Perkins Schools offers free pizza, levy discussion

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Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 16, 2013

Citizens for Perkins Schools will host a question-and-answer session with Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner at Chet and Matt's Pizza at 6 p.m. tonight.

Anyone can come and ask the group questions about the upcoming August levy vote or general questions about the district.

Chet and Matt's Pizza will provide free pizza and drinks.

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Common Sense

It could be you. Here's the chance to serve your schools and your community. Be prepared for a thankless job. Did you know that many, if not all, the board members donat their pay back to the school system? Just something for everyone to think about as we prepare for the elections.


FG-A board member has the difficult job of trying to balance decisions that are best for students, community and staff. You would find, assuming you ran and were elected, that some will criticize you for an action (e.g. moving forward with building issues), then turn around and question the decision to wait to move forward (e.g. wait until the next election). Some will never support any decision you make due to financial or personal issues; some will never support you due to having had an experience with an administrator or teacher or coach that was not positive for some reason; some who don't live in the district will oppose you-I'm not sure why (past issues?); some will oppose you due to tax issues involved (some people are opposed to any tax regardless of the reason); some will oppose you because their school system is impacted by decisions made by our school system (thank the legislature and gov. for creating that situation-don't blame the school board); some will oppose actions because they don't have any family in the school system, and then the supporters will be pushing you to continue on a path they prefer. Every major decision will be greeted this way. Some will not attend meetings, and some will not bother to review the evidence/facts (or ignore same) but will have strong opinions that will be posted anonymously and contain statements that would probably not be made in a public forum. Some of these anonymous posters will question your integrity and character.

I don't envy the position board members are in and give credit to those who decide to serve our community for the right reasons (i.e. no narrow agenda to push, no grudge) and to put themselves in such a public position that requires difficult decisions be made.

True Blue

Mr. Chapman was the one who found out they could move the inside milage. So, Mr. Gunner and the BOE moved the inside milage. Lies and deception years ago is the reason the voters stopped voting for the school levies. People are making less in wages. We have people losing their jobs. We've had other levies on the ballot and more in the future. We've got the State and the Erie County Commissioners going to raise the sales tax. So, maybe all you yes voters can afford to vote yes on all the levies, but alot of us CAN'T. And your BOE and Mr. Gunner will proceed with the building of your campus right after the November election. This has been in the works for a long time. If this levy passes you'll be financially stable, right? lol


These parents that can't afford the pay to play fees that are on the levy committee are going to have a rude awakening when the tax bill comes in the mail for years to come. This is only the beginning. Our homes are already over valued so the schools can take more from us. They will be back time and time again demanding more and making the same threats. All you parents that can't afford the pay to play fees should make little Johnny get a job and pay the fees.

Strong Schools ...

I am ready for my tax bill. I will be happy to pay it knowing that my child will be receiving a high quality and well rounded education. It has been 18 years since we have passed a new levy...It is time! I want my home to go up in value because I want it to be worth something! Also, I want more people to move into our district and see how awesome our schools are! You need to find your pride and your voice will not represent me, my family, or my neighbors! Vote yes for the students in August!


"Our homes are already over valued so the schools can take more from us."

In some cases, some of the homes in the Perkins School District are. But the large majority of homes in the school district are under-valued according to the Erie County (Ohio) Auditor's online site for tax purposes. The result of these under-valued properties are less taxes for the schools. I have studied various properties on the auditor's online site and seen properties under-valued by 30 percent or more only to be sold far above the values stated for taxes. Also I see misuse of the CAUV program for commercial properties along Ohio 250. In my opinion, the information shown for various properties contain false information and some information is omitted. The school should challenge the false information but it is easier to ask the taxpayer for more money. I feel that most of the "no" votes will come from property owners who have over-valued properties and pay more than their far share than the supporters of the school levy, most of whom have under-valued properties and do not pay their fair share of taxes.
Search the properties of those who support the school levy. You will find the majority of the "yes" voters have under-valued properties. Check out the properties that have the "yes" signs in their yards.
List of school levy supporters.


My opinion is that only property owners who are affected by higher taxes should be allowed to vote. I was told that a few years ago, the school wanted an income tax to fund the schools. In that case, only those who have a job and pay federal and state income taxes should be the only ones allowed to vote. Why should voters who are not affected by tax increases be allowed to vote?



