage countries such as China.

By contrast, most lower-paying jobs — from waiters and hotel maids to store clerks, bartenders and home health care aides — can't be automated or shipped abroad.

"You're always going to have jobs in the retail sector," says Michael Evangelist, a policy analyst with the liberal National Employment Law Project, which advocates on behalf of low-wage workers.

Consider Mike Ulrich, 30, who earned a master's degree in public administration in May from the University of Colorado. Ulrich hasn't been able to find work that requires a college degree. Instead, he works at a hardware store in Spokane, Wash., earning the state's minimum wage: $9.19 an hour.

Not all July's new jobs were low-paying. Local schools hired more than 10,000 teachers and other employees. Financial firms added 15,000.

The surge in part-time employment began in April.

Jason Furman, the new chairman of the White House's Council of Economic Advisers, says part-time employment has been inflated by the across-the-board budget cuts that began to bite in March, forcing some federal workers to take time off without pay.

Analysts say some employers are offering part-time over full-time work to sidestep the new health care law's rule that they provide medical coverage for permanent workers. (The Obama administration has delayed that provision for a year and into 2015.)

But Furman disputed the idea that the health care law will ever drive companies to favor part-timers over full-timers and says the notion makes even less sense now: "Why would they shift people to part-time for something that's not going to happen until 2015?"

Scott Anderson, chief economist at Bank of the West, thinks concerns about the rise in part-time work are overblown. The government's figures on part-time jobs are highly volatile, Anderson notes. The big gain this year could quickly reverse, he says.

Yet for the most part, Daniel Alpert, managing partner of Westwood Capital, wrote in a report last month, "the only folks engaging in meaningful hiring are doing so because labor is cheap."

The low quality of the added jobs could help explain something that has puzzled economists: How has the U.S. economy managed to add an average of roughly 200,000 jobs a month this year even though it grew at a tepid annual rate below 2 percent in the first half of the year?

Some are proposing an answer: Perhaps a chronically slow-growth economy can't generate many good-paying jobs — but can produce lots of part-time or lower-wage retail and restaurant work.

Diane Swonk, chief economist at Mesirow Financial, recalls that the robust economic growth of the late '90s generated millions of middle-class jobs. And it pushed unemployment so low that short-staffed companies were forced to convert part-time jobs into full-time ones.

"Faster growth would fix things," Swonk says. "That's the magic fairy dust."




And some "good news" for Pres. Obama: The unemployment rate fell.

But why?

"The payroll reading belies the drop in the unemployment rate, to 7.4% from 7.6%.

While unemployment fell to its lowest level since December 2008, the rate fell BECAUSE MORE PEOPLE DROPPED OUT OF THE LABOR FORCE (Emphasis mine).

Average hourly earnings dipped 0.1%, while the average workweek dropped to 34.4 hours from 34.5."


Hourly earning drop, workweek shrinking, part time work increasing dropping out of the labor force.

"Change you can believe in" "Hope and change", "We will change the way America works" We were told of what would be happening during his first election. We are reaping what he sowed.


And recently "Dear Leader" was in TN, touting

" Creates 5,000 Jobs, Destroys 25,000 In The Process?"

"If Barack Obama and camp want to generate more government revenues, they should consider backing off on the new taxes and focus instead on limiting the regulations that impede the flow of capital.

They should help secure confidence in the economy, not just through buoying up the stock markets, but through justice and prudent oversight over the value of our money and security of our savings."

Kinda like what Pres. Reagan did with the financial and fiscal disaster that he "inherited."

Pres. Obama never listened to Paul Volcker, but had him on his Economic Advisory Board merely as "window dressing."


Contango - It is also interesting to note that the employees at the Amazon plant in TN made political contributions of $116,000+ to democrat politics.

The Big Dog's back

When all else fails blame the Black man. Why would we blame greedy business owners. Let me check, are there any less millionaires than there were yesterday? NO! The wealthy are driving it up our arse, and the right wingnuts are helping them.


