Gay rights issues infiltrate Comic-Con

Promoters of 'Ender's Game' questioned about author's comments regarding gay marriage
Associated Press
Jul 19, 2013


Real-world issues are rare at Comic-Con where fantasy almost always trumps reality. But for the stars and the director of "Ender's Game," comments made by Orson Scott Card regarding gay marriage are leading to questions about the issue as they promote the science fiction film.

Card has expressed opposition to gay marriage in the past and that has led some to call for a boycott. There were no signs of protest Wednesday as young stars Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld and the film's director, Gavin Hood, began to promote the sci-fi adventure film based on Card's novel. There was a full day of questions ahead, though, as "Ender's Game" took center stage Thursday.

"My view is I've been a member of the Courage Campaign for many years and I'm a little distressed by his point of view on gay marriage," Hood said.

"However, the book is not about that issue, so I hope people can still appreciate the book because I think he wrote a great book, and the themes and ideas in the book, I think, are universal and timeless and applicable, and I hope the book will still be appreciated as a great work of art, even though I don't agree with the author. I optioned the book, not an author, and I love what the author said in that book."

Card turned down an interview request by The Associated Press. He told Entertainment Weekly that the issue is now "moot" given the Supreme Court's recent ruling and, "Now it will be interesting to see whether the victorious proponents of gay marriage will show tolerance toward those who disagreed with them when the issue was still in dispute."

Lionsgate Entertainment also issued a statement rebuking Card's position and said it would hold a benefit premiere to LGBT causes.

Butterfield, who plays the film's title character, said "I agree with rights for everybody" and that Card's views shouldn't change how audiences receive the film or book.

"You can't blame a work for its author," the 16-year-old British actor said.

Hood said the book's themes of kindness and compassion are what drew him to the story, and he was surprised by Card's position.

"I think it's slightly bitterly ironic that those themes that are present in the book are not carried through on his particular view on gay marriage," Hood said.



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The Hero Zone

Petty calls for attention to non-issues seem to be this summer's theme (at least it is netting them donations, so there is that). I hope these same "some" people decide to boycott Disney films for similar reasons. Geeze people, seriously? At least the director got it right with the provided quote. Criminy, talk about first-world problems here.

What else can we ban, boycott, or berate because someone, somewhere doesn't like something someone says, does, is, or thinks regardless of any other merit, action, or contribution they have made?

At least come and protest my store for being devil worshipers and demon summoners because we play Pokemon and Dungeons & Dragons. Try to make sense when you aren't making sense. Ugh, it is way too early for this...where's my coffee?

Grumble, grumble, grumble, darn kids...grumble, makes it hard to support people (even if only for different reasons) when they shoot themselves in the foot...grumble, grumble...

Is this being old? Am I old now? What happened here?


Pretty good post for a person who hasn't yet had their caffeine. I'm right there with ya and I'm on my second cup.


You expect tolerance from the entertainment sector? If it ain't cutting edge it ain't kool. Read the book, watch the movie, listen to the song, play the game, and most assuredly ignore the talk from those in the industry. They make their living playing make believe, mouthing words others write for them. That last bit makes them sound like politicians doesn't it? Would you take what a politicians says as meaningful? Same for entertainers. They both speak to the lowest common denominator, not realizing that is themselves.


Entertainers make a rediculous amount of money for what they do. I'm not complaining - movies make a ton of money so why not? Because they make so much money doing something that doesn't really benefit society in a meaningful way, they feel an obligation to somehow give back to the little guys. They are liberal to assuage their guilt and because they can afford a liberal society. I need another cup of coffee...

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The liberal left are real tolerant, unless you have a different view, then they will boycott business and call them bigots. Yep, real tolerant. I call it hypocrisy.


So now nobody's allowed to have an opinion? A belief? Principles BASED on their beliefs? So much for freedom of religion, eh?

To add insult to injury, the article has ONE thing exactly right: Ender's Game has nothing whatsoever to do with homosexuality one way or the other, and I'm betting a movie based on the book won't, either. Ender's Game is on my list of the Top Ten SF Books of All Time. I don't CARE that its author is a devout Mormon. I don't CARE that Mr. Card doesn't drink, doesn't approve of gay marriage, whatever. The book is still brilliant.