I disagree. If you are a renter, then you are paying those taxes via rent. If you are a voting age student/young adult still living at home, you are spending money at businesses in the district whose taxes would go up. You are also possibly helping your parents with household expenses. It affects everyone in some way.

What about an elderly person who has sold their home and moved in with family? They get no vote, after being a property owner all their life?

I support everyone's right to vote, yes or no.


"I disagree. If you are a renter, then you are paying those taxes via rent."
I checked and see that you do not pay property taxes. People who pay property taxes know what percentage of taxes go to the schools. What percentage of your rent goes to the schools?

"If you are a voting age student/young adult still living at home, you are spending money at businesses in the district whose taxes would go up."
People who live outside of the school district also spend money at the businesses within the district. Some live out of state. Besides, people who have children (dependents) in school get tax credits from the federal and state government.

"What about an elderly person who has sold their home and moved in with family? They get no vote, after being a property owner all their life?"
They paid property taxes when they owned property. Is the elderly family member paying rent? What percentage goes to schools?

Many property owners and renters with dependents get several votes to pass a levy. Those with no dependents only get one vote. One property can get 6 votes and another property only gets 1 vote. Where is the fairness?

Some voters are limited to vote. A good example is when a business wants to sell liquor such as in a township. A small number of people can vote such as in a precinct. What about the other voters in the township who may want to buy liquor? They are excluded by law. They do not get to vote.
Renter’s Voting Rights!


I agree that a renter is not "directly" paying property taxes, in a specific amount, however, do you think that the landlord is not including the cost of property taxes in the rent that is being charged to the renter?

I understand your point, I just don't agree. My basic premise is that if only landowners/property owners got to vote, then that's where all the power would reside, in a vote on any specific issue.


How about one vote per property parcel whether a renter or property owner? Property owners only get one vote even if they own several properties.

You mentioned that renters pay school taxes by paying rent.

Try to find "2605 Pioneer Trail" on the Erie County (Ohio) Auditor's online site. I am told that the address lies in Perkins Township, same as the Perkins School District. I was unable to find it. I was able to find other "Foxborough" properties nearby.

Click on any one of the parcels. I see land and apartment buildings.

Different parcel numbers but tax is only about $45 per year for each parcel or building and not for each apartment.

The Erie County (Ohio) Auditor's office is a big joke.

Dude i Roc

Wow! How many rental units per building? Many YES levy voters housed there for sure...

Who owns this and pays so little in taxes?


Also let's have all the people who want to pass this levy, pay more to make up for those of us who do not.


The last election only 30% of the registered voters voted. I think the next election will represent a more accurate feeling of the community as a whole. Until schools are funded by a better method levies are the way we have to go.I believe it is our duty to support our schools and safety services and I voted yes for the levy.

Pirate Mom

ALL citizens in this country have the right to vote. This is to prevent landowners from becoming the ruling class and lording their wishes over all who reside here. All people should vote, no matter whether they are voting with me for the levy or not.


Exactly Pirate Mom. That is the real reason, better stated than I did.


KBI closes in two years, as rumored, this will all be for naught!


What was the attendance of the pizza party?

How many were affiliated with the school?

How many were part of the committee to support the schools?

Did it attract anyone new?



There were a few faces there I did not recognize, based on questions & conversation there seemed to be a few undecided voters there. Overall, I'd say there were about 30 people there, but I didn't count. There were not as many people there as I would have liked to have seen. Most in attendance were known supporters.

I'd have liked to have seem some opposition folks there, so that they could ask questions and discuss issues, unfortunately I don't think any attended.


"Most in attendance were known supporters."

They went because the pizza was free. Since they are going to vote "yes", why did they bother to go? Would they have went if they had to pay for the pizza?



I will speak for myself, not other attendees, but my opinion is that many supporters feel the same as I do. Even though I am a known supporter, I went because I had questions to ask, and I wanted to be there to see what types of questions where asked, and hear the responses. I had hoped to be able to talk personally with those who are undecided or who are no votes, and get other points of view. I wanted to give my views and opinions. I wanted to network, as I am in the middle of an employment search. I also took my 16 year daughter because I wanted her to be exposed to that type of public discussion, which I felt would be a valuable experience for her.

I chose to be there Tuesday night, instead of being at my church's Vacation Bible School, where my family volunteered as helpers this week Sunday thru Thursday nights. Had I been at VBS helping, I would have also gotten fed.