If all you have is race you do not have a argument. Please try to think once in awhile no matter how hard it hurts.


man crush alert!!!!!


You should know, since you spend the day being led around by the little mutt. So tell us, have you two consumated your relationship yet?


No varmints to kill today?


Are you volunteering?


Contango.....please do not try and make common sense anymore to the liberals. They simply do not want to hear it. They do not understand that unemployment benefits are not forever. There is an end date and when one reaches that, the benefits are cut off and they are quickly and conveniently dropped off the unemployment charts......which looks like things are getting better, but in reality they are not.

Welfare and unemployment are the two factors one needs to clearly look at. When true unemployment goes down, welfare should also go down....not UP.

Simple math, simple logic and common sense that gets clouded by washington.


In 10 years you're going to be in the Upper class bracket, or you're going to be a low-wage slave of the Upper class. Goodbye middle class...the corporations that control the government(both sides) have won, profits will go up as the human standard will go down.


Re: "corporations that control the government,"

It's called: FASCISM.

See: The Iron Triangle.


The USA is a lot like the Roman Empire. Our government has grown to big and nobody can or will stop this run away beast.

Google the comparison between the USA and the Roman Empire and read. You will see how eventually this country is going to go belly up like the Romans did. The similarities are almost identical. The only difference is our government is delaying the inevitable because they have building called the Federal Reserve where they keep printing money.

from one of Big Dogs favorite sites.


no s**t dick tracy! where have you all been? it's been this way for a long time. some companies think $8 and hour is a decent wage. it's not. try living on it. and they only want you to work part time, so they don't have to pay for insurance. the rich are getting richer and the poor are piling up.

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"think $8 and hour is a decent wage"

And that $8 is like $16 or $20 with all the new regulations, taxes and other crap the agencies have places on us employers. For example a 55 gallon drum of a particular solvent went from $800.00 to 1,400, to 2,500, to 5,000, to $13,000.00 before it was banned with no drop in replacement available. Or health care that we always provided in the past is now out of reach, or the products we manufacture being stolen and manufactured in China. Oops! No need for workers, go shop Wally World some more and watch good paying manufacturing jobs go away forever!


Thank you for saying it like it is. I saw an ad for Whirlpool in the paper the other day. Starting wage was $10.25. How can anyone live on that wage after taxes and insurance is taken out. Then there is no pension plan. You are supposed to join a 401K. How can you contribute when you don't even make enough to pay your bills. I never shop Wally's unless I cannot get it anywhere else.

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Thank you for the comment G. I use Wally as an example, unfortunately look on the label of any product at any store and China is probably 80% or more of the manufacture location. Check this out!


Re: "the rich are getting richer and the poor are piling up."

Thank the Federal Reserve's ZIRP & QE policies and a normal business cycle which are about the ONLY things that are keeping this economy on life support.

The Big Dog's back

Exactly reporter, and the right wingnuts are driving the bus that's running over the middle class.


In 09-11 the left had the presidency, a supermajority in the Senate, and a majority in the house, in 11 they lost the supermajority in the senate but still had a majority there, they lost the house, and it is still that way. Please inform us how the right is "driving anything when in the minority in the Senate and the president is Obama. We are waiting with bated breathe for your answer. But you will never answer, Piddle Puppy.


grumpy....what you all need to realize is that in order to have a solid conversation on here you have to just overlook and not respond to big dog, and 4shizzle, coaster, deer.....all they do is deflect and name call and never provide proof. Its the liberal way.

We have a solid liberal president and the Senate controlled by Dems.
People have gotten richer and faster under Obama and the Dems....fact.


You do realize Obama is the president right? He appoints the FED and can Veto anything he likes. Oh my bad you still think he is innocent.


I read an interesting article the other day regarding job creation. The jobs being created were at a call center expressly designed to help individuals with setting up health care accounts under Obamacare. They are going to hire approximately 220 people!!!! Yeah, job creation!!!! But here is the kicker...they are all part time and DO NOT offer health care benefits! Lmao, so much for health care for all.

