Mills Creek closed to golf

Heavy rain in the past month and an overflowing creek makes course unsuitable for play.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 11, 2013


The following is from a city of Sandusky press release:

Because of the large amount of water overflowing from Mills Creek after
yesterday’s severe weather event, Mills Creek Golf Course will be
closed for play until further notice.  The Clubhouse will remain open.

It has been determined Mills Creek Golf Course is neither playable nor
walkable at this time as this activity may cause damage to the course.
Patrons are encouraged to stop by the Clubhouse to enjoy sandwiches,
pizza, snacks and cold beverages.

Check back to the Sandusky Register to see when the course will be reopened for golf.


Tool Box

Dang! I just got out of work and wanted to enjoy this rain free day! Rats! Crap! Shucks!


Well the water hazards would definitely be trickier!