NBC to air Hillary Clinton miniseries

Diane Lane will star as the former first lady and secretary of state in a four-hour miniseries tracking Clinton's life from 1998 to the present
Associated Press
Jul 28, 2013

A Hillary Rodham Clinton miniseries timed to precede the 2016 presidential election is part of NBC's effort to create "event" programming that will draw viewers to the shrinking world of broadcast network TV, NBC's programming chief said Saturday.

"We need to be in the event business. I think you're going to hear that from every broadcast network," said Bob Greenblatt, NBC Entertainment chairman.

The four-hour miniseries "Hillary," starring Diane Lane as the former first lady and secretary of state, is one such bid for distinctive programming, he said.

The goal is to woo viewers who are increasingly drawn away by cable TV's eye-catching, critically acclaimed fare like "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad" and other media choices.

Broadcasting's audience is shrinking by 4 percent to 7 percent annually, Greenblatt told a meeting of the Television Critics Association.

"Anything that can shake up the landscape and say, 'we have something special'" would be considered part of the varied group of event projects, he said.

At NBC, that ranges from the new fall game show "Million Second Quiz" to big-ticket scripted fare including "Hillary" and other projects announced Saturday: "Rosemary's Baby" a four-hour version of the Ira Levin novel that was adapted as a 1968 movie; an adaptation of "Stephen King's Tommyknockers," and "Plymouth," about the Pilgrim's journey and settlement in America.

A six-hour miniseries about Cleopatra is in development, Greenblatt said.

Although Clinton hasn't announced her intention to seek the Democratic nomination for president, Greenblatt spoke as if her candidacy is expected. "Hillary" could air before Clinton announces her decision, but the timing has yet to be determined, Greenblatt said.

He didn't address how such a miniseries, which will track Clinton's life and career from 1998 to the present, might affect the presidential contest.

The part of former President Bill Clinton has yet to be cast. Lane's credits include the feature films "Unfaithful" and "Under the Tuscan Sun" and the TV movie "Cinema Verite."

Other networks seeking to stem audience erosion are jumping on the event bandwagon, especially in light of the success of another King adaptation, CBS' summer series "Under the Dome." Announced plans include a Fox's remake of the "Shogun" miniseries based on James Clavell's novel.

Greenblatt argued that NBC, which finished the last September-to-May season in fourth place in total viewers, is in better shape when the entire year is taken into account, especially among advertiser-favored young adult viewers.

He credited the popular talent contests "The Voice" and "America's Got Talent," as well as dramas "Grimm" and "Hannibal."

NBC has high hopes for the fall sitcom that brings Michael J. Fox back to TV but is prepared for a big tune-in for the debut episode that might not be sustainable, Greenblatt said.




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Re: "Kool-Aid for breakfast"


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From the resident azzhat!


Relax, there's plenty for you!

Erie County Resident

Hillbillarys stunt double..


Gee think the moral reprobates wife is running for office anytime soon? NBC should be ashamed of itself, can't keep a CEO over there. Who will play the 50+ dead "friends" and co workers of the Clintons?

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Hillary/Huma lesbians? Would explain a LOT !! Huma must not be a weiner chaser after all!

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And who could forget this....


Thank you for posting that link about Vince Foster.

"Was Vince Foster murdered 20 years ago, july 20 1993?"

"The first witness to find the body insisted that there had been no gun near the body."

"The memory in Foster's pager had been erased."

"Critical evidence began to vanish."

"Many witnesses were harassed." (link)

"Others were simply ignored"

"There were even suggestions that the body had been moved, and a Secret Service memo surfaced which reported that Foster's body had been found in his car!" (link)

"The official reports were self-contradictory." (link)

"The Looting of Foster's office." (link)

"While the U.S. Park Police (a unit not equipped for a proper homicide investigation) studied the body, Foster's office at the White House was being looted. Secret Service agent Henry O' Neill watched as Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, Margaret Williams, carried boxes of papers out of Vincent Foster's office before the Park Police showed up to seal it."