The New World Czar

Welcome, everyone- to Obama's America.

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Not only Obozo Czar, I was perturbed when GW Bush Jr. made the comment some time ago that we could afford to outsource the simple manufacturing work so we Americans could concentrate on higher technology jobs. I knew then we were headed into trouble. There are some things the current prezo inherited but he and his gang failed to curb nor recognize that we were shipping not only jobs but technology offshore only to be cloned and made less expensive. It is a world market but it is not a fair world market. The world expects to see the American standard of living drop down to match theirs. Well we have people in office that I really believe think that we must do that! I swear they are communists.....


Re: "outsource the simple manufacturing work,"

Like it or not we live in the era of globalization. Walling ourselves off with protectionism would be DISASTEROUS.

The advantages we had after WWII when most of the world's mfging was in shambles began to leave us in the 1960s.

The "jobs" are coming back due to the rising Chinese wage scale, but they're being performed by robots (high tech jobs). Twenty can now operate a factory, whereas 10-20 yrs. ago it took two hundred.

Unfortunately, as long as liberal transfer of payments programs exist, why should some bust their hump in order to get an education or get a job? The gubbermint will take care of them.

2cents's picture

Don't forget about the other Asia C!


Re: "other Asia"

I've read the argument.

Problems are the others lack of population, education (India) and infrastructure.

Actually liked Hong Kong (low taxes, low regulation) as a model for the U.S. prior to 1999. One of Milton Friedman's favorite examples.

Mexico, with its growing middle class is a better bet going forward. Closer to the U.S.

Major problem for us: Lack of small business formation where the jobs and new ideas tend to originate. Increasingly fewer want to take a risk on entrepreneurialism and would rather just work for someone else.

Really are you ...

Re: "new ideas, entrepreneurialism"

I am trying, to build a new creative prototype that is. But without making the hourly rate I use to, it is taking forever. Live for something, or live for nothing. Right?

The Big Dog's back

It had nothing to do with the rest of the world being in "shambles". The rich didn't like seeing middle class people vacationing in the Caribbeans. That was the rich's playground. How dare middle class workers go to Aruba.


The "rich" don't see the middle class. They could care less what the middle class does, goes, or vacations. The "rich" aren't in the same hotels, spas, restaurants, or anything else.


Re: "The 'rich' aren't in the same hotels, spas, restaurants, or anything else."

Yea, they do which why they are "rich." :)

The millionaire next door:

A truism - Those that got it don't flaunt it. And those that flaunt it ain't got it.

Many of those "rich" are up to their eyeballs in debt and stone cold broke.

2cents's picture

"The millionaire next door"

I could tell you a few stories about these people I have met over the years. And there are more going underground as the current administration marks them as bad people!

Many times with others you see the fancy home and fancy cars but inside there is little furniture and plenty of bills :0


Re: "little furniture"

See-throughs. I KNOW what you're talkin' about.

"The Millionaire Next Door"

A little dated, but STILL a great book!

The Big Dog's back

Not now but back then they were.

True Blue

All the decisions starting back in the 70's have created this mess we're in today. This includes Republicans and Democrats thinking FREE TRADE would be great for our country. As you can see it doesn't work the us, but the so called job creators love it.

The Big Dog's back

Yes they do.


Why are the jobs low quality? Because low-end jobs are all the majority of the workforce is qualified to do. Employers are pushing for more high skill immigration because they can't find qualified people anymore.

2cents's picture

God, don't get me started there! We have taken away so many tools for our youth to learn because they may get hurt. Now with computers and cell phones they tend to not use their brains and become innovative and create their own activities. The need for good tool makers and all the other trades as well as engineers is there but we are not creating these people. WTFN (I bet you can figure that one out)


That is such crap. I currently work a part time job that pays half of what I would make doing the same job in other areas. And I am more than qualified. Over qualified actually. However, I am not in a position to leave the area, one of the big reasons is due to my current low wage, part time paying job, no less. In my area of work, in many areas of work this area sucks. There are jobs out there for people with skills and schooling, but they certainly aren't in Sandusky, Ohio or surrounding areas!


