Verdict reached in George Zimmerman trial

Jury: Neighborhood watch volunteer not guilty
Associated Press
Jul 13, 2013

After deliberating for more than 15 hours over two days, jurors have reached a verdict in George Zimmerman's second-degree murder trial.

The jurors notified the judge Saturday night a little before 10 p.m. they had reached a decision.

Zimmerman was found not guilty of second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin's death. Zimmerman claims he shot Martin in self-defense.

The six-member, all-woman jury began deliberating at 2:30 p.m. Friday after spending part of the day listening to the defense closing arguments and a rebuttal from the prosecution.

The case drew massive protests after a 44-day delay in Zimmerman's arrest. Demonstrators demanded Zimmerman's arrest.

The police chief in Sanford, where Martin was shot and where the trial was being held, urged peace after the verdict was read.




Thug in a place he shouldn't of been who started a fight that ended in his death. Forensics even pointed clearly that way. Case over. Justice prevailed. Next.



{ mark it on calendar LOL. }


His father lived in the community so why exactly was he not "suppose" to be there? What exactly made him a thug? Do tell!


Your glee at the fact a young boy is DEAD is shameful.

Edwin Ison

If Zimmerman is white.

So then is Obama.




Exactly! Exactly!!

looking around

All over the country citizens have been arming themselves, a frenzy of gun purchases and permits to carry concealed fueled by gun advocates claim of coming attacks on the second amendment and new gun legislation. The best thing that has come out of all of this is that it gives those who choose to carry a lesson in what consequences arise from the use of deadly force. I have spoken to hundreds of CCW permit holders who obviously have no idea of the statutes governing the use of deadly force and what constitutes a legal use of it. All pretty scary, they should understand that they can expect to go through exactly what Zimmerman has. Guilty or Not, this is something that will financially and mentally will drain you. If you choose to use deadly force in defending yourself regardless of the presumption of necessity, you will most likely be on trial for murder.

sandtown born a...

Very accurate statement! I have been thru the ccw training myself and one thing you are taught is, one the Nike defense is always your best course of action which is run away if possible if not shoot to stop the threat, and one thing that really stuck with me was right or wrong if you kill someone defending yourself you will always be known as a killer by everyone who knows you because of what you have done justifiable or not. If you can live with that CARRY ON!!!!! I personally would rather be alive and on trial rather than in a box planted in the ground. I let my Judge do the talking 45/410!!!

The Big Dog's back

So you will be good with Blacks doing the same thing?


Big dog, Always promoting racism.... oh well, at least you are a consistent hypocrite

Darwin's choice

That would be "azzhat" !


i know it's hard to understand piddle puppy, but yeah if a black person is legally carrying, and defends himself, then yes, most of us wouldn't make an issue of it. He or she'd have as much right to self defense as any white person.

sandtown born a...

if someone is attacking them and they feared for their life most definatelty


All people have the right to defend themselves. Why would you think Blacks wouldn't be allowed to carry a legal weapon in a legal manner (ie CCW permit)?


Roughly 1/3 of most concealed carry class is safety and 2/3 of a CCW class usually covers when you can legally use a concealed firearm, and what to do when the cops come. You are correct that most instructors tell you that if you can get the heck out, to do so, but it is not a law that you have to follow their instructions. Just as you don't have to follow the instructions of a civilian dispatched working at a call center, nor are the laws about not getting out of your truck. Nor do you have to call the cops when you think someone is following you, nor go straight to home when you think you are being followed, nor do you have to eat carrots. There are many things that laws do not cover.


So tell us what you were "trained" to do by your parents if you ever found yourself in Martin's shoes!


Probably the same things I've taught my children. Evade, escape,phone,seek help. NEVER approach, NEVER confront. This was a tragedy from beginning to end, but they both share fault. Zimmerman followed him. So what! Zimmerman could have followed him all the way to Key West and Trayvon would have been alive in the end of the journey. 4 minutes. Trayvon had 4 minutes to get home, about 60 yards away. 4 minutes to circle the block, go home, go back to the store, call his father, call his mother, stand on a corner and scream. This isn't just about Trayvon, but about so many young men today and how they react/act when angry or insulted. Confront. Confront verbally, confront physically. How many fights or deaths do you see on the news or read about that started because someone said the "wrong" thing, looked at them "wrong", took a parking space, disrespected them? When will we quit teaching our boys that confrontation and refusing to back down is the manly thing to do, the brave thing to do? Since when did restraint become weakness? When did using your head rather than your emotions to make decisions become unmanly? Until we teach our young men that walking away shows more strength than confrontation, they will continue to die.


You described all good ways to deal with strangers following you. The second stupidest thing to do is confront the person cause he COULD be a creepy a$$ed cracker and the stupidest thing to do is attack the person following you. Smartest thing to do when you are a 17 year old 6' 1" 158lb athlete is to run from a short squat overweight person. the short fat guy won't keep up for long, if at all.


You are spot on.


Absolutely true looking! Regardless of what anyone says, it is still not a good feeling to kill someone, even in self defense cases.


I don't think anyone has suggested that GZ feels good about the results of that night.


Some of you people are so clueless.


Zimmer is free to go.


Yes Deertracker, you are clueless !


It's so JOYOUS to read the crazed, hate-filled ranting of the bigoted Zimmerman race-baiters as they mentally implode. :)

Justice is depicted as wearing a blindfold for a reason.

Wonder if the DOJ will 'trump up' federal charges against Zimmerman? Can't believe that the race-baiting haters will let it go.


Thank god the justice system still works!!!

The Big Dog's back

Worked for OJ too.


Would love to have seen your posts following the OJ trials. My guess is that you loved the justice system then. Perhaps you're the racist and you are following the stupid Al Sharpton like a puppy, get it?

The Big Dog's back

Worked for Casey Anthony too.