One dead in crash at Bogart Road and Campbell Street

Woman killed in two-vehicle crash.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 2, 2013

UPDATE 5:22 p.m. The intersection has been opened to traffic, Ohio 4 closed south of Ohio 2 for separate semi rollovers.

UPDATE 4:00 p.m. Erie County coroner Brian Baxter has been called to the scene.

Perkins police and fire on scene with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. A Sandusky fire department squad has been called in for mutual aid.

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My prayers and sympathy to the family for their loss. How sad for them and their friends at this terrible time. I hope that the powers that be do put up a stop light there. It is one intersection that needs it, not just a stop sign.


Traveled that a few times a day for years. I always stop (Completely) and two different times I clearly remember pulling in front of a "West Bound" vehicle and both were at the same time of day. I know of at least two other accidents around the same time. Be really careful between say 2:oo P.M. and dark.


my best guess is, she was going south on cambell and in the right lane to go straight at the stop sign, a larger vehicle pulled up next to her in the left turn lane and blocking her view from on coming traffic from the left (west bound traffic), the larger vehicle may have edged up a little, making the lady think the larger vehicle was going to make the left turn and she crossed and got T-boned. I could be wrong. Its a bad intersection by design, everyone knows except the three county commissioners.


Would have been nice for the SR to wait for the family to be notified before posting pictures! Sick way to find out about your mother! But they said news is news and that was breaking news! Than had the nerve to ask for comments for a story! Only the SR!


PERKINS TOWNSHIP, Ohio - A 73-year-old Sandusky woman was killed in a two-car crash Friday afternoon.

The crash happened at about 3:30 p.m. at the intersection of Bogart Road and Campbell Street in Perkins Township.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol said Juanita Crawford, 73, didn’t yield at a stop sign and pulled into path of a Ford Taurus. The two cars came to a stop in the intersection.

Crawford died at the scene. Troopers said she was wearing a seatbelt.

The other driver, 75-year-old Irene Mann, Vickery, was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center.

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I appreciate all the thought and prayers in this difficult time for our family .. I would also like to think the Sandusky register for being on top of this news story (sarcastically speaking).SR, you will update the blotter before updating this article.( The Norwalk paper has the article for anyone looking for more details. And thank you again everyone for your well wishes..


I'm so sorry for your loss.


I read all about this story on (thank you for the link Erie Countian) early last night.

Why hasn't the Sandusky Register updated this story yet?



Truth or Dare

That is one intersection I avoid at all cost! Think back, as it took the death of a young woman, a college student heading to work at C.P. to get a light in at Strub and Campbell, an intersection that had it's fair share of accidents, let alone that whole stretch of Campbell, from Strub to Bogart Rd.!

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family for their loss!


What a shame that the criteria for traffic lights seems to be accidents or fatalities. Shouldn't the criteria be things like traffic count instead? Traffic lights are supposed to help PREVENT accidents. In other words, you put them up BEFORE there's a fatality!

That being said, a stop sign means EXACTLY the same thing as a red light does. The vast majority of us stop at stop signs. Those few who are in a hurry, are careless, or who are distracted could very well ignore a red light in the same way. But at least a signal is somewhat more visible and serves the purpose of regulating traffic flow in all directions.

Sympathies for your loss, vigilante. It doesn't matter what happened at this point, only that your family is grieving. If some good can come out of it later, that's great. I just regret that more preventive measures weren't taken sooner.


As I posted under the truck wreak, NEVER,NEVER,NEVER take your right of way at rural stops, be extra cautious because it is easy for others to get distracted at these stops. If two people are watching then the chance of the accident can be avoided or at least minimized.

My thoughts and prayers to those involved, accidents happen and our job as drivers is to be alert even if we have the right of way. Remember drivers ed class, scan all your mirrors and surroundings every 7 seconds.


Troopers made sure they were not drinking and they had their seat on. So sad for the loss of life.. This intersection needs a traffic light, but it won't happen until more people are killed.




First I want to express my sympathy to the family of deceased. With that being said, there will always be accidents. If someone doesn't see a stop sign, what makes anyone think they will see a stop light. Almost every crossroads in the area has had at least one accident and many have seen fatalities. Years ago, there was a young man killed at 4 and Fox road. No light was erected. There were many killed on Rt. 6. Almost every intersection from Sandusky to Attica has seen at least one fatality. I have used this intersection many times. If you stop, look to the left, right, then left again (as we have been taught), you should be ok. Many people use this path to try and avoid all the lights that have been placed on rt.4.

Mr. D

How many fatal crashes have occurred there?

Erie Countian

I am driving through this intersection almost every day and cannot believe there are not more fatal accidents. I take my time and am very careful, but there are many drivers in a big hurry to pull out from the stop sign. It is very hard to see when another car is pulled up next to you in an adjoining turn lane, especially when you are going south on Campbell and are trying to turn. The doctor's office parking lot to the east of the intersection on the north side of Bogart Rd. also makes it hard to see approaching traffic coming down the road. I know there are times of day when there is not as much traffic at the intersection, but it is especially dangerous during morning "rush hour" and also in the afternoon when school lets out and KBI first shift ends. I really hope there will be a traffic light installed before someone else loses their life! There's a light at Columbus Ave. and Bogart Rd., and there should now be one at Campbell and Bogart, also!

nosey rosey

If they aren't paying close enough attention to run a stop sign, what makes you think they won't run a stop light?


You can see for long way in both directions Why can't people see cars coming down Bogart road. I don't get it.

Erie Countian

Under ideal conditions, yes, it isn't hard to see, but if someone else is next to you in the other turn lane, it's difficult to see, depending on the direction you are turning. According to other news reports I've read, the victim in yesterday's fatal accident HAD stopped at the stop sign and then pulled out. Sure, people run traffic lights all the time, but for the most part, a light at that intersection would be a great help.


Look left than right, than back left. This is after coming to a "complete stop". This is just one of the defensive driving skills. Yes, I read where she did stop. Never assume that a person is going to turn, make sure. Yes, it irritates my wife and riders but I do drive this way. In no way am I proclaiming to be a perfect driver but at my age I still ride my motorcycle and try to eliminate as many dangers as possible.
When this intersection was designed it became more confusing. Heading south on Campbell the left lane should be for straight and left turns. The right lane should be for right turns only. MY Opinion only!


Erie County Engineer, FIX THIS INTERSECTION!


So sorry for your loss Vigilante...... This has been a very bad intersection since they expanded it. There are so many factors that make this a dangerous intersection that I am shocked that there is not a traffic light there yet! When PHS lets out in the afternoon I just cringe when I go through there. Way too many cars being subjected to a dangerous situation every day. First of all when approaching from the North on Campbell the stop signs are partially blocked by signs and poles. Secondly the corn fields hinder your view up and down Bogart from where you have to stop. And because if the dips in Bogart it is hard to see traffic in the distance. Traffic is traveling about 50mph on Bogart and turning off of the westbound lane to the north on Campbell St is dangerous if someone is right behind you. There should be a right hand turn lane there. (plenty of room to do that) This has been a bad intersection for a while, I've seen many accidents here. It's time someone does something about this! We don't want to see anyone else hurt or killed at this dangerous intersection! SOMEONE PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!