Re: "There are jobs out (snip)"

Ya got that right.

I left several decades ago after college and ONLY came back to help with family.

After my "errand of mercy" is over - I'm OUTA HERE.

I'd love to live here again, but there are other places in this country that are SO MUCH BETTER.


That's the "Hope and Change" libs were looking for...


Those who are uneducated will not survive in our ever changing technology era. Those well paying jobs on an assembly line are in the past.

Stop crying and get educated. Lot of well paying jobs for those who understood how the world was changing and adapted.

The Big Dog's back

The only well paying jobs are going to CEO's sons and daughters.


Bull, Big Dog. That's just an excuse not to get an education. Unemployment rates are signficanatly lower as education rises - and not just for "CEO sons and daughters". As we hear, there is a shortage in the trades. No education or trade skill = minumum wage job. Get a degree or learn a trade!


Tool and die, especially those that can include computer aided tool and die, machinists again especially those who can add computer aided machinist, can and do make $40 per hour and up for a journeyman with experience. It is what my son does. He works 50-60 hours per week cause they can't find enough qualified workers.


Your facts don't fit Big Dog's soundbite-based class warfare agitprop, therefore they are null and void.

The Big Dog's back

Really? After the companies devastated the Tool and Die industry by out sourcing to China, they now want Tool and Die makers? $40 dollars an hour my arse. I work in the industry. The only time they make that is after they work 60 hours. Then it's double time.


In this area I wouldn't be surprised it doesn't pay as much. Go where the stamping plants are. Go to where the new plants are being built with the computer aided equipment is and learn how to run, work and set them up. $40 an hour is the normal.

But you can stay here and work with the 40 year old machines and get paid half if you wish. That is the difference between those with the education and desire to advance in their field and those who want to just hang on and whine. Why do you think he went and got more schooling than just the apprenticeship? To advance beyond those who can't learn the new tech that is available.

The Big Dog's back

40 year old machines? Really? Fisher Tool and Die in Erie Mich, just north of Toledo has all state of the art equipment and they don't pay anywhere near that. Sorry pooh, you have no clue what you're talking about.


If you qualify yourself for the jobs that are offered and have desire and presentation employment awaits you. If you think just because your an American and you should have a high paying job then your under an illusion. Those jobs ceased in the late 70's. They've even left Sandusky. You didn't need formal training or education.

Mr. D

From what I see, many of these "you must get educated to be qualified" jobs can be done by a monkey being rewarded with a banana. Companys are unwilling to train employees anymore.

2cents's picture

"Companys are unwilling to train employees anymore."

Unfortunately many are not trainable unless it involves software, a TV remote or a cell phone, all the equipment is gone from most middle and high schools we once had to stimulate someone who wanted to attain a skill. Most of that goes back to the litigious society we created in the 80's : (

The Big Dog's back

"litigious"? Are you for real?

2cents's picture

Yes I am, we now reap what we sowed.

Just a sample, it was a hobby because I was curious when my turn was as a manufacturer. Now I do not g,a,s

The Big Dog's back

Such reputable and reliable sources.

The Big Dog's back

Earth to 2 cents, BLOGS and OPINION pieces are just that, not FACTS! Oh boy, no wonder what's wrong.

2cents's picture

I could go on for a decade Dog, unfortunatly you have a closed mide to this. I wonder where the term progressive came from? More like the antonym!

By 1994 the threat of lawsuits had driven the general aviation industry into the ground. Cessna and Beech ceased production in the 1990s.


Curious George it's not about the job itself. It's about PROVING you have the ability to learn. Anyone can fill out an application.


Curious George(Mr D) it's not about the job itself. It's about PROVING you have the ability to learn. Anyone can fill out an application.