"14 Years Later, Mystery Still Remains in the Death of Vince Foster"

"Vince Foster was not only deputy White House counsel but also the personal attorney to Bill and Hillary Clinton. On the night of Foster’s death, top Clinton aides made a frantic effort to enter and remove documents from his West Wing office. In the days that followed, federal investigators were stymied in their investigation of Foster’s office and strange death.

The following happened within weeks of his death. Vince Foster finally files the missing Whitewater tax returns. On July 19, FBI director William Sessions is fired. Clinton personally orders him by phone to turn in his FBI property and leave headquarters."

Stop It

Ahhh...I get it. It's supposed to be a comedy/romance chick flick.


Hopefully the mini series will reveal why the lying winch won't give us truthful answers regarding Benghazi and her failure to act.

The title song can have some of Cher's lyrcs.."thieves, thieves, tramps and thieves....". That pretty much sums up the Clinton mantra.

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Her failure to act? Should we have just wiped out Libya? There are other Americans there. Should we have wiped them out too?

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Big Dog Dodge....again.

Focus, Big Dog....BENGHAZI, not the rest of the world!


No, just provide the best possible protection to our ambassadors and their staff which she apparently failed to do.


What difference at this point does it make?!!!!!


In context and the complete statement. The whole question and the whole answer.

And after almost 10 months have you found out why these militants did it yet? You haven't tracked them down and caught any yet, so is this just another unfulfilled promise? You don't know who did it, why they did it, or how to prevent it from happening again, since you haven't yet found out anything.


For what it's worth :
Obama found Bin Laden - Bush didn't care.


Re: "Bush didn't care."

And Clinton let OBL get away.


Why did Bush let Bin Laden get away when we had him surrounded in Tora Bora, Afghanistan?

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Wow azzhat, two days later, after searching the world, and you come up with a reply? You're a keeper....not,


"Wow azzhat, two days later, after searching the world, and you come up with a reply?"
...............Two days later? Check the dates. You really are stupid, aren't you ?

"You're a keeper....not,"
.................You're an idiot...yes.

(You get some kind of sexual pleasure when you're called stupid or idiot, don't you ?)


It wwould be better to broadcast it on Chiller. That is a whole lot of scary!


I'll watch for sure. A great lesson for the kids in propaganda. I'll have the historical facts ready when questions are asked, and I'll provide them when whoppers are portrayed. (nothing to do with Weiner) I am looking forward to their portrayal of her learning of Bill's "indiscretions". Will it be a surprise to her like she said when asked about Monica, or will it seem apparent she already knew from way back in Arkansas? I will bet it's a whitewash and glowingly portrays her as the best thing that ever happened to America, with a slant on her going to be the first woman president. The propaganda worked for Obama, why not Hillary? I think she will become our next president. No other party has enough "gumption", and too many votes are needed to overcome the miseducated. They are also afraid of the smear campaign the dems put on. They don't fool around.


This is just the beginning of the "fair and balanced" networks campaigning for Hillary. Will there be a mini series for any other candidates? Not unless a mini series would harm the conservative party and favor their (networks) liberal party. Way back when she was First Lady there was a picture of her almost daily in the USA Today newspaper. They had started the propaganda for her political career well before she was free to run.

The New World Czar

NBC => Nothing But Clinton
Try and prove no bias on this one.


Sure like to see anything with Megan Marshack!


Great....a series about lying....becoming wealthy.....cheating....infidelity....coverups.........sounds appropriate for the Clintons.

Don't expect to see anything about Benghazi......I mean, what does it matter now.

The Answer Person

Tasteless and hateful naysayers offer nothing new other than tired old juvenile spew. They are just envious that their wideload wives have done NOTHING. They themselves have also contributed NOTHING of worth in their cigarette smoking Fox News lives. Enjoy your worthless life of noncontributing spew, hate and envy! See you at Stein! HA HA HA!


Well said.