Perkins Schools offers free pizza, levy discussion

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Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 16, 2013

Citizens for Perkins Schools will host a question-and-answer session with Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner at Chet and Matt's Pizza at 6 p.m. tonight.

Anyone can come and ask the group questions about the upcoming August levy vote or general questions about the district.

Chet and Matt's Pizza will provide free pizza and drinks.

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I cannot imagine that the faculty have much respect for a superintendent and Board that determine that new buildings and facilites were more important than providing the education and athletics/music/arts etc to the district's students that Perkins is known for.... particularly after 2 taxpayer votes rejected this and Gunner and Board did as they wanted regardless.

Gunner's new building>>> 14 teachers and athletics for the students


You don't believe it? Just look at the teachers and union figures posting on here. They are kneeling at the altar of Gunner. They are in love with the guy. It is pretty disgusting how the teachers union just folded in this. Makes you wonder who is getting what behind the scenes.

Pirate Mom

How sad, 2060, that as we get closer to Aug. 6 and you see and feel the positivity for our children, our future, you panic and respond with nasty accusations at our teachers. I'm sure there are some teachers that believe and trust in the board and supt. and some that don't. If they support this levy I'm sure they are more informed than most of us. Teachers don't go into this profession to get rich, that's for sure! They care about our kids. Your dark accusations just prove that you are running scared. I choose to get positive energy from your nervous nastiness. VOTE YES AUGUST 6.


Taxpayers only rejected one building levy. November 2010. The May 2013 levy was an operating levy.

Strong Schools ...

"I’ve heard from quite a few reliable people that Mr. Gunner said he will build the new school with or without the support of the community. I think that is wrong. If we vote YES, will some of the money be used for a new school behind our backs?"


No. This levy is an operational levy to support the day-to-day operations of the school district. None of this money will be used for a new facility.

The Board of Education had previously set aside the “Inside Millage” for facility renovations and/or new construction. They have announced numerous times they will not move forward with a major construction project unless the following criteria is met:

1. They will wait until after the November election of new Board members. Dr. Printy and Mr. Chapman are running for reelection. Should the community feel strongly enough about reversing course on the facility issue, the Board election in November will give the community an opportunity to elect new board members who support this view.

2. The financial forecast must show that no new operating levies will be needed for the next three years.

3. The Board elected in November will reexamine the facility needs of the district and make a decision on how to move forward.

As far as any comments attributed to Mr. Gunner regarding the construction of a new facility, Mr. Gunner has stated the following repeatedly:

1. First, the Board makes the decision on whether to move forward with construction of new facilities, not Mr. Gunner. He can recommend, but does not have the authority to proceed without a formal Board resolution and public vote of the Board.

2. He has repeatedly made the comment that the facilities in Perkins need to be addressed soon; the structural integrity, safety and health issues inherent in especially the high school cannot be ignored.

3. He has never indicated he would build a facility with or without the support of the community. While he believes strongly in the need for new facilities, the final decision is not his. Again, he does not have the authority to build a new facility, only the Board of Education has this authority.


If none of this money is for operations, then where will they get the money from for a new school? Also, despite what you think, the sup always runs the ship!


Remember the strike?

Pirate Mom

Of course we remember the strike. This community is still recovering from the damage done by many parties back then. Name calling and ugly words won't help. Can we agree to tell the truth and vote the way our hearts and wallets tell us? I'll be voting yes on August 6.

Strong Schools ...

Move on! Vote yes in August!


Don't forget. Same people. Same feelings of entitlement. Public figures and employees all too often forget who they work for! The taxpayers.


Pirate Mom,

Wow! In the last 20 posts the pro levy people have called anyone against the levy hostile, grumpy and nervous nastiness .

That's the way to win over voters....not. I take offense to those comments.

Well, Bherrle and RMyer do I fit these descriptions provided by your pro levy supporters ?

Rise above the pettiness.