" Companys are unwilling to train employees anymore."

My son had his extra schooling paid for by the company he worked for, With the agreement he would stay there for 2 years after he became a journeyman. This was school on top of the apprenticeship he was doing. He stayed 3 years, went to another company and got a 15% raise and better benefits.

The Big Dog's back

As usual pooh you have to fabricate a story to fit your narrative.


lease cite your proof. I will be waiting with bated breath. But as usual you will not answer when you spout such crap. Go where the state of the art in the industry is and take extra schooling for running state of the art machines and you will be paid for your knowledge and experience. But then you can stay here and run 40 or 50 year old machines and get paid for what you are worth. Your choice. There is a BIG difference between state of the art and what is available here. You are here where the equipment is 40 years old. He is setting up new models and running the newest computer aided models. Because he went to school to do so, and takes continuing education to keep up with the state of the art.

arnmcrmn sisters grad school was paid for by The OSU and was similar to your sons situation. She had to remain a RN while going for her practitioners degree at the OSU hospital and had to then give them 2 years post graduation, which she did and they paid for it all.

Worked out good for her and OSU.


Grumpy please share the company name, many here would be interested in checking that out.

The Big Dog's back

He can't because said company does not exist.


He now works for Ford. The just expanded plant at Kansas City. He told me they also just opened up a third shift there. 900 new hires, for the assembly line.

The Big Dog's back

Ford in Kansas City doesn't pay that much. Pretty convenient since this story is all over the web.


"Ford in Kansas City doesn't pay that much"

Not for the assembly line, but then he doesn't work there (on the assembly line). As I stated before he works in a state of the art, new plant. How would such a thing NOT be all over the net? As I said before Pull your head out of your rectum.


Listening to crickets chirp.

Won't move? Don't have the education? Don't have the skill? Don't have the ability to deal with the state of the art equipment?

Run, run from change. Here you claim that conservatives won't/can't change. Conservatives simply are the change, they do what needs to be done to deal with changes... not strive to hold onto what is, that leads to stagnation. The only constants are that things will change. Be willing to grow and change. Don't stay stuck on stupid.

The Big Dog's back

Why do you have to fabricate a story?


"Why do you have to fabricate a story?"

Why do you have to have your head securely up your rectum?

The Big Dog's back

The only good thing is you are supporting union jobs pooh.


Yep, when the union has changed with the times, they can be useful. The one I was a member of didn't donate dues to politicians, if you wanted to bundle your money for the union to donate they had to get a seperate donation from the union member specificlly for that politician.
The union mainly was a hiring hall, apprenticeship, continuing education and certification, insurance and pension. They stayed out of politics. The union my son is in does the same. Those unions who are stuck in the 30's and 40's are falling by the wayside. They need to change with the times and learn to modernize, or they will be like the dinosaurs, a memory.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

"Jason Furman, the new chairman of the White House's Council of Economic Advisers...disputed the idea that the health care law will ever drive companies to favor part-timers over full-timers and says the notion makes even less sense now: 'Why would they shift people to part-time for something that's not going to happen until 2015?'"

Why is nobody concerned nor calling out a man with this level of power and influence for failing to realize why a company would make plans for an event that was ORIGINALLY (and until almost last minute) touted and scheduled for being only 3 months away from this quote but only recently in the past month moved a mere other 12 months out?

He may as well have said, "Why would our federal government make preparations and predictions for its budget projects and grant availabilities for 2015 now?"

"Why would Ford plan their 2015 model Focus now?"

"Why would you plan for a 2015 wedding now?"

Hello? HELLO? McFly! Holy Fazoli, is this the kind of person we have where even a rudimentary knowledge of any kind of responsible practice is seen as a mystery of the universe?

Methinks we have more grasshoppers in positions of power than ants...and it deeply troubles me.


