Coastie meets the North Coast

Tugboat may be smaller than most, but fit for a King
Jason Werling
Jul 15, 2013


The occasional tugboat assisting a freighter in Sandusky Bay is not uncommon. Visitors to the bay's shoreline have had their share of double takes when seeing a new tug coasting along the downtown skyline without a freighter in sight.

King and Marie Baer, residents at the Chesapeake Loft Condominiums, are the proud owners of Coastie, a 22-ft custom built harbor tug. King bought the boat formerly named El Toro from a yacht yard in Newburyport, Massachussetts. It was bought in September of last year and the Baers had it trucked to Sandusky.

Since then King has repainted everything but the black hull of the boat, added parts from his personal collection and given the tug a name.

To see more photos of the little tug, click HERE

Baer, an eight-year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, named the boat Coastie and worked with the Sandusky Paint Company to give the boat an accurate Coast Guard paint scheme. King'sservice was one reason for the theme of the boat, but Coastie's home, Newburyport, was also home to the first Coast Guard Station.

Coastie is powered by a 135 hp Ford Lehman Diesel engine with a Hurth gear and a 22-inch three-bladed propeller. The hull is made of hand-laid fiberglass.

The Baers have no plans to assist stray freighters in the bay and will use the boat for recreational rides around the bay. King said the only thing left to add is a horn like the big tugs carry and that shouldn't be too far down the road, or river in this case.


Peninsula Pundit

You can't paint a car to look like a police car, so how can you paint a boat to look like a Coast Guard boat?
What about our Fatherland security?
Maybe they did it so they don't have to worry about being boarded?
They'll probably line up to get a look.


When I lived on the Chesapeake Bay a gentlemen painted his boat black with the red strip like that to look like the coast guard. It did not take long for the real coast guard to ensure that it was changed.

The Commander

Nice boat. The deck should be painted deck grey instead of spar if you're going for an authentic Coast Guard color scheme. The messcook needs to get busy on that ship's bell with some NeverDull or Brasso.


Is his name really King? Who does that to their kid?


A complaint to the US Coast Guard is warranted.

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WASHINGTON DC 20593-7000
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