Holy carp

53-pound behemoth caught in Sandusky Bay sets new state record
Tom Jackson
Jul 11, 2013


Patrick Johnson has a great fish story — and it's true.

The Toledo man didn't want anybody to doubt that he shot a record-size common carp while bow fishing in Sandusky Bay, so he made a video and posted it on YouTube when the fish was officially weighed.

Johnson, 37, who works for the City of Toledo's water department, set an official record when he shot the 53.65-pound common carp on June 9 in Sandusky Bay on the Sandusky County shoreline. His new record breaks a previous record of 47.65 pounds for a carp also shot in Sandusky Bay.

For more on this monstrous catch, pick up Friday's Register or subscribe to the ePaper here.

And here's the Youtube video:


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The Hero Zone

Talk about slewing the big one! Nice one!


the tub is probably 5 lbs


This was in every other local paper in Northern Ohio, including some really small weekly publications, weeks ago. This happened over a month ago! Kind of confused on why it is finally hiting the Register now...


Usually the Rag is only 3-4 days behind. Westerhold must be too busy reading Commissioner Smith's facebook page.


Remember: Ohio carp; it's just not for breakfast anymore.

The Bizness

Smoked carp latkes!

William Jeffers...

Mine's bigger

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How far away is the sewer discharge from where he caught the fish? All those hormones going into the lake from us humans taking a bunch of pills : )