Man's toying around leads to charges

Put-in-Bay bar patron prodded women with blow-up doll's penis, confronted police when they popped it
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 21, 2013


A man and a blow-up doll walked into a bar.

It all went downhill from there.

Devoid of a clever punchline, the drunken prank provoked few, if any, laughs. It also landed the doll's owner with criminal charges this past weekend.

Police arrived at Mr. Ed's Bar and Grille in Put-in-Bay at about 1:40 a.m. July 14 and found a man playing with the naked male blow-up doll, which was outfitted with a 5-to-7 inch blow-up penis, according to a Put-in-Bay police report.

The man's play, however, quickly took a turn for the worse.

"I observed him sticking the penis part in the butt of females had their backs turned away from him," the police report said.

Several women, unamused by the drunken antics, complained to police who were on foot patrol nearby, according to the report. Officers approached the man, who said they could deflate the doll. An officer punctured it with his pocket knife and threw it in a nearby garbage can.

The doll's demise infuriated its owner, Justin Cimino, 22, of Hilliard. 

Cimino argued with police for nearly half an hour about the death of the doll. He became rude, aggressive and combative, according to the report, while his eyes were bloodshot and he smelled strongly of alcohol. At one point, a friend had to pick Cimino up and carry him away from police to calm him down and prevent a fight.

"After explaining to him for approximately 20 to 25 minutes on why his friend got his doll taken away and deflated, I advised Cimino to leave the area," the report said. "I felt he would be a threat to himself or others, due to his anger and temper."

Cimino, however, refused to leave the bar. He was cited with disorderly conduct intoxicated and taken to the Put-in-Bay Police Department, then later released.



His mother really must be proud.


Mommy they killed my dolly!


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And what could that possibly have to do with this article & its topic?




I prefer to not associate with the IC Mr.Ed's retrobates. You'll find mne not going farther east than the Crews Nest on weekends. Subject must have been staying at Gay Lodging House!!!!


poor guy finally got a date & the cops had to ruin it for him..


Good thing there wasn't a picnic table in the vicinity or the doll would've been molesting it.

;] ;]

digger nick

Probably Islander Inn White Trash...That where the most problems on the island originate.


I presume you have a source for your comment!!!!


Sounds like a great time.


Merely speculation on my part, but will find the source

digger nick

Source? LOL attend a council meeting more police calls there than ANY other hotel on the island. Read Trip Advisor...could not be any worse...but then again when you have a disgraced former SPD officer for an owner with more judgements against him than Carter has pills what would you expect? Owes the Village of PIB well over 80K in past due water bills and even his own FAMILY is suing him...Nuff for ya yet over on the "west" side of the rock?


Nice diatribe coop, but I have no stake in any business on the rock, In listen to my local friends and the IC definetly has a bad reputation since the murder and this years spring fling vandalism. So you can go ad nauseum in your defense of the IC it just wont resonate with me and frankly I don't care anymore I'M content to let the island die off.Feel free to violate all zoning laws I don't care


Easy coop aneurisms are so messy. Never heard a police report on monthly calls. Just remember it was a ramp inspection by the DEA, you know with sequester they must double up!!!!

The Big Dog's back

I think the Feds should get involved.