One dead in crash at Bogart Road and Campbell Street

Woman killed in two-vehicle crash.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 2, 2013

UPDATE 5:22 p.m. The intersection has been opened to traffic, Ohio 4 closed south of Ohio 2 for separate semi rollovers.

UPDATE 4:00 p.m. Erie County coroner Brian Baxter has been called to the scene.

Perkins police and fire on scene with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. A Sandusky fire department squad has been called in for mutual aid.

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Eph 2 8-10

That intersection always troubles me. Not surprised. So sad for the loss of life.


didn't they install a light there?


nope they did not


well they will now. damn shame it took this long

Eph 2 8-10

No, and it's sorely needed.


If a light can't be installed, perhaps the intersection should be a 4-way Stop or have a roundabout....


Hey thats always been a bad intersection , and should have a light there . But you know it always takes the loss of life to get the messege through to the state as well as the township .
I bet they still dont do anything about that intersection and to think thats just where it changes to 45 miles per hour after that intersection
And a thought just accured to me that they placed a light at Bogard and Columbus ave and thats 45 miles an hour and dont do anything with the intersection of Campbell street and Bogard Rd that is 55 and then drops to 45
I am sure that a lot of people that arent from around this area dont know that the speed changes at Campbell street and there arent any sign that I know of that warn People to reduce speed ahead

Proud Pirate Mom

Always scares me with the thought of my oldest driving to school this year and this is the intersection she would use.


I remember years back, used to live by the intersection of 250 and 13 when there was no signal there..I was rather young be I was told there wasn't enough fatalities at the intersection to install a signal. I know it's not relevant to this accident but just saying. Sending my prayers out to all involved. Such a sad sad tragedy..


NOW WILL THEY PUT A LIGHT UP AT CAMPBELL AND BOGART? HOW MANY MORE FATALITIES OR ACCIDENTS DO THEY NEED? IVE CONTACTED THE HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT AND THE TOWNSHIP SEVERAL TIMES..."There are not enough accidents to warrant a traffic light" is what I have been told. Prayers out to the families in that horrible wreck. Maybe now they will do something at that intersection.


Lived out that way for half my life, crossed that intersection for years, never thought it was particularly dangerous. But I pray for whomever lost their life there today.


How many fatalities have happen there? Not accident's just fatalities?


They could take the flashing light at rt 4 and bone creek down and put it up there. I have never understood the use for a light there.


Actually the 45 mph starts just west of Schenk Rd, which is west of Campbell St. The speed limit was changed maybe a year ago, not sure.

Sympathy and prayers to the family of the deceased.


instead of fixing the rest of the county, them three in office it seems they only care about rt 250, its all about money


why does it have to take a death of someone to have lights put in? I can see flashing lights helping but for how long? And why does there have to be so many accidents for a light to be put up? There is a light by the bank and car dealership on route 4 that has been blinking for years. Move the light already to some place useful

County Resident

I don' know what the particulars of this accident are, and I certainly feel for the loss of the individual killed, but there would be fewer accidents at this intersection if EVERYONE would actually STOP at the stop signs. I see people ignoring the stop sign on a daily basis. Most don't even slow down!


everybody is in to big of a hurry to many people think the roads belong to them and the rest of the people should get out of their way.


This was my aunt. Thanks for the thoughts and prayer from everyone...


prayers go out to you and your family


So very sorry for your loss.


vigilante, my sympathy for your loss.

entitled to my ...

My prayers go out to the family. Has the name of the victim been released yet?


Not all the family has been informed.....

Erie Countian

I read on that the victim is a 73 year old Sandusky woman who ran the stop sign and was hit by a woman from Vickery. They gave a name, but I don't want to share it on here if her family member who commented above didn't do so. Sincere sympathy to the family of the victim, and also thoughts and prayers to the driver of the other car.


I thank you for the "non mention".. I didn't know if her kids wwere in formed yet ... they live out of town...ty


Vigilante, so sorry for your loss.


My Mother caused an accident at that intersection 39yrs ago. Turned left in front of a car. It was the only time I can ever remember passing out. I was seven. Aside from bumps and bruises, no injuries ,but our car was totaled. That intersection has ALWAYS needed a light.


Vigilante my prayers go out to your sorry for your loss.

Kottage Kat

Prayers to the family and friends of this lady.
Sympathy in your loss.