Perkins Schools offers free pizza, levy discussion

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Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 16, 2013

Citizens for Perkins Schools will host a question-and-answer session with Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner at Chet and Matt's Pizza at 6 p.m. tonight.

Anyone can come and ask the group questions about the upcoming August levy vote or general questions about the district.

Chet and Matt's Pizza will provide free pizza and drinks.

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Keep dreaming buddy. They got you.


OK, "no" voters, I have done all I can do to give you the opportunity to find candidates to run for the school board prior to the building of a new building. The only way you can change the present philosophy of the school board or change the superintendent is to elect people that share your beliefs.

If you don't offer an alternative to the voting public ,nothing will change.

My thoughts

A couple questions. Hiw many board seats are available in November? Which current board members are up for re-election? Does anyone have some names of potential candidates? I don't dispute the need for an operating levy after many years without additional funding but do not trust the administration to go against the wishes of the voting public and build a new building.


The money has already been moved by inside millage. It's too late. This operating levy is to replace the funds we already gave them to operate that they took for gunners new building. This will never stop. They will be back next november with their grubby hands out threatening for more.


Perkins 2060,

The only millage that could be moved was the 5.2 mills. Legally, nothing else can be moved. Operating levy funds cannot be moved, by law, such as those being voted on in August.

It is not Gunners building.


Two seats are up in the November election. Both Dr. Printy and Mr. Chapman are running for re-election. As of now, I have not heard of any potential candidates who are running against them.

Strong Schools ...

There will be two seats open in November. I have heard of two people who are running but I do not want to post their names without permission. If anyone is unhappy, they should run for the board in November. That is when you can take out your frustrations...not in August! Support the students!


deleted by writer


Have you thought of running? I am being serious.


Could someone please post the letter from the BOE?


I don't trust Mr. Gunner but I have had no problem with the school board. I will give them the benefit of the doubt until they prove me wrong.

We as "no" voters have the opportunity to change the complexion of the present board. If you don't like the millage move we have the opportunity to revisit that decision with new board members prior to building a new building.. If you don't like the superintendent we have the opportunity to effect a change with new board members.

If all we do is stand by and complain then we don't deserve a new direction. I am willing to agree to this operating levy if I have a chance to change the board.


So by voting no you won't be able to vote new board members in November? Did gunner turn the board into a monarchy without a vote too?


Please explain what you are talking about. What does voting no have to do with your ability to restructure the board? Gunner is hired by the board and while he is expected to present suggestions and ideas to the board, cannot overrule them.

Strong Schools ...

The board makes the final decision. Dr. Gunner can give his opinion but the board of education makes all of the decisions that are put into action.

Strong Schools ...

Perkins 2060,
You are taking your frustration out on the wrong people. Don't punish the students for something they had no control over. Support the students in August!




What about those sewage, asbestos and electrical safety issues at the high school? We going to ignore those now since the BOE has promised that this levy is for operations in their letter to the editor. I thought these issues were urgent! Is my child safe or not?



In response to your post "What about those sewage, asbestos and electrical safety issues at the high school? We going to ignore those now since the BOE has promised that this levy is for operations in their letter to the editor. I thought these issues were urgent! Is my child safe or not?"

The money previously moved to inside millage will be used to fund facilities needs. And the board has agreed to hold decisions on the buildings issues until after the November election. I guess I really don't understand your position, or your point with this post. It seems to me it is intended only to inflame the situation, but please set me straight. I seem to remember you being against the inside millage move, and against the operating levies? If this is true, how to you expect them to fund anything?


Just asking what funds are going to be used to repair these issues. If I recall, that was the reason for the first new building push. Are these issues now being ignored or are our children safe, i.e. removal of asbestos tiles, raw sewage, exposed electrical wires, etc...


In other words, a new building will be announced officially in November. Thank you fearful parents.

Strong Schools ...

Read the facts. The new board members will have a say with this process and that is what the community wants. The parents are not fearful! They, we, will stand up for our children. Thank you caring parents for putting your child first and supporting the levy in August!


It's pretty obvious you are going over the top with this post. Is it immediately unsafe to even walk into the high school? Of course not, but are these issues that the professional non-biased evaluators have deemed necessary to rectify? This time, of course. The asbestos is painted over, so legally it is contained. But if you think it is the best case scenario, I think you would be mistaken. Are the "temporary" trailers at Briar unsafe? No, but who would be the first to scream outrage if an incident (eg. tornado, fire) did occur? Nobody said these issues will be ignored, only that they will be readdressed after this operating levy is determined.


But it wasn't that long ago that the building conditions were so dire that the buildings were deemed unsafe. What is it? Now they're ok? Why are these kids still exposed to these buildings if a floor tile could be damaged and asbestos becomes exposed? Shouldn't the buildings be taken down as previously stated and a new campus constructed? Why are we suddenly changing our tune? Not only are jobs at stake...but now the safety of our children. What is our agenda here???

Common Sense

The safety of our children has always been at the forefront of this issue with the educators and the administration of Perkins Local Schools. These "kids" have a responsible administrator who deems that all floor tiles that are damaged will be replaced and all will be sealed to lower the exposure to asbestos. This administrator also deems that the school maintnance staff will walk through and seal any asbestos-tiled ceilings that are damaged (high school boys love to show how high they can jump while others think it's cut to throw sharp objects skyward). This same administrator had the ceiling in the nurse's office in Furry removed and replaced. The maintenance staff suggested tiling over the falling asbestos, but he refused to put the children in any more danger. The repairs that we can afford are minimal, but the BOE has backed off the issue because it is giving the community the opportunity to select a board that they may feel better represents their wishes.


I could vote "no" and still vote for new board members. But, I am willing to find middle ground so I can assure no building will be started prior to the November election.

We now have a written public document that allows the voting public the opportunity to change the school board prior to the start of the building even if the operating levy passes. We were never offered that guarantee before.

The present school board has given the public the opportunity to rescind the millage move and change the superintendent with new board members.

Of course if no one runs against the two existing board members this whole exercise is mute.


The letter to the editor stated that the new schools are on hold. Has the safety of the children been put on hold, as well? What is being done to eliminate the emergency health issues that originally required a $3,000,000 design plan? Why are these children still exposed to raw sewage, potential asbestos, etc.? Or is it ok until after the November election? Which is it?


Can you clarify this post? What is the written public document? The letter to the editor?


letter to the editor


As long as no tax money was used indirectly by the "Citizens for Perkins Schools" and by indirectly I mean school supplies, paper, paid tax payer labor during normal school hours and any school equipment like copy machines, computers, school emails and so forth.
Perkins Local Schools Levy Website
Letter to Sandusky Register
Levy Organizational Meeting Presentation
Attached is the Organizational Meeting Presentation.


Who's running against Chapman and Printy in November? If they retain their as usual?