I haven't read all the comments, but from what I have read it is the comments that are being made that are being called those things. If both sides would stick to facts, rather than inuendo, rumor, and personal attacks, the discussion would be much more fruitful. I see many no voters on here leading with personal attack, incorrect information, or just plain negativity.

As for you DSG, no, I do not believe you fit that description. We disagree on some things, but you have stuck to facts and your educated opinion. And we agree on some things. I know your vote is a "NO" right now, and I don't presume, but I suspect it could be changed with the right case was stated.

As for winning over the "No Voters" on this blog, I don't believe the votes of those who are blogging against the levy/admin can be changed. Especially those going very negative. There are some bloggers who seem to be undecided, or who are currently no but could be swayed. My goal is to provide fact, and a positive opinion to those who are reading but not posting, and to those who do post but don't have a firm vote cast yet. I suspect there are a number of undecided's who read but do not post.


I agree that there are many undecided voters who do not post here. I am normally one of them. I would like for the levy to pass, but the $25/month increase in taxes is a big hurdle for me with my limited income.


It will eventually lead to more jwt. They are saying this is strictly for operations. If so, and our schools are in as bad of shape as they say, who do you think is going to fund their dream school? More taxes and levy attempts.

Pirate Mom


I certainly was not speaking to you. I quote, "You don't believe it? Just look at the teachers and union figures posting on here. They are kneeling at the altar of Gunner. They are in love with the guy. It is pretty disgusting how the teachers union just folded in this. Makes you wonder who is getting what behind the scenes." I was referring to the negativity from Perkins2060. As I said in my last post, I am getting positive energy from his nervous nastiness. His comment stands as does mine. VOTE YES ON AUGUST 6.


DSG-I met with you and have an understanding of where you are coming from. I do respectfully disagree with your philosophy as you disagree with mine. That's fine; we can at least agree to disagree on a civil level.

I am disappointed that other commenters on here continue to repost misinformation even after that information has been corrected. It would seem at that point that the reposting is not for purposes for a civil discussion but only to stir the pot. I am also disappointed that a number of commenters have not attended board meetings or volunteered to serve on committees over the past 7-9 years. I have attended probably 85% or better of the board meetings over the past decade and have volunteered time on committees in the planning process of which residents have been invited/encouraged to be a part of all along the way. At this point, I can probably tell you in advance who will be at any given board meeting. I also am aware that board members rarely are contacted about macro school issues. Additionally, anonymous postings allow folks to keep secret various agendas. When I see some commenters posting on other district levy articles who also comment on Perkins articles, I have to wonder what's going on.

Recent commenters have suggested that I, as a teacher, have not formed my opinion based in a logical manner but rather for some other follow the leader reason. I speak for myself only and certainly receive no "behind the scenes" benefit. I have spent a lot of time educating myself and been educated by others on the workings of the district and state funding. I have also tried to apply my business background to the issues. If I thought the current plan was not the best economic option for taxpayers (I am one of those, too), I would say so. My stakes in this issue: resident/parent/taxpayer/property owner/staff member and believe it my responsibility as each of those to express my opinion. I also plan to remain in this community for some time to come, so that factors in as well.

I do know, the longer we wait to address the financial issues, the more expensive it will be, and I am not in favor of that. Thirteen years is a long time between successful levies (and the effective collection rate of those 2.9 mills is somewhat less than that now). Meanwhile, the state continues to choke off funding to public districts.

The question residents must answer regarding the board members is do we think these folks who volunteered to run for office to take stewardship of the facilities and educational programs did so out of the desire to improve our district or for some other reason? Having attended many meetings and spoken to board members myself, I believe the former. On other issues, if I disagree, I will say so, and I will do so civilly and with alternative options if I think better exist.

I hope that after the dust settles on this issue that I will see more residents at board meetings or at least staying in contact with board members.



Are you saying your are against the misinformation provided by both sides on this vote?

I believe you are but don't want to put words in your mouth.

