Standing their ground

Black Ohio lawmakers oppose stand-your-ground bill
Associated Press
Aug 4, 2013

A group of black lawmakers in Ohio has started circulating petitions to help keep a stand-your-ground proposal from being passed in the state.

The bill would allow people to use force to defend themselves without having a duty to retreat first.

The legislation goes beyond Ohio's current castle doctrine law, which gives people the right to defend themselves with force in their homes, vehicles or vehicles of immediate family members.

Debate over such measures has increased since the recent acquittal of George Zimmerman in the 2012 shooting death of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin in Florida. Martin's family say Zimmerman, who identifies as Hispanic, racially profiled Martin as a potential criminal and wrongly followed him. Zimmerman says Martin attacked him.

At least 21 states have laws similar to the one in Florida, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. The laws generally eliminate a person's duty to retreat in the face of a serious physical threat.

Civil rights leaders, including the Rev. Al Sharpton, have said they would push for repeal of the laws. The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus wants to keep the idea from moving forward in the Republican-dominated General Assembly.

State Rep. Terry Johnson, a McDermott Republican, introduced the bill in June. It's had one House hearing. More than a dozen lawmakers back the proposal, which also would ease restrictions on carrying concealed weapons.

Johnson told an Ohio House committee in June that lawful gun owners shouldn't have to turn their backs on an assailant to try to flee if they are in a place where they have a right to be.

"If I was out with my family and we were attacked, I would want to be able to defend them and exercise my constitutional right to do so," Johnson said in written testimony. He noted that people would still need to prove in court that they were acting in self-defense.

Rep. Alicia Reece, president of the black caucus, said the group is trying to draw attention to the bill while state lawmakers are on summer break. They want constituents to tell the governor and legislative leaders that the measure isn't wanted.

"At a time like this, why would we be trying to bring something similar and the state of Ohio?" said Reece, a Cincinnati Democrat.

Johnson said he sees his bill as being a benefit to all, and he hopes he can find common ground with the black caucus on other parts of the bill.

Self-defense related bills failed in at least three states this year, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. And several proposals that would have amended circumstances for allowable use of force also didn't advance in state legislatures last year.

Reece said at least 1,000 people signed a petition opposing the bill during a Cincinnati rally after the Zimmerman verdict. She said Ohio already has sufficient self-defense laws.

"We are not against anyone being able to defend themselves," she added. "What we have concerns with is something that could be put in the law that could potentially have someone out looking for trouble, pursing a law-abiding citizen that at the end of the day becomes a tragedy."




Re: "A group of black lawmakers in Ohio has started circulating petitions to help keep a stand-your-ground proposal from being passed in the state."

Criminals also oppose SYG. Nice bedfellows they've chosen.

The Rudy

"The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus "
Why are they not being called on the carpet for the racist name and agenda of their organization?


"The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus "

Because our government sponsors racism in so many ways it is now impossible to sponsor equality! It will continue from one generation to another until our government desires equality among all people.


They would prefer "turn the other cheek" bill!


Or "Effdemwhitey's" bill.


Oh look....huronguy is back...under a new name. I guess they can only keep those racists down for so long.


Why are you still talking?


I think we should take a lesson from the new media. When ever a person dies in a car accident they ask " was the person wearing their seat belt"? When some one dies in a motor cycle accident, they ask "was the person wearing a helmet"? We should ask when some one is a victim of a crime of violence, We need to start to ask if the victim was armed to defend their serf?


Is there a group of WHITE lawmakers from Ohio? (oh that's there is not...that is RACIST)


What are you ranting about? There's plenty of white lawmakers in Ohio!


Pretty sure she means "The Ohio Legislative Black Caucus" wouldn't fly if it was called "The Ohio Legislative White Caucus." Which I have to say, if you want to end racism, quit singling yourself out by race.


Yes and they belong to the NAAWP as well I guess and go home to watch WET at night!


It's obvious that the Al Sharpton and his ilk are against any " stand your ground" law due to the outcome of the Zimmerman trial. Did anyone tell them that this law was never used in Zimmerman's defense? The law says you don't have to flee, well you can't flee if the person who initiated the assault is on top of you bashing your head into the concrete. Ohio doesn't have the law but we still have the right to protect ourselves if we are getting the crap beat out of us.


Sorry but I need to hijack this blog for a minute.

Stopped by Krogers in Sandusky for a few things this morning. The lady in front of me purchased $34.45 dollars in food items with a SNAP card. (free government money)

After receiving her free food she proceeded to the purchase $20.00 dollars in lottery scratch and win tickets with her money.

Is there something wrong here? The government supplies her money for food so she can spend her money on gambling. So I get to support gambling through my tax dollars.

This country is so out of whack. I don't see us ever coming back. Government assistance has become an occupation.


Re: "The government supplies her money for food so she can spend her money on gambling."

Round and round it goes, where it stops NOBODY knows.

Soon the U.S. will emulate the old joke in the (now defunct) Soviet Union:

They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.

Good story.


"In 2010, one in every 12 black men aged 18-64 in the U.S. was incarcerated, versus one in every 87 white men, according to a study by the Pew Charitable Trusts, a public-policy nonprofit."

So would the OH Black Caucus suggest that society jails fewer blacks (discrimination) or imprisons more whites (fairness)?


No pooh, all they are saying is there is no need for SYG laws in Ohio. For all of the supporters of SYG, just remember ANYONE can say they were scared!!!


Re: "to help keep a stand-your-ground proposal from being passed in the state."

Typical socialists denying rights.


More like : "Typical socialists denying rights "... of the plutocracy.


Sprinkles, why did you use this particular article to go off topic? You don't know whose money she was using or if the tickets were even for her. The money the gov't supplied was used for food as it was suppose to. It's probably best to mind your business and only count your money!



Probably better if I don't shop ay Krogers. Almost every time I go into that store I follow someone with a SNAP card. Followed a lady last week buying lobster tails with my money.

I need to employ your mentality. Spread the wealth without participation in gaining the wealth.


You shouldn't shop at Kroger anyway. That is a union store. Better go to Meijer. Oh wait...that store is union too...I guess it is Aldi's for you.


Re: "You shouldn't shop at..."

All of those are way too expensive for those on the lower socio-economic ladder - they shop at WalMart.

Kinda ironic, several yrs. ago there was a grocery union strike in CA.

Wanna take a guess where the strikers shopped to help stretch their dollars?


I love to shop at Kroger and Meijer. I have been to little stores and big stores. People on government assistance are everywhere. I questioned a stock boy one time asking why certain food products had a sign that said WIC underneath. Did you know that you can only spend a WIC card on name brand products. You cannot use a WIC card to purchase the cheaper generic brand. At least that is what I was told.

The Big Dog's back

Just think, if she hits the lotto she will become part of the 1% and then you will adore her.


@ TBD'sB,

You know that's what I was thinking too. But then I thought...why would a poor democrat want to be like a rich republican they despise? Really, why would that be? The rich (in a poor democrats mind) are ruining the world. Why then, would the lottery lines be so filled with the poor wanting to be rich? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Signed....a poor republican


They want to be what they despise. So confused are libs.


The Repubs despise the poor - Now what ?


You DO know that 48% of that rich 1% are democrats right?.... Or is this just another subject your guessing at without knowing the facts?


Really ?

Who's guessing at without knowing the facts?
Can you say..........Herbie Hancock?


Whoa!!! You found a statistic that contradicts another statistic...