Fremont body identified

Police say death of Cody Jackson, 35, is not a homicide
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 18, 2013


A Fremont man was apparently immersed in auto-erotic activity when he died inside his Morrison Street home this week, according to Fremont police.

Cody Jackson, 35, was found dead inside his home in the 100 block of Morrison St. just before 2 a.m. Wednesday. 

Police immediately deemed the death suspicious, although on Thursday they said it appears "the cause of death is accidental, and at this time it is no longer being investigated as a homicide."

An occasional resident of the home arrived at about 1:48 a.m. Wednesday and found Jackson's body in a bedroom. Police initially said they could not identify the body, and they could not even determine if it was a man or a woman.

The body was sent to the Lucas County coroner's office for an autopsy, the results of which came back Thursday morning.

Sandusky County coroner John Wukie has yet to sign the death certificate listing an official cause of death.

In a release, Fremont police said Jackson was home alone in his bedroom, engaged in auto-erotic activity. He was wearing panty hose, but he had also covered himself in several layers of plastic wrap from his knees to the top of his head, police said.

The door to the bedroom was blocked from the inside by material until the body was discovered.

"During the initial investigation, we elected to not unwrap the body to preserve evidence, and so were previously unable to determine identity," the released stated. "No sign of a struggle or injury were found on his body during the autopsy."  


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"He was wearing panty house, but he had also covered himself in several layers of plastic wrap from his knees to the top of his head, police said."

What is panty house?!


Well if it was panty HOUSE...that could have lead to death....panty HOSE might have been better than a HOUSE!

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The Hero Zone

I still hold out that this would make a good Castle episode. Hmmm...


Hero Zone- You made me laugh out loud for real. It would make an excellent Castle episode.

I send the family positive vibes. I'm sorry for your loss.


Cross dressing, auto erotic asphyxiation gone bad.


I didn't know what auto erotica was so I looked it up on "go ask Alice". Interesting! And stupid! Prayers go out to this young mans family.


I am laughing so hard to myself trying not to wake anyone else up! I feel awful for his family. But it would also be great on that 100 Ways to Die show.


Just out of curiosity, how does one wrap themselves in several layers of plastic from their knees to the top of the head? At some point wouldn't the arms get in the way? Makes me wonder if someone else didn't wrap him up.

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The Hero Zone

That kind of wrap is very clingy. If the box were secure he could just hold one end and spin, pulling it out and around. Not sure what the escape plan was supposed to be but that is how I can envision it happening.


What's taking Wukie so long? It's an accidental suicide.


The lead singer for inxs, Michael Hutchence and David Carradine (Kung Fu) both died this way. I guess no one did it better than themselves eh?


Good point.... How are you able to wrap your arms up too? Kind of a duh moment for everyone.

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Autoerotic asphyxia associated with transvestic fetishism. What…no anal self-stimulation? Just like with homosexuality, our moonbat liberals will say, “This is normal, natural and healthy behavior”.

Since every good lib enjoys a little pain in the rear, I can see this becoming the latest agenda for our liberal activists…. man/object marriage.

I can hear them now, “Denying the civil rights of a man and his (insert insertion object here: banana, cucumber, broom stick, gerbil, etc.) is the vilest kind of bigotry.”

Moderators should remove this comment because it contains thoughts and expressions not acceptable for liberal media.

Good 2 B Me

Someone really appears to have an inferiority complex!

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The Hero Zone

You must not know many kinky conservatives. They're out there, I assure you. In fact, if I were to make this a political conversation, I would wager there are more "creative" expressions of the self that conservatives practice as opposed to liberals.

Good 2 B Me

True Story!