Been through a state takeover. It's not as
cataclysmic as those with an agenda wish you to believe .

Scare tactics can come back to bite those using that method. Credibility is an issue.



If the state takes over, doesn't the state (not the voters) get to determine the millage rate? I am asking that believing it to be true but not 100% certain.

I don't want any misinformation out there from anyone, on either side.

True Blue

Bherrle, If you have all the facts, why did your pal, Mr. Gunner, move the inside milage? You had the football stadium built, because all of you were sure the people of this township would vote for your campus. Well, you were wrong. This BOE and Mr. Gunner will not stop. If this levy passes, the BOE will think they can do this again and again. Just threatened the parents with paying for their kids sports. Pay for sports = More foreclosures.


True Blue,

I never said I have all facts. I share them once I learn them and become comfortable with them. The BOE moved the inside millage, not Dr. Gunner, and the question as to why has been answered numerous times. Something had to be done to ensure funds would be available to deal with facility issues, after the taxpayers rejected funding new facilities with a levy in November 2010. That was the cheapest option available, and longterm, it was a very good financial decision for the district.

I had nothing to do with the stadium being built, but had I been involved at that point, I would have been for it. I see it as a very good decision as I have explained several times during the past few weeks.

You are right, the BOE won't stop trying to address the facilities and funding issues, because that is their job. To ignore them would be irresponsible. I don't agree with characterization of "threats." Please share with us all a better plan that costs the taxpayers less, and properly deals with the facilities issues. Give us a detailed plan, please.

Strong Schools ...

Thank you Bherrle for all of your factual information! I know you are a supportive community member and father an want what is best for the students of this district. I appreciate all of your hard work you have put into educating the public. Vote yes in August and support the students!

observer you not WORK? It seems you're on here 24/7 posting on every school thread they have! IMHO, you're wasting your time, if not actually harming your cause! You haven't changed anyone's mind that I know of, and badmouthing LIFELONG residents of Perkins, while you yourself have only lived here two years, isn't winning you any friends. Can you not find another way to spend your day? Perhaps you should use all the time you're wasting promoting Mr. Gunner into looking for a job!

Pirate Mom

No badmouthing. Just stating facts. You seem nervous...



I have previously stated several weeks ago that I am in between jobs. Thank you for your concern. Rest assured, I spend plenty of time on that cause.

I don't believe I've badmouthed anyone, that is not my intent. If I am responding to someone who is attacking me, then yes, I may get somewhat defensive. I'm not trying to make friends.

Believe me, the last thing I want to do is be on these blogs, but there are just too many people who are posting negative opinion, making it sound like fact, posting outright misinformation, making mean spirited comments, and in some cases, making wild accusations. I can't stay silent and allow that to go unchecked.

Everyone's vote is their choice. I'm just trying to get the facts out there, and discount the rumor, misinformation (from either side of the issue), and negative attacks on the current BOE and Super that are not factually based.

Strong Schools ...

Observer...Why are you being so harsh? You are sounding very nervous and trying to use hurtful words. Not appropriate or needed!


Merge with Sandusky now! We have all their kids open enrolled here anyhow! Keep Sanders as the super!


You do realize your taxes will go up if we merge with Sandusky right?


And you think merging with Sandusky will solve all problems? They (and the vast majority of districts in the state) are going through the same problems as Perkins, including laying off teachers and trying to get a handle on facilities issues. One main difference (and I applaud them for this), they are able to pass their levies. Neither Gunner or Sanders are going to around for very long compared to the districts themselves, therefore don't vote on the basis of superintendent. Vote instead on what you think a strong school system means to your community, wherever you may live.


Merge and get rid of duplicate positions. HUGE cost savings!


OK Perkins2060,

Detail for us all of these cost savings, let's see the numbers.

Remember,the new Perkins total millage rate of 35.2 (if the August levy passes) would instead go up to the Sandusky total rate of 42.1 if we merged. I don't think very many Perkins residents would be happy with that.