As it happens, Mr. Card is in the company of plenty of Americans of varying religious beliefs who don't approve of gay marriage, either. I disagree with them, but I do NOT disagree with their First Amendment freedom of religion, nor their right to express their opinions freely. Tolerant unless you disagree? Yup, exactly. Card's not the one who ought to be ashamed, here!


Agreed across the board Sam. Well stated. Card is one of the best current SF writers. I may not agree with his religion or some of his beliefs, but I don't buy his books based on that. I buy books based on my enjoyment of his craft. If he was a poor writer I wouldn't read him. I don't buy entertainers opinions, I may buy what they create, if I like it. That is the only thing I look at when doing so.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Well stated, Sam.

Pterocarya frax...

Orson Scott Card is a seriously disturbed homophobe. I will never buy a book or watch a movie that will benefit him financially. Go ahead and call that intolerant...but I will never be as intolerant and hateful as him.

The Big Dog's back

I agree. He (orson scott card) is one hateful right wingnut.


Hateful? To which words/speech are you referring to as hateful? Just because someone doesn't agree with something doesn't mean it defaults to hate. I have friends that are gay and work with gays. I know where they stand and they know where I stand, they don't get treated any differently than anyone else, we respect each others beliefs. Now how is it that most gays can get along with people who believe something different, yet people who aren't even gay can't? Am I hateful because I disagree with homosexuality Pterocarya? Its folks like you who want tolerance for your beliefs yet are intolerant towards others for theirs. Do I not have the right as an American to speak and practice what I believe? Then why is everyone ripping apart ANYONE who disagrees with it?

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The Hero Zone

I frankly don't have the time, effort, or willpower to make a consistent line in the sand by reading the biography of every company owner, artist, or producer of a good or service so that I can decide if I wish to consume their product. I have no doubt in my mind that the things I have bought, funded on Kickstarter, or otherwise supported have gone to people or causes I may have otherwise rejected.

Living one's own life is difficult enough let alone submitting to the opinions of others for everything you say or do. Lest you be labeled a hypocrite of course, or needing to come up with 41 flavors of grey in which things can be shaded...and other people will find too hard to understand or just not care about no matter how fervent the cause is.

For instance as is relevant here, we boycott this movie because of the creator's personal beliefs and not the movie's message. So, too, then must we avoid any business or charity that is run by (for example) Catholics including private businesses, hospitals, and any/all inventions, laws, and other offerings to the public that they could have produced. They were, after all, actually created in a hateful spirit and by abiding by those laws you apparently directly support their other beliefs/causes.

In that case (incoming sarcasm and caps)...


Who's with me? Anyone? Wasn't that passionate enough? Where are you all going? Hey, come back!

See how ridiculous it is? I understand your passion, Pterocarya, and for my own reasons I generally agree with what your thoughts are, but implying that others are hateful or fearful for their desire to see (or non-rejection to go) a movie is inappropriate and paints you as the very thing you don't wish to be.

I don't know you or your beliefs (and out of respect for you I won't presume to), Pter, but if you rolled your eyes when you heard some Christians were protesting the Da Vinci Code...well...this is a similar situation only reversed. There are many more constructive ways to influence others that doesn't anger them and will actually have them open up to your message rather than reject it and have it rebound, possibly even damaging the efforts of the cause you wholeheartedly support.

TL;DR Beware the line in the sand and support your beliefs through articulate expression of them in a manner that attracts others' attention.

Hope it helps!


Well said Hero.

Pterocarya frax...

@ Hero:

I was born, baptized, and confirmed as a Catholic before I was mature enough to make a conscious decision about whether it was right for me. Now that I am older and have developed critical thinking skills, I realize that I cannot support that organization for many reasons. Of course, every single day I interact with Catholics and probably give money to Catholic business owners, and read and sometimes agree with Catholic authors. That doesn't mean I am endorsing the religion any more than I am by existing because of Mendelian genetics as per your absurd false equivalency.

If one of those Catholic business owners I give money to, one day says, he is spending all his profits to discriminate against some segment of America, then I will exercise my right to no longer financially support his goals. Do you not see the difference?

