Castalia police disarm 'bombs'

As many as four juveniles could face arrest after a bomb scare at the Cold Creek Festival late Saturday was thwarted by police.
Jul 23, 2013


"An officer was making rounds and noticed something suspicious near the AT&T building," Castalia police Chief Ken Majoy said. 

The suspicious items turned out to be two "bombs, for lack of a better word," he said.

"We had  to shut down Depot Street and we contacted the Lorain County Bomb Squad." 

The two devices were 2-litre coke bottles with common household chemicals and wadded balls of aluminum foil added. Once the items are placed together in the bottles and capped, the chemical reaction causes them to expand and explode.

"It can make a very loud sound, like an M-80 firecracker, but we were more concerned with where they had placed them."

The devices were near a gas meter and the phone company building and police and firefighters used thermal imaging gear to determine the chemicals and the aluminum had been mixed, Majoy said, "which meant it was active."

The gas line was turned off, and after confirming with the bomb squad the method to disarm the bombs, officers used a pellet gun to shoot each bottle four times, disengaging the bombs. The state Bureau of Criminal Investigation was called and assisted in processing the scene. 

Police appear to have been able to track the materials that were used — a toilet bowl cleaner, plastic coke bottles and aluminum foil — back to a local market and reviewed surveillance video from the store to identify suspects. . 

Majoy said the juveniles might have thought it was a prank but didn't realize the potential danger.

"We had to take every precaution and treat it as if it may have been a terrorist attack," the chief said.

It will be up to the prosecutor what charges might be filed, Majoy said.



Nothing like listing all of the materials needed to make these "bombs" right in the story. That makes it real convenient for all for the "copycat" kids out there.


Anyone with the internet or a smartphone can look it up too. Youtube has THOUSANDS of videos of these "bombs". Kids know how to make them.


New faces for the next issue of Rolling Stone


Sounds like a "The Works" bomb. I remember lots of kids making those when we were younger. Not exactly hi-tech stuff there.


Whatever happened to the simple water bomb? No fuss, no muss - people get wet and they don't get hurt or no danger of explosion, either.


Household items were used in the Boston bombing too. I hope they use the full extent of the law. Drop em in the Blue hole. Great job by law enforcement.

getit right be4...

Lets stop calling every little incident a terrorist act. A 2 liter bottle can not hold the the amount of PSI it would of took to breach the gas lines. They only hold about 120-180PSI.

I am not saying it was a good idea. I'm saying lets not send these kids to prison for a bad prank. Lets not print up a story as if they put peoples lives at risk.


getit it seems like the SR is all about getting people all worked up and it is quite scary to think LE is more dangerous than the criminals

God Of Thunder

What holds 120-180 psi..The bottles or the gas lines??? Aside from that pointless remark of yours, you really think anything exploding around a gas meter is ok??? You are a nitwit.. And if you think that wouldn't breach a gas line, you are sadly mistaken..


It was near a gas meter. That's not very comfortable. Get those hoodlums before they step it up to something more serious


@getit right be4 print

So agree with you on thinking its a terrorist act.

I have lived in Castalia for over 25 years. Chief is only looking for attention, when we don't want attention brought to our village.

Just so everyone knows a little bit more about most Castalia's Police (minus two great officers) They don't not know how to write a police report correctly. They have wrote a report that can cause danger on an individual. Beware when you come to Castalia the Officer are hunters not protectors.


CastaliaMother, I am assuming that since you just created a screen name to comment, that you are a mother to one of the bomb builders.

Your comments are less than credible, since you do not even use proper English.

Blaming the police for what "they have wrote" is ridiculous.

I wonder who I am going to believe, the Castalia Police or an illiterate Mom.

Dude i Roc

Does anyone know what types of charges could be filed against the juveniles? Also, the possible penalties? This incident could seem prankster to some, serious to others. What factors will be considered?


I love how the "usual suspects" immediately reduce this to just a "prank". It may just be that or it may be a prelude to something else. I have a feeling if this had been a kid from Hancock St. or somewhere similar the comments would be very different.


I have a feeling that your Hancock St. statement is a little bit of you playing the race card yet again. You don't even know the races of these kids, and yet you claim that if they'd been from Hancock St., there'd be an uproar. Quit being such a racist, please! For the sake of the future of humanity.


