LETTER: It's Toyota's turn

To the retired Toyota executive who is blaming the Obama administration and media for a politically motivated effort to exploit Toyo
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010


To the retired Toyota executive who is blaming the Obama administration and media for a politically motivated effort to exploit Toyota's quality problems, the claim simply does not hold water. Ford took a beating in the media and by the Bush admin and Dept of Transportation over the Explorer/Firestone Tire recall for weeks requiring Ford's CEO to testify before televised Senate hearings eventually leading to his firing. Nobody ever cried foul or political manipulation of the media or blamed it on disgruntled employees. It appears that Toyota's loyalty base cannot accept its vulnerability.

If you have a design flaw that can be traced to highway safety injury or death it is the responsibility of any administration to protect the public and let the chips fall where they may. Whether the company is Union or Non -Union is irrelevant.

It's simply Toyota's turn in the barrel now, as profitability pressures eventually will cause quality to take a hit somewhere along the way.

My company (Ford) has survived many recalls over the years and, guess what? I'm really proud to have a Ford sitting in my driveway.

Russ Mamere


The author retired as a quality engineer from Ford Motor Co.



Methinks that liberals are dumber than I thought, make an employer of 30,000 people in plants,and 100,000 employed in dealerships angry.

6079 Smith W

@ pigeon farmer:

You’re drunk again?

Nope! I've only ever owned vehicles produced by U.S. domestic cos.

And until the foreigners came along and made them step up their quality, most were garbage.

American auto cos. had over 50% of the market until outside companies with better quality killed their monopoly.

They abused it - they lost it.

I’ve mostly owned GM, but after Obama nationalized it – it will more-than-likely be my last.

Remember: Chrysler was sold to Fiat. Is it still American?

The your sake, find an AA mtg. would ya?

pigeon farmer

The pro-toyota author turned his back on the USA when it was time to serve in Vietnam. Turned his back on American companies. Dumped low quality bearings on the markets after destructive testing. Does the tea bagger love the USA or does he fly a white flag with a red spot? You babble about Soviet style trials while Americans die the anti-American cars. Hopefully your pedal will stick the next time you're seeking dates at Battery Park.

6079 Smith W

The politicos are enjoying putting on Soviet-style show trials in order to help take the heat of fiscal incompetence off them.

Ford quality? I seem to recall that the exploding Pinto gas tank was easier to be handled through lawsuits per incident as opposed to an expensive retrofit.

Lack of quality by the domestic automakers helped to reduce their once high market share to its current levels.

Consumers know that it is the service after the sale that counts. With that in mind, Toyota will be back stronger than ever.