Missing woman, kids found unharmed

More than 100 people searched Huron beach four hours Sunday for woman, three children, who stayed the night with new acquaintance
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 22, 2013


A woman gave a community quite a scare Sunday morning after she and three young children were reported missing and discovered four hours later unharmed.
Police received a call at about 7 a.m. Sunday from the woman’s concerned mother, who said she hadn’t seen the group since about 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Huron police Chief Bob Lippert said. 
The woman, 51, of Avon Lake, was staying at an Old Homestead rental home in the 200 block of Tecumseh Place with her mother and a friend, Lippert said. The woman’s two children, 4 and 8, and her niece, 6, were the children also reported missing.
More than 100 people searched for them for four hours in the Old Homestead area, including a private beach where they left two bikes and sandals.
“That led us to think they might be in the water,” Lippert said. “We were thinking the worst.”
Huron police and firefighters responded, as well as a U.S. Coast Guard rescue boat crew and dozens of community volunteers. Many created a chain of people leading into Lake Erie from the beach in case the group was underwater. 
At about 11:30 a.m., however, the search abruptly ended. Someone spotted the woman and children calmly walking down the street toward their rental home. 
“She had decided to stay the night with someone she’d met and was completely fine,” Lippert said. “Even so, the family did the right thing by calling just in case.”
A police report about the incident should be available sometime today, he said.



Glad everyone is ok but it is very irresponsible not to tell someone what her plans were especially since she had children with her. She is 61 and should know better. Maybe LE should charge her for their time.

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Alissa Widman Neese

The woman's age is actually 51. The story has been corrected.




A 61-year-old woman has a 4- and 8-year-old? She must eat a lot of Wheaties! Glad everyone is ok.

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Alissa Widman Neese

The woman's age is actually 51. The story has been corrected.



The story is a little confusing. I feel like the 61 year old is the one that called the cops, not the mother of a four and eight year old.

Regardless of the age of the missing person, she is obviously self centered, irresponsible and and very self serving. She hooks up and spends the night with someone she just met? With kids in tow?

How disgusting! Send her the Coast Guard bill and charge her for inducing panic and child endangerment!

BTW, anyone have any bets on how soon the family comes on here and tells us what an incredible mother she is, and we don't know the whole story, and the Register is just being mean!?

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Alissa Widman Neese

The woman's age is actually 51. The story has been corrected.


Wouldn't it be a little hypocritical to teach your 4 and 8 year olds about "stranger danger" , when mommy has a sleep over with the first guy she meets on vacation?


DickTracey: I agree with you 100%. Children learn to live by the way their parents live. So many kids these days don't know what a normal family is that they think everyone lives like they do. Children of parents who have immoral values, carry on the tradition. Children of welfare parents do the same. The hard working man is the minority in today's world.


Children of welfare parents? I'm so glad you seem to know the circumstances of every family that collects welfare and that their families are worth less than yours or anyone else. And a "normal "family is one filled with love, laughter and respect.As for the hard working man being the minority, that's not necessarily true. There are plenty of actual men out there who respect themselves and treat others with that same respect. I personally am secure enough in myself that I'm ok being solitary.


boy oh boy. very judgmental comments about someone you don't even know and details you've made up in your head. amazing. oh, and what is a 'normal' family? I have yet to meet one of those.


She left the children's sandals and two bikes on the beach to go spend the night "somewhere" with three children with someone she had met. Even though maybe "nothing happened" it was not the smart thing to do as a mother. Children learn by their parents. The mother of the woman was the adult and at the age of 51, the other mother was a selfish irresponsible person. In this day and age most people have a cell phone. I agree that she should pay for the search. Maybe then she would learn a lesson.


And let me guess you were out there with your own children for hours searching for what you thought were 3 children that had drowned in the lake and praying you would find them alive. To only later find out they were strolling down the street. I thank god these children are alright and would have searched as long as needed but pissed that this was all because of an irresponsible mother.


Sorry was suppose to go under unassumer

Good 2 B Me

I agree that she should be charged the bill for the search. That was not the thing that a responsible adult should do.

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the unsilent ma...

Are you kidding me? Charged for the search? Shes 51. Last time I checked full grown adults arent required to provide a schedule of their daily plans. Granted maybe she should have called and said she was ok but as far as I know its not a crime to dissapear for a day or two.


I agree, what if her mother (the grandma) is the over protective type and jumped to the wrong conclusion. This could be the pattern of a control freak.


Anytime three children go missing it is a cause for concern. What if this mother HAD been in the water? What if someone had come along and taken these children. If you are an adult and want to go with someone you just met, that is your choice, but to take three children with you and no one knowing where you went? That is not being responsible. That is being stupid. If I was the mother of the niece, I know I wouldn't be letting my child in her care again.


I am just curious if anyone else here who is 51 needs permission from their mother to go out.


If you're on vacation, in an unfamiliar location and you leave evidence that you were on a beach of all places and nobody has seen or heard from you, then yes, you should have to pay for the search that then takes place.

Peninsula Pundit

Land of the Free?


There is no law that says you have to be responsible or that you cannot disappear anytime you please if you are over 21 (or 18 in some states). I doubt the woman thought her mother would call out a search party or she might have called. As usual, all you moral highgrounders are trying to convict her of something based on your limited beliefs and assumptions. All people are not the same, thank goodness or this world would be not only totally boring, but way too predictable. If it were a relative, you'd be defending her, but because it's not, you think she should pay for the search. I think you should all just leave her alone and worry about your own.


There are plenty of laws that apply when you have physical custody of someone else's kids. If you want to go spend the night with the next Anthony Sowell, that's your choice, until you take someone else's kid with you.


I would just like to thank everyone that came out to help in this search. It is amazing to watch a community come together to accomplish one goal. To the police and fire dept, I thank you for your dedication. To everyone that came out to lend a helping hand, it is appreciated and I was honored to have been a part of it.

Julie R.

Geez, if she wanted to spend the night with somebody she just met why didn't she take the kids to their grandmother's? What an idiot. Today's paper said she might be facing criminal charges because she took the kids to a party where alcohol was being served. She deserves some kind of charges for her ignorance.