REGISTER VIEWPOINT: PETA protests too much

PETA, you could do so much good, but you blow your message on stunts. Stunts like waving signs supporting mutts at pu
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010


PETA, you could do so much good, but you blow your message on stunts.

Stunts like waving signs supporting mutts at purebred dog shows and wrapping your interns in plastic to draw attention to meat-packing practices draw cheers from people who already agree with you and cause those whose minds you try to change to merely curl their lips in contempt.

Or when you jerk your knees and fire off a press release decrying the exhibit of an ill eagle by a woman who does more for animals by accident than you do with a month of press releases -- yes, we're talking about Mona Rutger and Back to the Wild -- you simply give the figurative finger to someone you should see as an ally and an asset.

But meanwhile, PETA -- your name still stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, right? -- where is your voice when animals are mistreated, and there's no doubt as to the mistreatment? Or are the Arabian horses in Oak Harbor and the dozens of pets (or the children, for that matter) rescued from the filthy home near Fremont not sexy enough to draw national attention? Do you wish to draw attention to your cause or merely to yourself?

Encourage your members -- many of whom are true believers -- to let it be known they are working constructively to mitigate very real instances of animal mistreatment and it might accomplish more than a stable full of press releases and stunts.



It is quite tragic the way mass media (a mere 5 billionaires: Rothschilds, Murdoch, Bronfman, Newhouse & Redstone) can spin a PETA stunt so that PETA's message totally escapes the public's notice.

What readers and commentators are attacking here is not PETA, but mass media's presentation of PETA, which is an altogether different "animal".

Most readers and commentators agree with "stormy" who wrote that "needlessly mistreating animals is wrong" - and that was PETA's message that went unnoticed thanks to mass media. Even the Register's editors let it escape them.

Anyone with any experience of breeding animals - dogs, cats, etc, knows that to get an artificial breed, a man-made breed, you have to mate like with like. For example, when you breed so-called pure bred dogs, from a litter of six you get two with all the best genes, two with all the worst genes, and two with a mixture of good and bad genes. So you discard the two with bad genes and the two with a mixture of good and bad genes, and you only breed the two good ones. That's right, for every 2 good ones you throw out 4 less than good ones. That's what PETA was calling attention to at the so-called "pure bred" dog show.

All those dogs, many with genetic physical disabilites due to "inbred Jed" dogbreeding, end up in the euthanasia units of tax-funded dog pounds. Those dogs are being mistreated so that a minority of "pure" breds can be gotten. That's what PETA was trying to say but mass media didn't report.


Oh; and the word is 'devoid,' genius.

Thanks for the laugh. Nothing amuses me more than a make-believe intellectual who can't quite get the words right. Is English your first language?


You don't know me well enough to make that call, bluto. I realize that I started our war of words when I overreacted to your silly statement that American leftists were 'freedom fighters,' and called you a moron.

I sometimes regret having done that, since you occasionally make valid points, but this isn't one of those times.

That you would take the side of this POS speaks volumes about your own morality.

brutus smith

Stormy has long been void of social morality.


Coming from the same POS who once wished cancer on another poster's mother, I consider that a compliment.

columbus avenue

to Stormy...and you have no soul.


Great work! So well said I don't think it can be topped. Thanks to whoever wrote it. This should be distributed to other newspapers.


According to a friend of mine who lives in Norfolk, VA, where this organization is headquartered,

PETA actually stands for People Embarrassing the Tidewater Area.

Special message for crazy ingrid, who runs this bunch of misfits: needlessly mistreating animals is wrong, but THEY HAVE NO FRIGGIN RIGHTS. Get a life.