Politicians never look beyond the next election cycle , or so it seems, at least for the last generation or so of politicians. I gusee the same can be said for CEO's who didn't found the business, they don't keep the job long enough for long range plans to come to fruition, so they shoot for bigger short term profits. The founders of business's look long term, but after they die or retire... not os much... especially those who don't come up through the ranks of the company. Keep that in mind when you invest in a company. As for politicians... that is a whole nother kettle of fish... usually rotten.

The Big Dog's back

hero, did you or did you not read what I posted earlier about companies doing this since the early 70's? NOTHING NEW!

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

So you aren't concerned that a White House adviser is completely baffled at why a company would set hiring policy less than (only made after to be more than) a year away? Whether or not you believe it has there was a definite, written deadline for scheduling/hiring made with the passing of the ACA. It solidified and gave a legal reason/excuse for the practice beyond everyone "just knowing why".

Now, for yours and everyone's enjoyment, my point conducted in two acts.

* * * * * * * * * * ACT 1

"What?! You mean people actually take every legal deduction they can on their taxes?! WHAT AUDACITY! Hypocrites! Robber-barons! How dare you set your policy on the minimum standards required by law!"

"Why don't we change the law?"


* * * * * * * * * *

Or, if you will.

* * * * * * * * * * ACT 2

Crew: Captain, we hit an iceberg and are sinking. Should we close the flood doors and get people on deck?

Captain: Foolish boy! You can't do that.

Crew: Why, sir?!

Captain: People would think we're sinking, we can't have that! Now back to your station and carry on.

Crew: But sir, we ARE sinking.

Captain: We are still above water. We'll discuss options when top deck is ten feet from water. Then when it is obvious to all, we will take action and they will laud us as competent sailors.

Crew: Aye-aye, sir! Let's go!

* * * * * * * * * *


"So you aren't concerned that a White House adviser is completely baffled at why a company would set hiring policy less than (only made after to be more than) a year away?"

Concerned yes, surprised no. I explained why I wasn't surprised. Politicians look out at the world while wearing the blinders (tunnel vision, if you prefer that term) of their party, no matter which party they are in.

If you can figure out how to do something about it you could share what that would be. Then concern might accomplish something. Other than getting rid of the current crop of politicians of all stripes and those who are so one sided in their views I don't know how to fix your concern. Do you have any other ideas?

The Big Dog's back

You're lost hz.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Then be my guide. Seriously. I am very open-minded. Explain how my parallels are incorrect. I understand you are saying this was an unspoken "standard practice". But this law now legitimizes it and provides absolutely no real legal/economic incentive to hire people over 30 hours/week or that 50th+ employee. That is my frustration with this doofus-sounding adviser acting shocked that businesses actually plan things out for a year ahead.

You can't legalize slavery then be floored when people actually, you know, take slaves. Do you see what I'm saying?

* * * * * * * * * *ACT III

Government: You must under penalty provide insurance for employees who work over 30 hours a week.

Business: Ok, we won't hire people for more than that. We'll plan accordingly.

G: Wait, what?! You can't do that. That makes NO sense. Why aren't you doing as we say?

B: We are. We are doing things perfectly legal and even if we were doing it before, this makes a solid case for us that gives our employees little to no recourse. Even if people thought of us as d*cks before they will do so no less now.

G: But that wasn't our intention!

B: Yet it is the result. It isn't OUR intention to suddenly take on a massive financial burden when we may not be otherwise able to do so at your whim and command.

G: You are an evil, bad, immoral person who is a meanie and possibly a doodie-head. We just want to help.

B: Will you revoke the mandate?

G: No.

B: Then this discussion is over. Unless you do or actually foster a STABLE, attractive marketplace for people to hire and conduct business in, we will operate as best we can as our interest is in surviving as a company in the very long term, Mr/s. Temporary Politician.

...Oh, we will also use all our legal tax deductions every year to minimize our tax burden.

G: monster.

B: You are what you eat. You eat my tax dollars and I eat your regulations. Enjoy.

