Jail guard fired

Huron County sheriff fires her for being too friendly with inmates
Jessica Cuffman
Jul 9, 2013

A Huron County jail guard was fired last week after supervisors discovered she was “fraternizing” with an inmate, Huron County Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.       

Lindsey Miles, of New London, was fired after just 10 months on the job.  

“There was some evidence she was fraternizing with an inmate, passing notes and having conversations,” Patrick said. “That’s absolutely against our policies and procedures, and she was fired for that.”

Deputies wouldn’t immediately say who tipped them off to the alleged relationship. When supervisors caught wind, they called Miles in for an interview and she admitted to some improprieties, which included phone calls to the inmate in jail while Miles was off duty.  

“It was clear to us she was in violation of policies and procedures,” Patrick said.

Supervisors are still conducting an internal investigation, which should be completed this week.

Patrick declined to identify the inmate Monday, citing the ongoing investigation.



Wow this is really something. What are they pumping in the water in Huron County???????????


I sure wouldn't want to be the inmate she was "fraternizing" with. They'll go all Shawshank on him now.

Tru Grit

She is obviously weak minded if she fell for a criminal and she is a sheriffs deputy. Took a great job could have eventually gotten out of corrections and on the road but now I seriously think her best shot is working loss prevention or security at one of the plants in Huron county. Working for DYS I see firsthand how inmates try to manipulate you any way possible. So like I said weak minded she is.


I really wish I had nothing better to do than sit on this website and post over opinionated comments all day.

Tru Grit

Me too, my posting comes at about 1-2 am when I have one free hour a day after work. It's tough I feel ya dog!