History uncovered at the Rieger Hotel

Sign revealed as workers renovate historic Sandusky building.
Jason Werling
Jul 15, 2013


A sign for the historic Rieger Hotel was uncovered Monday morning as work is being done to renovate the building for senior living. A worker at the site said it looked like someone had tried to preserve the sign's integrity while covering it up years ago.

Columbus-based housing developer Buckeye Community Hope Foundation recently secured enough tax credits, valued at $5.4 million, to transform the old hotel into a 37-unit apartment building designed for seniors with retail and restaurants on the ground floor.



Cool !

Eph 2 8-10

I think I remember that marquee. Hope they don't tear it down.


Somebody call mike and frank ! They'll preserve it.... too cool


does anybody know if they r going to fix it and put it back up


PLEASE keep it! That's so cool!

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The Hero Zone

It is neat when things like this turn up.


There is a Historical Restoration Company contracted to work on the store fronts for this building. Contractually they were asked to take the old unit down and rebuild a new one, at the time nobody knew the old sign was under what was there. Given the recent discovery, a little windex and some light bulbs may be all that she needs. Not that simple but restoring the existing marquee is more than likely the route that will be taken.

dorothy gale

Very cool!