Well, I guess you are allowed to have feelings. This is not about race because I have no idea what race these kids are. It's not racist to point out the obvious. What I said is true and you know it. Trust me, I have no problem pointing out racism. Truth hurts I guess?


I just find it annoying how often people like to play the victim, especially when it's the same person, over and over, claiming that everyone is prejudiced.


im not touching the race card thing this time, but I will agree with deertracker, if it happened on hancock street the comments section would be full of racist crap.


Email Sharpton and Jackson. Maybe they will arrange a protest.


If some unsuspecting person happened by right when it exploded, would they be harmed by the toilet bowl cleaner? Could it burn someone's skin or disfigure them? Serious questions. I would like to know how dangerous this is.


A Works Bomb can be dangerous if in close-vicinity to a person. My buddies used to use them to blow up mailboxes. This may have been a prank, but a very dangerous one, and these kids should definitely be taught a lesson about public safety. Had a small child been walking by when one went off, what then?

getit right be4...

Here is a video of a terrorist camp teaching young kids how to terrorize communities.

Oh that just The Imagination Stations Chief Scientist having a little fun on a 13ABC News at 9am.


As teenagers, we made those and used them to blow up mailboxes. And yes they do pack a real punch, and could seriously injure someone.


They should be sent to Gtmo!


I don't care if they're from Castalia, Sandusky, Perkins, or the moon. I don't care if they're red, yellow, black or white. They need to be punished for what they did. I think that placing one of these "bombs" next to gas lines proves it was much more than a prank. The "bombs" themselves may not have hurt anyone, but the ensuing panic caused by the noise may very well have caused harm. A noise like that would make people panic, in light of the tragedies in Boston just a few months ago.

Castaliamother--The mother of the idiots who bombed the Boston Marathon didn't think her little angels could do something so sinister, but they did. Get your head out of the sand before your angel does something far more injurious than what he did this weekend!


So true! There are lots of ways to have fun!


I say publish their names. Why do we keep protecting the identity of the guilty depending on their ages. I say nake an example of them.


You people are stupid.. I bet the boys didnt know there where gas lines there...

God Of Thunder

You're the stupid one... That big green thing, on the side of that building, that says 'gas' on it is usually a good indication that there 'might' be gas lines there.


They should be waterboarded.

Tru Grit

If they go to juvenile prison I might see them. Dumb kids anyone knows this was a terrible idea. Your common works bomb can cause some serious damage.

UNregisturd's picture

I worked in plastics long enough to have a scar on my back from a sheet of plastic ripping across my back. It was caught in a grinder & I turned my back just as it unjammed & pulled the sheet in at a speed about equal to a car doing about 35 mph. Now that's not much for a car, but believe me, for a sheet of plastic across ur back it might as well be mach 6! So dab a little toilet bowl cleaner on that plastic, force it into ur skin (u can ask someone to help; I'll bet there'll be volunteers) & see if that could hurt someone. Then get back to us! Happy experimenting! :D

Señor Clown

Points to think about: No, you don't want to get household cleaning agents on your skin, and especially not in your mouth, nose, or eyes. Toilet bowl cleaner is diluted acid, and while much of the acid is consumed by the reaction, it's still a hazard. No, the 'explosion' wouldn't pose any risk to iron gas lines. It's a matter of gas pressure building until the bottle ruptures. Any debris that is thrown from the rupturing bottle will have a relatively low kinetic energy that will diminish rapidly as it travels through the air. Suffice to say, the reaction didn't even produce enough gas to rupture the bottles, or they would have popped long before someone noticed them, brought in the bomb squad, and sourced a pellet gun to pop them. To get a handle on the actual chemistry involved, as well as a stern warning about the legalities of intentionally rupturing a pressurized vessel in this manner, google ChemistryTwig Works Bomb.

Was this smart? Absolutely not. Was it Boston-bomber dangerous? Absolutely not. Terrible venue for science experiments, and dumb enough to show up at the store and buy the three ingredients necessary to potentially incriminate yourself for your poor judgment. Seems a fitting punishment would be a research paper on *why* mixing household products in manners inconsistent with their intended use can be dangerous, to include detailed formulation of the chemical reactions.