Jury selection begins in Fort Hood murder trial

Tight security measures are in place at the Texas Army post and neighboring city of Killeen in preparation for the start of jury selection Tuesday, Hasan's capital murder trial.
Associated Press
Jul 9, 2013


An Army psychiatrist going on trial in the deadly 2009 Fort Hood shooting wants to tell potential jurors he's being forced to wear a military uniform he believes represents "an enemy of Islam," he told a judge Tuesday.

Hours before jury selection was to begin in Maj. Nidal Hasan's court-martial, last-minute issues were addressed at a morning hearing. It's unclear if the judge, Col. Tara Osborn, will allow him to make that statement to potential jurors.

Hasan, an American-born Muslim, must wear a uniform during his murder trial. Military defendants usually wear a dress uniform during a court-martial. However, both sides and the judge have agreed Hasan can wear a camouflage uniform worn by troops in combat because it better meets his health-related needs as a paraplegic.

Hasan was paralyzed from the abdomen down after being shot by police the day of the rampage.

Hasan, 42, faces execution or life without parole if convicted in the rampage that killed 13 and wounded almost three dozen on the Texas Army post.

Potential jurors, who must be of Hasan's rank or higher, have already filled out a questionnaire prepared by prosecutors and the defense. The first pool of 20 potential jurors — three majors, five lieutenant colonels and 12 colonels — were to be brought in Tuesday afternoon from Army posts nationwide.

Hasan, who is serving as his own attorney but can get help from his former defense attorneys, will have a jury consultant on hand. Jury selection is expected to last at least a month, and once testimony starts in August, that could take another two months.

Groups of 20 will be brought in each week until 13 jurors are chosen for Hasan's trial. The initial jury pool was 140 officers, but because of several delays, some have left the military through retirement or their service ending, Fort Hood officials said.

Death-penalty cases in the military require at least 12 jury members, more than in other cases. And unlike other trials, their verdict must be unanimous in finding guilt or assessing a sentence.

Several soldiers who survived the mass shooting said Monday they hoped no last-minute problems would again delay the case. They said waiting to testify in Hasan's court-martial has caused them to miss family reunions, vacations and other events.

"I'll believe it when it happens, because there's been so many delays," said retired Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning, who was shot six times during the Nov. 5, 2009, rampage inside a medical building. "We've been given a window (of when to testify) on and off since 2010."



Darwin's choice

Put this pr*ck to death! He has been collecting his full pay from the government, while those he shot are suffering without assistance! Google it! Its time for our country to take care of those soldiers!


Hang him high.


This is THE most disgusting display of justice ever. He not only kills Americans, he does it in the name of Allah, in front of witnesses, then refuses to wear a uniform, refuses to shave, AND he still collects his pay from the Army/government he hates. There are SO MANY things wrong with this whole situation one can not even begin to list them.


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I just repeated what the first two commenters said, so nobody missed anything that wasn't already said..


"An Army psychiatrist going on trial.." Wacko!

"wants to tell potential jurors he's being forced to wear a military uniform.."

How about dressed like this for court?



"It was revealed last month, that Hasan has been paid $278,000 since the shooting on November 5, 2009."

"Soldiers injured in the horrific attack at the Texas army base are fighting to receive the same pay and medical benefits as those injured in combat, but the Department of Defense confirmed that Major Nidal Hasan has continued to be paid."

"Army Specialist Logan Burnett, who was shot three times at the Army Deployment Center, is appalled that the accused gunman is still being paid."

"Because the Army classified the shooting as workplace violence rather than being combat related, and refuses to call it a terrorist attack, the gunman's victims have been denied benefits they would ordinarily be entitled to."

"refuses to call it a terrorist attack" Imagine that.

The previous photo that I posted above was of Khalid Sheik Mohammed. He was captured March 2003. It is now 10 years later and he is still alive.

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Shouldn't the headline be; jury selection begins in Fort Hood terrorist attack?


No they refuse to call it a terrorist attack...it has been labeled a "workplace incident".


This case is a joke. No one forced this guy to join the army and he knew going in that there would be a uniform he would have to wear and I'm sure he was told he was going to have to shave his beard. I'm fairly certain - though I don't know, I've never been in the armed forces so I don't know - but I really don't think his recruiter would have left those kind of things out when they were going over what would be expected of him when he enlisted. I agree with Ladydye though, I'm sure he doesn't mind collecting those monthly checks from the Army. He's probably also using a government provided attorney. He's already got the Army psychiatrist saying that wearing the uniform is basically against his religion. I mean that's my own take on the situation but that is in essence what they're saying. However if he hates the Army so much that he doesn't want to wear the uniform and they are an "enemy of Islam" then he needs to pay the government back every single penny, including what's being paid for all these doctors and attorneys.


He has been in the Army since 1988! He has worn a uniform and had to shave just about EVERY DAY since he graduated high school! He had no problem with it then, he should have NO problem with it now. HE joined the Army of his OWN FREE WILL. His religion did not stop him then, it should have NO affect on it NOW. He was a muslim when he joined he is muslim now. No change, no difference. Any other military prisoner is made to shave and be in uniform he should be also. NO EXCEPTIONS. The only exception here is THE GOVERNMENT and everyone is afraid of OFFENDING the ISLAMIC world and the sympathizers. SORRY ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS! THIS man committed his crime in broad day light, in front of dozens of witnesses, yelling "Allah Akbar", killing many, injuring dozens. I do not understand the trial, let alone all pageantry he is being allowed to orchestrate. This is one instance, I say death by firing squad should be brought back.


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Re: "Hasan was paralyzed from the abdomen down after being shot by police,".

Save taxpayers from the necessity of future medical care - ASAP.


This piece of crap has been in the system for 4 years! Time to sniper his arse.


Read this the other day:

Who in h*ll would want 72 virgins? 'Cause you'd end up with 72 mothers-in-law. :)


If he is paralyzed from the waist down, can he "use" 72 virgins?