County to drain, repaint water tower on Cedar Brook Lane

Erie County officials plan a major makeover for a massive landmark seen from miles away.
Andy Ouriel
Jul 19, 2013


About $238,000 in taxpayer funds will refurbish Cedar Brook Lane’s water tower, located off Columbus Avenue near West Strub Road.   
The project’s cost is split in half, with $119,000 from a state grant and a mirroring amount coming from county water customers. Officials contend the water tower is long overdue for a touchup.   
“The need is for health, safety and aesthetics,” said Jack Meyers, Erie County’s environmental services director. “It has not been painted for 20 years, and that is the service life of new tank paint. If you go by it, you will see peeling paint and rust.”    If officials ignore making improvements, they might sacrifice the tower’s water quality.    “There is a lot of inside work also to do,” Erie County commissioner Pat Shenigo said. “They are going to drain the tower and paint it. It’s an expensive project.”   
The contractor can choose one of two start dates for the 120-day project: July 29, or April 1, 2014.


Eph 2 8-10

Hope they don't spray paint all over the neighborhood like they did many years ago.....


The last time this was painted was the summer of 84 or 85. So that was 26-27 years ago...I was one of the last persons in the ball while my step dad pressure washed it and sanitized before filling it up after he sandblasted and painted it! I remember going up the stem in a 2 man elevator! One of my best childhood memories! I even got to stand on top of the tower which holds an awesome view! I've got pictures of the last project! :)