NBC to air Hillary Clinton miniseries

Diane Lane will star as the former first lady and secretary of state in a four-hour miniseries tracking Clinton's life from 1998 to the present
Associated Press
Jul 28, 2013

A Hillary Rodham Clinton miniseries timed to precede the 2016 presidential election is part of NBC's effort to create "event" programming that will draw viewers to the shrinking world of broadcast network TV, NBC's programming chief said Saturday.

"We need to be in the event business. I think you're going to hear that from every broadcast network," said Bob Greenblatt, NBC Entertainment chairman.

The four-hour miniseries "Hillary," starring Diane Lane as the former first lady and secretary of state, is one such bid for distinctive programming, he said.

The goal is to woo viewers who are increasingly drawn away by cable TV's eye-catching, critically acclaimed fare like "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad" and other media choices.

Broadcasting's audience is shrinking by 4 percent to 7 percent annually, Greenblatt told a meeting of the Television Critics Association.

"Anything that can shake up the landscape and say, 'we have something special'" would be considered part of the varied group of event projects, he said.

At NBC, that ranges from the new fall game show "Million Second Quiz" to big-ticket scripted fare including "Hillary" and other projects announced Saturday: "Rosemary's Baby" a four-hour version of the Ira Levin novel that was adapted as a 1968 movie; an adaptation of "Stephen King's Tommyknockers," and "Plymouth," about the Pilgrim's journey and settlement in America.

A six-hour miniseries about Cleopatra is in development, Greenblatt said.

Although Clinton hasn't announced her intention to seek the Democratic nomination for president, Greenblatt spoke as if her candidacy is expected. "Hillary" could air before Clinton announces her decision, but the timing has yet to be determined, Greenblatt said.

He didn't address how such a miniseries, which will track Clinton's life and career from 1998 to the present, might affect the presidential contest.

The part of former President Bill Clinton has yet to be cast. Lane's credits include the feature films "Unfaithful" and "Under the Tuscan Sun" and the TV movie "Cinema Verite."

Other networks seeking to stem audience erosion are jumping on the event bandwagon, especially in light of the success of another King adaptation, CBS' summer series "Under the Dome." Announced plans include a Fox's remake of the "Shogun" miniseries based on James Clavell's novel.

Greenblatt argued that NBC, which finished the last September-to-May season in fourth place in total viewers, is in better shape when the entire year is taken into account, especially among advertiser-favored young adult viewers.

He credited the popular talent contests "The Voice" and "America's Got Talent," as well as dramas "Grimm" and "Hannibal."

NBC has high hopes for the fall sitcom that brings Michael J. Fox back to TV but is prepared for a big tune-in for the debut episode that might not be sustainable, Greenblatt said.




Little Puppy,
Naw, we don't have to worry about wiping them out. The Pres can take care of that with His Drones.


You sure are right about the zip code. I hope I'm not wishing for a different one after Tuesday. Going on forty years and this is the worst I have ever felt in Perkins.
Years ago Nancy Pelosi was the "Lube Lady", Hillary I always considered realy decent looking, Monica had a nice body, and Michelle was in realy decent shape and looked good in 2008: What in the heck has happened to these women? I've witnessed ugly getting uglier but they have fallen faster than most women I know. My comparison has been to high school re-unions. Ladies have surely aged but very few to this extreme and especially this fast.


Makeup, camera lighting and no close-up photos will make an older person look younger. So will plastic surgery for those who undergo the procedures.



The woman marries a lying philanderer. She follows the power trip to the White House and learns. She runs for the Democratic presidential ticket and is awarded the job of Secretary of State to back out. That's a mini series ?


The "Mini Series" is in reference to the minuscule amount of information she is willing to tell. All things added, she probably has been one of the ten worse First Ladies. I'm not doubting her brilliance but all the distractions she has caused personally have been negative to both Bill & Barrack. They both probably welcomed somebody taking the pressure off them. Okay, I'm no longer a Hillary fan but remind of something positive she has accomplished? I'm drawing a complete blank. At least we know she attended colloge, Wellesy I believe.


Re: "...remind of something positive she has accomplished,"

She claimed to have turned $6.3K into $100K in the futures market within 10 mos by simply reading the Wall St. Journal.


Damn good for a novice!

Surprisingly there's no record of her investing in commodity futures again.


Look..they are all dirty. Still no comments about V.P. Nelson Rockafeller dying from ****ing a 25 something.(Megan M.) You folks sure forget your history. Or Eisenhour (his secretary). Or Marion Harding (his mistress, DNA testing proved it).

Darwin's choice

From the horses mouth...."what difference does it make at this point in time"?


yeah Kurt....what difference does it make. Seems like you liberals pardon any Dem or make excuses, yet point the finger at everyone else.


And let's just CONVENIENTLY forget St. John Kennedy scr*wing virgin interns as well as the s*xual peccadilloes of many in the Kennedy crime family.


But again, let's invoke the words of Queenie.

The Big Dog's back

The difference is we Progressives know people are human and make mistakes. You right wingnuts don't.


Re: "people are human and make mistakes."

Yea to a morally corrupt socialist, JFK repeatedly raping a young woman and TK killing one is just a "mistake." LMAO!!


thanks for agree that this nation made a mistake electing Obie again. I knew you'd finally come to.

Darwin's choice

This will be the democrats legacy from the Obama administration......



Actually, NBC could do a list of HRC's "accomplishments" in about 1 min. and call it a: Nano-series.


Even without the mini-series infomercial on her, she is a shoe-in for the presidency. Unless they require ID at the voting booths and every educated person shows up to vote this time, she's the first female president of the United States of America.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

I would prefer America actually moves on from 20+ years ago regarding the Bush/Clinton dynasties and will throw up a little in my mouth just as much if Jeb runs as Hillary. Can we seriously not do any better with anyone different? Can we have, oh I don't know, new ideas and thinking and stop voting in the same-old, same, old, people?


Re: "new ideas,"

In today's USA, the political party that promises the best "bread and circuses" for free wins.

That economic nonsense will work until it no longer does.


Re: "she is a shoe-in for the presidency."

A LOT can happen between now and Nov. 2016.

The Big Dog's back

Wow pooh. 1st a Black man, then a woman President.


Little Puppy,
Correction, A half black man and quite possibly half a woman. Well, I think she is not 100% a Lady or whatever you want tta call a female that goes both ways.


Are you inferring that she and her halfband, er husband, have the same taste in women?


Geez little guy ya godda talk to Corbin. We both walk INDEPENDENT. My point is they are all dirty..some more others. Too bad you never got out much. Facts get in your way. You are unwise to the world. Pay those subsidies while you are at it.

Darwin's choice

Another take on the hillbillary...