Also show me where I implied that others are hateful or fearful for their desire to see a movie. Nowhere did I do that. I only stated my own personal opinion of not financially supporting a bigot.

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The Hero Zone

Having come from a similar upbringing (Diet Catholic, or, Episcopalian of which I do have fond memories) I understand the direction from which you are coming and appreciate your response.

I initially wasn't going to respond as your comments stood as what they were. Plus, knee-jerk reactions often end up with one's foot in one's mouth, something I am guilty of in life like anyone else. What prompted me was actually the discussion with herbie below. While I don't feel compelled to defend him/her, I did get motivated to write what I did above. What I wrote did use satire and was labeled as such to showcase a ridiculous extreme that allowed for a reset and survey of where we stand.

Even if you didn't mean to (and you are certainly civil enough in other posts I have read in other stories), you came across as intolerant as the subject of your scrutiny. Actually given what I read from you before in other posts this caught me by surprise!

You are very much in your right to not see a movie or patronize a business for whatever reasons you see fit, but there was a contextual implication from both the above news story and the comments left that others are guilty of Orson's perceived sins if they support this movie, which has nothing to do with other things he has said in the past. In fact I would argue that supporting this movie despite what he said sends a more powerful and positive argument. A Grinch-heart-growing incident if you will.

Even the original author of the article showcases the narrow vision and even demeaning behavior of the protestors by illustrating later that by making a stink, the producers threw them a financial bone to make them go away.

Sorry it took a while to get back to you on this, I do like practicing the courtesy of timely (and civil, which I hope has been conveyed) discussion!

Pterocarya frax...

@ herbie: I don't think you are hateful for disagreeing with homosexuality. I just think you are uninformed (ignorant?) of it. You do have a right as an American to think and speak what you believe. You do not, however, have a right to practice what you believe when it infringes on the rights of other Americans.

The hateful intolerant references to Card is when when he makes comments about keeping sodomy laws on the books to shame homosexuals, and that he is the mortal enemy of any government that allows homosexuality and will work to bring down that government.

Therefore as an American, I will exercise my 1st amendment rights, and strongly criticize him for it.


Haha so let me get this straight. In the same post you claim that I have the right to believe what I want, I am just not allowed to practice it because it may "infringe" on what others believe? Yet a gay person can say, do and practice whatever they want even though it may "infringe" on what I believe, and THATS ok with you? Great definition of freedom. Even though MY rights to practice what I believe are a constitutional right just like anyone else. And you also assume that I'am uninformed (ignorant) about homosexuality? Why? Because I disagree with it? Disagreeing with something doesn't automatically make you ignorant. Also great attempt to circumvent my claim that you are just as bigoted for not tolerating my beliefs as I am for yours, pointing the finger at someone else doesn't take away from the fact that you fit the definition as much as anyone else, thus making your use of the word void.

The Big Dog's back

herbit, your beliefs and the law are 2 different things.


Funny you would say that seeing how the law coincides with my beliefs in all but 13 states.

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“…the hypocrites of homosexuality must be met with our most forceful arguments and our complete intolerance of their lies. To act otherwise is to give more respect to the opinions of men than to the judgments of God.”



@Pterocarya frax...spoken like a true heterophobe

Pterocarya frax...

I am very comfortable in my heterosexuality, but think whatever you like if it helps focus your bigotry. I just happen to be a fan of equal rights for ALL.


You need to read the definition of bigotry. You fit the definition just as much as anyone else because you don't tolerate my beliefs. The only difference is that I don't call everyone that disagrees with me "hateful" or a "phobe". It doesn't make it ok to bully someone for their beliefs just because you add the word "phobe" at the end.

Pterocarya frax...

I just read the definition of bigotry again. It is in thinkagain's comment on this story:

Why aren't you attacking him for being a bigot?


Well said herbie


Ptero, if you are injured in an accident, will you subject the surgeon to a political litmus test before you let him treat you? Do you run out to the curb and ask the trash collector how he voted in November before he empties your cans? What about the kid at the drive thru before you get your Big Mac? Your relationship to Card is the same - he provides a service in his talents as a writer, and you are a potential consumer of those services. Get over yourself.


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