Instead of questioning the motives of those who took the time to attend, why do you not question why more folks didn't attend? Why didn't any staunch "No Voters" show up to ask questions and share their POV?

Edwin Ison

This is fun to watch.
A comedy of errors by this and previous administrations.

Move money from operations and "claim" a levy to replace the moved funds is not a "building" levy. So funny to see the spin.

Then pull out the "play to pay" card.... extortion.

And to those who have such angst about people residing outside Perkins commenting, these issues generally have an effect on nearby districts.

Why do you think Gunner and board want new buildings? Bellevue, Clyde, Port Clinton etc.

Monkey see, Monkey do.

I hope the building levy passes and then the do-gooder Perkins soccer Mommy's and Daddy's can try to explain the repeated future levies to pay for all this.

This is fun :)

Remember, a YES vote is a reward for bad behavior..... will you give in?


Edwin Ison,

It saddens me that anyone would deem this "fun to watch." It also saddens me that there are those who live inside and outside of Perkins who only criticize, and name call, such as you are doing above. Our district is not here for your entertainment.

I don't mind comments, but make sure you have the facts, and know the issues and people involved. Do you know Dr. Gunner, do you know the board members? From where are you getting your information and basing your opinion? Do you attend Perkins board meetings? Have you spoken directly with any of the previously mentioned?

The facts are, the community was engaged long ago when strategic planning began. The community is still asked to be engaged. New buildings are needed because of the age, materials contained within, & condition of the current buildings. All of the building inspections are a matter of public record. Have you read them? There is no "Monkey see, Monkey do" going on.

The Inside Millage move was a publicly discussed issue. 3 public meetings were held. Not all agreed with it, but in the end, something had to be done to ensure there were funds available to address facility needs. The Voters chose not to this by voting down the Nov 2010 levy. The BOE had to do something. To ignore the issue only would have made it worse, and more costly. The move was a very good financial decision long-term for the district.

A yes vote is not a "reward" for anything. A yes vote says "I want to maintain the level of academics & athletics that Perkins residents have come to expect."

One more question, seeing as you are so eager to get joy from this issue and make critical comments. What are your solutions? What would your specific plan be to address the facility issues and keep the district financially solvent? Our BOE would love to hear a better plan.


behrrle -

You sound overly confident the two new board members aren't going to ferociously contest the building of a new school along with recommending the removal of Mr. Gunner.



In response to your comment "You sound overly confident the two new board members aren't going to ferociously contest the building of a new school along with the removal of Mr. Gunner."

I'm not sure where you get that feeling from, but please explain? It is sounding a little to me like you are assuming that two new BOE members will be elected, replacing Mr. Chapman and Dr. Printy.

I don't assume anything about the outcome of the August Operating Levy Vote or the November BOE member election. If either men up for re-election are replaced, then the new member or members will have the chance to get fully up to speed and offer alternatives, both in terms of facilities issues and the Superintendent.

Personally, I know of no one to date who is running against them at this point, and I have no reason, at this point, to vote for anyone outside of the two (Mr. Chapman & Dr. Printy) who are up for re-election. But if other candidates surface, and if they convince me that they have better ideas regarding the current and future operation of the school district, then my vote is theirs. That said, they will have to make a pretty convincing argument to sway my vote.


That's exactly the plan. They're confident no one will run for the position and they will sneak this thing in. Same board....same plan.


Why don't you run for the board?



In response to your comment "That's exactly the plan. They're confident no one will run for the position and they will sneak this thing in. Same board....same plan."

No, I don't think they are. I know I'm not. I'm expecting there to opposition candidates. I'll be surprised if there aren't.

Edwin Ison

I stand by all I've stated.

Politics entertain me, and millions of others.

I enjoy when a bully gets his just due.

One thing I do take exception with.... I have done no "name calling".

The powers that be do not "need" a new building.... they "want" a new building.

Since you didn't like my "monkey see monkey" do analogy.... how about the reason for "wanting" a new school is so as to "keep up with the Joneses".

Any one with their eyes wide open can see the truth. It saddens me the bully will probably win this because of his extortion plan.


Edwin Ison,

Your words were - "do-gooder Perkins soccer Mommy's and Daddy's"

Certainly not harsh, you could have said worse.

There is no analogy needed. You and I disagree. Read all of the facility inspection reports. Tour the facilities. Either significant renovation, or building new, is needed.

My eyes are wide open. There is no bully. Tell me your specific plan to deal with all the issues.