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Obama: In America, all wars should be remembered
Associated Press
Jul 27, 2013

Six decades after the Korean War ended, President Barack Obama said Saturday that American veterans deserved a better homecoming from a war-weary nation and that their legacy is the 50 million people who live freely in a democratic South Korea.

"Here in America, no war should ever be forgotten, and no veteran should ever be overlooked," he said in a speech at the Korean War Veterans Memorial on the National Mall, where ceremonies marked the 60th anniversary of the end of hostilities on the peninsula.

Obama said the conflict didn't unite or divide the country the same way World War II or the Vietnam War did, respectively, and that U.S. veterans came home to neither parades nor protests because "there was, it seemed, a desire to forget, to move on" by Americans tired of battle.

But they "deserved better," Obama said, adding that, on Saturday's anniversary, "perhaps the highest tribute we can offer our veterans of Korea is to do what should have been done the day you came home."

He appealed for people to pause and let these veterans "carry us back to the days of their youth and let us be awed by their shining deeds." In the audience of several thousand on a sunny and humid morning were dozens of American and Korean veterans of the war. Obama asked them to stand and be recognized.

The 1950-1953 war had North Korean and Chinese troops on one side against U.S.-led United Nations and South Korean forces. It ended on July 27, 1953, 60 years ago Saturday, with the signing of an armistice.

A formal peace treaty was never signed, leaving the Korean Peninsula in a technical state of war and divided at the 38th parallel between its communist north and democratic south. More than 36,000 Americans were killed in the conflict. The U.S. still has 28,500 troops based in the south.

Yet the costs of the war continue to mount even amid relative peace.

Hostility remains between the two Koreas and between the North and the United States, which still has no formal diplomatic relations with the communist nation. That antagonism is rooted in the U.S. commitment to take a lead role in defending the South should war again break out on the peninsula.

Washington also has tried for years to wean its ally off its dependence on the U.S. military, setting and then delaying target dates for switching from U.S. to Korean control of the forces that would defend the South against a possible new attack from the North.

Another legacy is the challenge of accounting for the roughly 7,900 U.S. servicemen still listed as missing in action.

Obama said the war is a reminder that a country's obligation to its fallen and their families endures long after battle. He pledged that the U.S. would not rest "until we give these families a full accounting of their loved ones."

Obama also alluded to the Korean War sometimes being called the "forgotten war" and noted long-standing suggestions that it was fought for naught, summed up in the phrase "die for tie." He disputed that characterization, saying "today, we can say with confidence that war was no tie. Korea was a victory."

When 50 million South Koreans live in freedom in stark contrast to the dire conditions endured by their countrymen in the North, "that's a victory. That's your legacy," he said.


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The Big Dog's back

Once again, spot on President Obama.




cant even stand to hear this lying P O S or seeing this P O S face


Just another photo op for the lying hypocrite, King of the Communist sympathizers (aka liberals).


My sentiments exactly, LMAO!


Your President of the United States. Remember that when you post. The office, alone, deserves your respect.


respect is earned, never given


Exactly, and he has earned the respect of the people. You may not agree with his policies but he is a honorable man!


Re: "he is a honorable man!"

Not unlike crime boss Joe Bonanno who thought of himself in similar terms:


Honorable, that's a hoot!! Tel that to the former ambassador to Libya as he laid naked in a truck after being sodomized by muslims; Tell the family of the slain border patrol officer after he was killed by a gun given to a Mexican by Osama. Tell seal team six he is honorable. Would an honorable person support stand your ground as a state senator and then come out against it as a president, there are many more!!!!!


I am giving him the same respect the left gave G.W. Bush


Re: "The office, alone, deserves your respect."

An “office” wasn’t elected.

H*ll, one of his first NATIONAL lies was to the people of IL, where he PROMISED to serve out his term as a newly elected U.S. Senator.

Instead, his inflated ego took over:

"I'm LeBron, Baby. I Can Play On This Level. I Got Some Game."

As the Bible says: By their fruits ye shall know them.

The Big Dog's back

pooh, you forgot to include Chicago in your racist rant. You're slipping.


pooh needs some help really bad.


Oh really eriemom? and where was your mouth when President Bush was called everything from a Nazi to a mass murderer?


That idiot Obama deserves no respect.


I do NOT consider him MY President, he has destroyed whatever dignity was left, (after the moral reprobate)the office ever held.

The Big Dog's back

sugar, I don't care if you don't consider President Obama your President or not. He's still the President of the United States. So if you don't consider him your President you are either an illegal or an enemy of the State. Which one are you?


Re: "don't consider President Obama your President or not."

Use of a double negative = nonsense.


Re: "illegal"


"Undocumented American."


Re: "enemy of the State."

The POTUS is NOT the state.


I'll put five bucks on illegal! LOL!

Raoul Duke

You're still arguing over liberal vs conservative while they ALL screw us out of our hard earned money, then use it to go around the world killing for more profit in the name of democracy, all the while making the whole world hate Americans. He's NO different than the last guy. His family should be ashamed, and African Americans should feel betrayed.


Sigh... If Obama said just the opposite, you would complain about THAT. Just goes to show that some people have an irrational hatred of him, and it really doesn't matter to them what he says, they'll spew hatred. If you take a step back, and listen to what he said, it's a reasonable man making reasonable,, respectful statements.

There you go again

Mr. Obama,
You sure those aren't "phoney wars"? You know like those phoney scandals you keep refering to...hmmm....

Darwin's choice

Like these?

Sarah Palin....that should have Big Dog and Coasterfan foaming at the mouth....!


Nothing the Right could say or do would make me foam at the mouth, or would surprise me. They are who they are, and Spitzer said on Real Time Friday night, "it's like Republicans have lived through an alternate past 15 years". He's right, very little of what they do is based on reality. So, having said that, I take everything I hear on Fox News in the same light as anything I read on The Onion: amusing, but not having to do with reality...


Re: "Real Time" & "The Onion"

Getting your info from comedy sources? It shows.


It makes me sad that people live with so much hate inside. If you people put half as much effort into trying to make things better as you do hating, we might actually get somewhere.

There you go again

Unfortunately, It is pretty easy to spew hate when our president is leading us all into "hate for others" with his honor trayvon and phony wars speeched. Gees....



The New World Czar

Obama doesn't want Korea to be forgotten...but has forgotten plenty about Benghazi already.