Water Street upgrades set for 2015

A booming corridor, home to new businesses sprouting up alongside Sandusky’s stunning waterfront, should receive a major makeover within two years.
Andy Ouriel
Jul 11, 2013


Sandusky officials have geared up to upgrade Water Street between Shelby and Wayne streets, spending $178,500 on design work. The project aims to:

• Resurface the road between Wayne and Lawrence streets.

• Install new curbs and sidewalks between Lawrence and Jackson streets.

• Place new bricks, street lights and tree grates between Jackson and Decatur streets.

• Construct new curbs, gutters and sidewalks between Lawrence and Shelby streets.

• Extend the Sandusky Bay Pathway, a linear trail throughout downtown Sandusky that hugs the shoreline, for use by joggers and bicyclists.

“This is important to get done because it’s another piece to all the improvements we’re doing to downtown,” city commissioner Wes Poole said.

In the past few years, several new businesses — Hot Dog Tony’s, Kharma Spa Experience and aha creative, among others — have popped up. Plus, tourists travel on Water Street when accessing the Paper District Marina or the Shelby Street Public Boat Launch.

 “Water Street needs to be attractive for people coming into the city,” Poole said. “It’s money well spent that has been on the schedule to get for some time.”

 Officials from Sandusky and Erie County planned years ago to enhance Water Street. The $1.1 million project breaks down with city taxpayers contributing $220,000 and federal funds covering the remainder.

“These funds are important, specially in times where governments face difficulties in acquiring funds,” Erie Regional Planning director Steve Poggiali said.

At least one resident contends city funds should be spent on more dire areas. 

“Why are we doing this street?” Fifth Street resident Sharon Johnson said when speaking to commissioners in a public meeting. “It isn’t that bad. Why aren’t we doing Shoreline Drive instead?"

Water Street resurfacing

 • Resurfacing of East Water Street, from Shelby to Wayne streets, should start and end in 2015. 

• The project should cost $1.1 million, with city taxpayers spending $220,000 and the remaining $880,000 paid with federal dollars. 

• City commissioners recently agreed to spend $178,500 for design, an additional cost from the $220,000 they’re committing. 




If the guy on the bike in the picture catches a pothole; it's all over for him.

The Bizness

Shoreline drive should be done, and the bike path does need to be extended.

Eph 2 8-10

Perhaps Water Street should be at the top of the list.


Its nice to see that something is being done with water street , but they are not doing anything about the streets that tax payers live on that are in really bad need to be repaired .
The funds that are going to repair water street would be better used in the streets that need repaired that the city said they are tring to get a loan to pay for .
Stop and think about it , on one hand you have water street that yes I agree needs repaired but is not used but during the summer months and on the other hand , you have streets that are and are causing undue ware and tear on the very cars that are owned by the very people that pay taxes in the city .
I am not a pro when this comes up , but then you dont need to be a pro , just someone with common sense .
If the city really wants to do something to help everyone including people that are vistors as well as residents , then repair the streets that are used year round not to mention are needed


gene44870 makes a valid point. Sure, I'd like to look good for our visitors, too. But the reality is that, whatever Water Street looks like, they're not going to relocate. And whatever Water Street looks like, they'll still use it to get from here to there.

I agree: That $1.1 million would go a long ways toward fixing streets that RESIDENTS (in other words, taxpayers) need and use year 'round!


I was living in Sandusky all my life and I have never seen anything like I have seen in the city of Sandusky in the last ten plus years
I am ashamed of the goverment that miss manages the city , with all the waste and only looking at spending dollars on people that are only passing through and turning their backs on the residents that are tax payers is a shame
I am not saying that we should not spend money to improve the city , I am saying that you need to do something with the very streets that are in really bad need of repair and have been for sometme .Then if you have anything left ,then go and do like you are going to do on water street .
But do something that is going to benifit the very people that have voted you in to office
And I would like to know how much money is brought in on the tax that is attched to licends plates . I though that was suppose to be used to repair the streets in Sandusky . What is the amount of that and where is it going , what is that money spent on? When you think about it you can tell there is a lot of money from them plates , just look at all the cars trucks etc in the city .




Sandusky does not know what is has.This should have been done years ago.Just do it in good time like the Keller building.

Tool Box

The city should contact a company like Bass Pro Shop or Cabela's to build down by the launch ramp area. This would bring a lot of visitors downtown.

Good 2 B Me

Nice. How great would that be!!


Re: "city taxpayers contributing $220,000"

And this will be funded how?


More like $398,000 when u add design costs.


I have to agree with gene. where is the license plate money going? each year one road should be getting done. Has anyone been to PC of late? They are doing their streets and they are nice. How are they paying for their streets. I can't help but wonder why are city leaders can't do the same? Doing one street to please our "visitors" seems very unfair to the taxpayers and doing either Waterstreet or Bayshore drive just doesnt cut it for me. Neither one is that travelled when taxpayers on other streets need more help. Just my opinion and I am struck with it.


What happened to Gartland Avenue repave? Hasn't been touched since 50's


The license plate fund would be a good story.