Sandusky Schools asks for input

Rebuilding or renovating school facilities can be a divisive discussion among educators.
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 17, 2013
Before Sandusky Schools officials make any decisions on the matter for their district, they’re asking community members to provide input at a series of upcoming public discussions.
At their meeting Monday, school board members released a statement regarding the plan, called “Summer Conversation on the Future of our Schools.” The dates and times for preliminary discussions will be listed soon on the district’s website. Anyone can attend.  
“We’re seeking input and feedback from all segments of the community,” board president Faith Denslow said. Superintendent Eugene Sanders stressed Sandusky Schools has not yet made any decisions, but it’s important to start talking informally about the possibilities.   
The district could seek assistance from the Ohio School Facilities Commission, a state organization that provides partial funding for construction or renovation projects it oversees, Sanders said. It could also assess community input and decide it’s not necessary to update its facilities at this time. No matter what the outcome, academic plans will determine facility needs, he said.   
“We don’t want to build facilities and then build our academic plan around those,” Sanders said. “We want a strong, dynamic, viable education plan to determine what facilites we need to match that plan. That will lead the conversation moving forward.”   
The district will first meet with a select group of community leaders Wednesday morning, he said.   
In other business, board members officially accepted assistant superintendent Dennis Muratori’s resignation Monday and hired David Danhoff as his replacement. 
Also at the meeting, state Rep. Randy Gardner, R-Bowling Green, gave a brief presentation to board members regarding the state budget’s impact on public schools. Gardner praised Sandusky Schools officials for their desire to find innovative ways to educate children, including the district’s new gifted school slated to open in August. More than 100 fourthgraders through sixthgraders have already enrolled, Sanders said. 
“Public education has more competition than it did 20 or 30 years ago and if you sit back and don’t engage, you’re bound to lose students,” Gardner said. “I give you credit for already thinking in that way. I know the governor wants to see districts like you pushing the envelope and finding new ways to educate kids.”   
The new state budget offers districts a share of a $300 million pool of “innovation funds” in one-time grants for projects to modernize schools and improve achievement, he said. Sanders and board members expressed interest Monday in pursuing the funds.


Edwin Ison


Strong Schools ...

I love our stadium! It is beautiful and people form our area and surrounding areas have made comments about how nice our stadium is. I am proud of the stadium and I know the students enjoy playing in top notch venue.

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The Hero Zone

I will attend every meeting they are willing to put on to provide input. These are the kinds of opportunities that get me excited and will see the district better off.


Hero, they look right through you and everyone else like were idiots. The new school is going to be built.

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The Hero Zone

I can't say I am for or against a new school as I don't think I know enough, but I also want to use it as an opportunity to network, get to know the decision-makers, and also possibly provide input on not just what goes on with the material aspects but also about the content of the classes that are taught.


They could just steal from the operations fund after the taxpayers vote no, then come back with an operations levy a'la Perkins.



You keep saying that, over and over again. They did not steal anything. The inside millage move was a very wise financial decision for the district long term. It provides PI funds long term to address facilities needs without the need for additional building levies or bonds. It dropped the district to the 20 mil floor (in 2011), which allows the district to collect full tax revenue growth on property values, residential/ag and commercial/industrial. Comercial/Industrial traditionally grows faster than Residential/AG, so it also over time shifts more of the taxpaying to the Commercial/Industrial side. It was totally within the board's right to do so, many other districts in Ohio have done it, and it is totally legal.

The facilities issues will not go away. So rather than continue to make the same negative comments, which is so easy to do, how about providing some solutions to the current problems? Solutions that are better and less expensive that the past, current, or future plans. Being negative is easy. Being a part of the solution is much more difficult.


You either don't care or don't understand that your basic democratic rights were violated. A new building levy was proposed. The taxpayers said no. They took the money anyway. Other solutions have been proposed, but they have to have brand new, like Yellow Pages Stadium. If you'd rather have a dictatorship where you have no vote as to how your money is spent, by all means, vote yes. I'll be voting no to protect my democratic rights and to keep a system of checks and balances.



It is neither that I don't care or understand. I don't agree with you that my democratic rights were violated. I believe that my rights are to vote on board members, and to vote on on issues (such as levies) put on the ballot. If I want a say on how everything is done in the district, then I should run for the BOE.

Your logic suggests that we as a nation are already not a democracy, as voters get no vote on how state and federal money is spent.


I would bet the bank that SCS would not make the same mistake as Perkins did. Moving money that way is almost criminal and Perkins is suffering the consequences of their actions.



See my comments directly above to Wald.

Pirate Mom

Congratulations SCS for looking forward and asking for input from your citizens! A multitude of quality, responsible schools only benefits all surrounding communities and most importantly, our kids which are our future! Kudos and best of luck!


You are correct that the more quality schools the better. SCS also deserves congratulations for having multiple levies for new funds passed in the time Perkins has passed none. By the way, as previously stated, there were several meetings presented by Perkins that asked for citizen input (also with a storyline by the register), but somehow this is forgotten.


