Two dead in crash near Green Springs

Bellevue and Clyde men killed in Seneca County crash
Andy Ouriel
Jul 17, 2013


Two local residents died around 6:50 a.m. Wednesday when their cars collided with one another in northern Seneca County.

Both Clyde resident Dillon Spencer, 21; and Bellevue resident James Turner, 45; sustained fatal injuries and died on scene, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The crash occurred at Township Road 32 and Country Road 34, about 3 miles south of Clyde.

A patrol report indicates Spencer, driving a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix, ignored a stop sign and drove through the intersection. His car smashed into Turner's Dodge Ram pickup truck.

Both vehicles traveled off the intersection's northwest corner and caught on fire.

The crash remains under investigation. Alcohol doesn't appear to be a factor.


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I will say this like I do every time this happens. (NEVER TAKE YOUR RIGHT OF WAY AT RURAL STOPS) Be extra cautious because I have seen it too many times in my own back yard, it may be intentional or it may be by accident but if the other guy does not stop make sure you have an out, look down that road if you can a half mile before you get there, anticipate what the other may or may not do. If you cannot see because of high corn then slow way down, go 10 if you have to, I have avoided at least two potential fatal accidents on rural stops by being this way!!!!!!!

Mime Bloggling truer words spoken. Thank you.

The Answer Person

Actually, it is "RIGHT OF WAY", not "RIGHT AWAY".

I hate those corners where farmers plant corn right up to the corner of an intersection. SCARY!!!

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The Hero Zone

This says it all.


Very sad story! My heart goes out to both families.. That's why you've got to be aware of your surroundings and pay attention even out in country roads!


Amen 2sense.....amen.

nosey rosey

Won't surprise me if this is the same kid that runs this stop sign every single day. I have seen a vehicle that doesn't even slow down if they think the on-coming traffic is far enough away that they can make it across. Unfortunately there is now corn on the corner so not a great move. Too bad the truck driver probably didn't even see it coming.


Oh my gosh!! This is so sad. I was a medic for many years and can only hope that they were both gone before the cars caught fire. I've been on the receiving end of a car running a stop sign though too and it's not fun. I agree with 2cents, especially after my own accident, you need to watch intersections because people just don't pay attention to what's going on. They're bopping along with the music on the radio/CD/whatever, talking to friends, texting - even though that's not allowed it's still done - and paying attention to the road is second thought. My heart goes out to their families that are left behind though.


It seems to me that people that are constantly blogging have no respect for deceased individuals families. Nosey Rosey if you are seeing someone running that stop sign everyday then I would have alerted the police maybe the intersection could have been watched in order to stop this behavior. Second of all I knew both men, and Chris did not deserve this but neither did Dillon. No matter who's at fault they both have families, and lots of people who love them, do you understand NO WORDS in this blog can compare to the anger and pain these 2 families are feeling right now? I hope they can look past the ridiculous statements that people make and just find comfort in knowing that their loved ones are now safe, feeling no pain, and will be looking over them for the rest of their lives! R.I.P Chris and Dillon!

nosey rosey

What a ridiculous statement, tell the police that someone runs this stop sign regularly. You can't fix stupid and law enforcement is not going to watch a country road intersection for people who don't obey stop signs. I feel for both families but not for someone who blows through a sign without looking.

Peninsula Pundit

On the topic raised above, one would think the cops would love to sit and ticket all the no-stops I see everyday. At one popular spot, you could keep all the police in the area busy just writing 'running a stop sign' tickets.


Not A Ridiculous Statement, And Even If It Were At Least You Tried To Intervene Instead Of Being The Person On The Sideline With The Big Mouth! Dillon Was Not Stupid, I Hope Nothing Ever Happens To Any Young Individuals In Your Family Because Remember You Can't Fix Stupid!