Stop It



In todays world...unless you hit the lottery or start a business from the ground up, the pay is going to fit the education level required for the job.

If every factory worker was making $30+ an hour, your lawn mower or book would be 10x as much in the store to buy. Want McDonalds workers to make 20 bucks an hour, then be prepared to pay 10-15 bucks for that VALUE meal. Not so much of a value anymore.


While not a MENSA graduate, remember talking with some regarding Norwalk's 3 decent jobs leaving. Some worked at keeping them. Others, who were born into land & were subsidized by US, did nothing. Most don't care until problems hit them. Yet many are confounded why services cost more (higher taxes) & criminal activity increases. Gee. We all lose with declining wages. In reality we all pay for it too.

Really are you ...

Once upon a time, the $20. an hour job was here. Even before that time there was a thing called piece rate. The cost of living was not quite as high as it is now. Those workers were able to live like kings and queens eating seafood and steak every night. Now lower wages or shorter work week hours. Now it is fried bologna and ramein noodles. Back then those businesses survived and made improvements in their products. How can these businesses not pay an hourly wage that use to be paid? The price on their finished goods have gone up, pay has lowered. Where is that difference going?

The rising cost of health care? Maybe this is one of the true professions that kept up with the inflation rate. But I am sure a vaccine shot given by doctor actually costs $150. for 10 minutes worth of work. $120. for the vaccination and $30. for the office call. Really?


Really are you......I pretty much agree with your first paragraph. Middle class job wages haven't risen with the cost of everything else, and they can't now because the price's of the products you buy will increase even more.

Healthcare is expensive because of insurance and the overhead. Until you work for a doctors office or hospital you won't understand why things are so expensive.

The Big Dog's back

Do you really believe prices will increase if wages are brought up? The money for wage increase is there already. Has been. It's just all going to the top 1%. How about the producers sharing some more of the pot.


They do, its called dividends and capital returns!!!!


Re: "The money for wage increase is there already."


March into your boss's office and ask him/her to double your wage.

Really are you ...

What is the problem? Big corporations have been moving their manufacturing facilities to foreign countries or other states. Why? To pay less or zero in taxes, or pay an absurdly low wage to their workers. All thanks to NAFTA and the big corporations word saavy lawyers. Lawyers who bend and twist governing laws, rules, and regulations into something only their employers will benefit from.

Is Mexico or China benefiting all of the work being shipped to their lands from the United States? The way I see it, China is using our jobs to buy our debt. Is all of the work sent their supporting their economy? Who is working those jobs? Upper class, middle class, or lower class? Probable middle and lower, with those working after paying their taxes or however they do it in China, has enough money to buy our debt.

To bring our jobs back, why not offer big corporations a tax free or pay little in taxes deal right here in the United States? Since everyone knows big corporations and the extremely monetarily wealthy do not pay as much as they should. Create an outrageous fee, charge, or tax on all consumer imported goods. This would put America back to work, the middle class will grow again, and the middle class will support our faltering economy again.

O' and on another note. The Saudis are our number one buyer of our national debt. They make their money off of oil, most of which is probably sent and sold to the United States. Just like China they are buying our debt with our money. Why do the Saudis not give us a break? We saved Kuwait from being run over by Iraq.

Truth or Dare

Stop spending BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS for warring and spying on your own people and focus on EUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION and make it available to all, especially the children of taxpaying Americans, rather than scholarships for those overseas, or those falling within the higher up tax brackets! How about America, the land of the free and home of the brave really even out the playing field RIGHT HERE AT HOME?!

This country needs to invest in the education of our children, starting with the basics, READING, WRITING, MATH, SCIENCE and SKILLED TRADES! China and Asia surpassed us long ago! They can start w/the basics, by going back to teaching Phonics instead of creative spelling! Makes a big difference in learning how to read and as we all know, reading leads to knowledge!

By the way, this article ties right in with the documentary "A Place At The Table". Don't be afraid to watch and learn.