This how things should go, instead of the Shannanigans that Perkins LSD pulled.


It should read "ask"

observer you not WORK? It seems you're on here 24/7 posting on every school thread they have! IMHO, you're wasting your time, if not actually harming your cause! You haven't changed anyone's mind that I know of, and badmouthing LIFELONG residents of Perkins, while you yourself have only lived here two years, isn't winning you any friends. Can you not find another way to spend your day? I suggest you use all the time you're wasting promoting Mr. Gunner into looking for a job!



I have previously stated several weeks ago that I am in between jobs. Thank you for your concern. Rest assured, I spend plenty of time on that cause.

I don't believe I've badmouthed anyone, that is not my intent. If I am responding to someone who is attacking me, then yes, I may get somewhat defensive. I'm not trying to make friends.

Believe me, the last thing I want to do is be on these blogs, but there are just too many people who are posting negative opinion, making it sound like fact, posting outright misinformation, making mean spirited comments, and in some cases, making wild accusations. I can't stay silent and allow that to go unchecked.

Everyone's vote is their choice. I'm just trying to get the facts out there, and discount the rumor, misinformation (from either side of the issue), and negative attacks on the current BOE and Super that are not factually based.


Sounds to me like some people on here are just jealous. Awful angry and negative. Could be their kid didn't get much playing time on that field? Maybe they are from SMCC or SHS and got their butts kicked on that field.
And by the way if SCS are doing things the right way, why are so many leaving? Not only hundreds of kids, but also their last Super., Assistant Super., high school assistant principal, the A.D, basketball coach(let's not get into THAT whole hiring process), and some teachers all left.


Laughing: You need a blog name like "Laughing", due to needing to laugh at yourself for your questions that you obviously don't know the answers to. Talk about someone being "misinformed" and spewing information that they know NOT of! The last superintendent left because he was not from Sandusky. If you go back and do the appropriate research, you will find that Mr. Tucker was seeking the superintendency in his home town of Lorain before he got hired in Sandusky and his own school district didn't want him, so instead of them hiring Dennis Muratori, they hired Mr. Tucker and Mr. Muratori left and went to Ehove. Read the past news stories to stay informed!!!! Mr. Tucker was appointed by the past Superintendent, Mr. Pahl, who was the worst superintendent in Sandusky's history, and when the opening came up again in Lorain, there were different Board members who hired Mr. Tucker back to his hometown. That was his goal, and he planned to get his "feet" wet to move back to Lorain. Sandusky don't have a "high school assistant principal", they have 3 if you knew your facts. If you are talking about Mr. Matheny leaving, you should ask the question as to why after having been employed by SCS for over 15 years, why did Mr. Mathey leave??? Mr. Matheny left and went to Huron because he wanted Mr. Poggiali's job and knew he wasn't going to get it. He had former friends from the SCS that got him the job over in Huron as their high school principal. The A.D. left because she wanted to. Not because SCS's did not benefit her, but there were some things going on with her and she wanted to be in a more "suburban" district than Sandusky. Finally, "some" teachers left because they have found administrative positions in other districts. I know because my 1st cousin is one who left ONLY because she got hired in as a principal in another district which only enhances her career as an educator.

Once again..."laughing", you really need to laugh at yourself for making yourself look foolish with trying to create a mockery out of the SCS District without proper information or cause.



well said, well said


If the Perkins levy fails it's time to talk about merging the two schools and address facility needs for a joint school district. No what the levy supporters wants to hear right now but should be brought up as $$ continues to be an issue. Not popular to many Perkins residents but with the influx of Sandusky residents in the Perkins schools system it starting to make sense for both districts. Sandusky has the $$ right now and can stabilize financial issues. SHS is plenty big enough for both schools population. The neighborhood schools would not change and new buildings needs might not be a duplication process. The stadium is a case in point of this duplication process.


I happen to love SCCS. Their students are actually respectable and look at Their graduation rates and college awards.

Other than that-sounds to me like there's a lot of butt hurt people whining in the wrong place.




I am now all for merging the districts. Keep Sanders and get rid of Gunner! Merge now!


Merging the districts would increase the property tax millage by over 11 mills for Perkins residents.


it will never happen people in perkins are to stuck on themselves

Common Sense

First, before you offer to do this, please take off your angry shirt and look at what the shape Mr. Sanders left his previous school districts in in terms of their environment (does 15.1 mill levy ring a bell). Also, there is still the investigation into attendance records for state funding during his reign at Cleveland and Toledo schools.


I am so proud of my community. Even on a story about Sandusky City Schools looking to the future and trying to improve, it's still all about Perkins!


Merge now!


Congratulations to you Wald in stating that you will attend meetings! Perkins has had several meetings in reference to the new school. In the beginning the public was invited to give input, complete surveys, attend meetings and even directly give input to architects. Unfortunately, those meetings were not well attended by the public. This is the same public that states their input wasn't respected in the decision. If you want to be involved, you need to start at the beginning not just jump on the band wagon and complain when you don't like the decisions that are made!