Jail guard fired

Huron County sheriff fires her for being too friendly with inmates
Jessica Cuffman
Jul 9, 2013


A Huron County jail guard was fired last week after supervisors discovered she was “fraternizing” with an inmate, Huron County Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.       

Lindsey Miles, of New London, was fired after just 10 months on the job.  

“There was some evidence she was fraternizing with an inmate, passing notes and having conversations,” Patrick said. “That’s absolutely against our policies and procedures, and she was fired for that.”

Deputies wouldn’t immediately say who tipped them off to the alleged relationship. When supervisors caught wind, they called Miles in for an interview and she admitted to some improprieties, which included phone calls to the inmate in jail while Miles was off duty.  

“It was clear to us she was in violation of policies and procedures,” Patrick said.

Supervisors are still conducting an internal investigation, which should be completed this week.

Patrick declined to identify the inmate Monday, citing the ongoing investigation.



wow benefits while in jail how great is that

Julie R.

If it was a male "fraternizing" with a female inmate, I'm willing to bet nary a word would be said.




Oh for crying out loud. Most of the inmates in the county jail are there for rinky-dink offenses. Heck, you can be there for a couple of weeks if you have a really bad driving record. Who cares? Now, if she was giving them all a peep show or something of that nature it would be another thing.


She might have known this person also, but still against policies to fraternizing with inmates due to the security within the jail even if its a family member!


with her there I wouldn't mind jail so much..


My favorite quote for today !


smoking hot she is


Yes she is!


maybe howard was not getting none!!!!

J Cooper

I am surprised you didn't receive a confidential report about this.


nope just on that alleged rapist VOLTZ

J Cooper

Your "friend" needs to be canned.


my "friend" doesn't even work for the county I will however not state how I received my documentations. Maybe you should ask the police for the report!!!!

J Cooper

Changing your story I see, about your "friend."


no j cooper you need read what I wrote

J Cooper

Which version of you ever changing story? You never did answer why you "served" a copy of the reports of Voltz if you are not a county employee or official. Just to refresh your memory, Sandusky2012 says " Mr Voltz has a copy of this report as I personally had it timed stamped by the county and personally gave it to him. oh I forgot so do the county commissioners!!!!!!"


I gave him a copy because the weasel lied about not having knowledge of what I asked him that he did!!

J Cooper

Lied, you mean like changing your story on an ongoing basis, would expect better of a county official.

Call Me Crazy

well....according to the Facebook world she was "fraternizing" with Shane Laney, an avid thief and heroin abuser....way to blow your chances having a good job that you probably went to school for! Looks like you are going down the road of learning the hard way and hopefully you don't fall into the BS....keep your nose clean and don't steal. You'll go to hell for it.

2cents's picture

Trained for this, probably can take care of herself, easy on the eyes, I'm thinking flight attendant. Get away from these people in jail!


We don't take her kind in my industry, lol.


Now there in a relationship together as of july 7th....Sweet....


His profile said April 30th.. Im surprised it took the Sheriff Dept. this long to find out. (Not really)


I will never understand a woman in her position being attracted to an inmate. Or any woman for that matter. I've seen those documentaries about women falling in love with inmates and getting married and what not. I just don't understand.


Bad Boys Bad Boys what ya gonna do?


You don't go to hell for stealing. Or for anything for that matter, because there is no hell. Hell is on earth and every mistake is a learning experience. Period. There may be a heaven but it's a place we go to decide if we're coming back to earth again in another life. So stop taking the bible and things you learned at church so literally and seriously.


Yes, it's off topic, but I just have to say:

It's really, REALLY hard to take seriously a comment on the existence of hell when it's coming from somebody who buys into the notion of reincarnation! Both require faith, and faith is what it is. Slamming one person's beliefs when they're virtually identical to your own (at least the basis for them) is, well...

Okay, I admit it. I laughed out loud.


Ms. Miles was always very professional at those times I witnessed her performing her duties. It seemed like she took her job seriously and carried out her duties in an appropriate fashion! And, as an attorney, I have had the opportunity to witness first hand!

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Wow this is really something. What are they pumping in the water in Huron County???????????


I sure wouldn't want to be the inmate she was "fraternizing" with. They'll go all Shawshank on him now.

Tru Grit

She is obviously weak minded if she fell for a criminal and she is a sheriffs deputy. Took a great job could have eventually gotten out of corrections and on the road but now I seriously think her best shot is working loss prevention or security at one of the plants in Huron county. Working for DYS I see firsthand how inmates try to manipulate you any way possible. So like I said weak minded she is.


I really wish I had nothing better to do than sit on this website and post over opinionated comments all day.

Tru Grit

Me too, my posting comes at about 1-2 am when I have one free hour a day after work. It's tough I feel ya dog!