UPDATE: Coast Guard, Sandusky and Huron fire respond to sinking boat

Distress call from boat came in via 911 call. Boat is three miles off lake shore between Sandusky and Huron.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 28, 2013


UPDATE 3:03 p.m. — Two boaters were rescued from their sinking 25-foot Sea Ray after it struck an object and started taking on water.

U.S. Marblehead Coast Guard, and Sandusky and Huron fire departments responded to the call Sunday morning.

Jim Dillinger and Jen Capo, of Amherst, were pulled to safety and Lake Erie Towing was able to save the watercraft.

The couple was on their way home after visiting the islands when the boat struck the object about three miles north of Cedar Point.

Check back for more updates as they become available



U know what they say boat stands for Bust Out Another Thousand...lol

Eph 2 8-10

The SR staff doesn't know the difference between a sail boat and a stink boat.....

Jason Werling

Eph- one of the calls was for a sailboat on Sunday afternoon, we have since corrected it. We know that a sailboat is the one with that canvas thingy that catches wind.


Unlike many bloggers who are just cutting wind lol

2cents's picture

Wrong Jason, you can head a sailboat properly equipped about 20 degrees off the wind head on because the sail acts like an aircraft wing. Other times like reaching or going downwind the canvas or new technology materials like Dacron, Nylon, carbon fiber, and other fabrics do a better job : )

Jason Werling

2cents- I stand corrected.

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You good, I spent 25 years chasing around zephyr's to beat the other guy out there, always seemed like the island born guys knew where they were first : )

Keep Focused

When boating last week we saw a lot of tree logs floating out there. This always happens when large rain washes dead trees out of the rivers.

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Yes, the day after July 4, 1969 storm we found a railroad crossing gate floating in the bay.


Wished my couch would float. I'd go out for a ride in the lake today.


Jason, You're okay! A properly equipped boat today can travel 25-30 MPH directly into a breeze. Growing up on the Bay I always enjoyed the sail-stitchers who got caught in the "Doldrums" of Sandusky Bay and had to rely on their kickers.


They struck an object. What was it? An unidentified floating object? Or a boat from Mexico?


No, just debris from the tsunami.

Rationally Speaking

Maybe, it was one of the channel marker bouys. Where was SFD's boat? Oh, I forgot, you can't go into another jurisdiction even though you might actually be closer.....